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SPN #6x16 ...And Then There Were None (episode review)

I'm kind of headachy right now so I apologize if I'm missing anything or if I make a big deal out of anything minor, but here's my review/recap...


RUFUS!! NOOOOOO :( *sniff*

Alright, stepping back...  The MOTW part of this ep seemed reminiscent of both Croatoan (the whole "it's not in me!!" thing) and After School Special, with the goo coming out of people's ears.

The guy at the gas station who got attacked by "Eve" and then killed his wife was Brent Stait, the guy who played ... oh hell, I can't remember the character's name, but he was the guy in Scarecrow who Dean first ran into, sitting outside the restaurant. The guy who saw through Dean's alias and was the guy serving up the apple pie inside? That was him. For any of the Stargate SG-1 fans reading this, he also played Lt. Ferretti back in season 1 of that show. :D

Back to "Eve".... so she is the "mother of all." Kind of makes sense, with the way she told the guy about how God doesn't care about him, had abandoned them but a mother would never abandon her children.

I love Rufus and Bobby together. I've seen it said in a few places that those two would be great in their own spin-off. Of course that can't be done now the way this episode ends. *sniffle* :(

One of the guys who had gone postal seems to have something in his ear, but it's not ectoplasm. Wow, kinda freaky that neither Bobby nor Rufus know what it is.

Love the interaction between the boys and Rufus, especially at Bobby's expense. Hee!

Oh, here we go. Both Gwen and Grampy are there. Dean is pissed and wants to kill him, but Sam tries to stop him - not that he doesn't want him to kill Grampy at all, but doesn't want him to kill him yet. He thinks Grampy knows something about this. Hmm...

Oh yeah, things are ice cold between him and the boys. He tells Sam he seems different, and Sam says he got his soul back, "no thanks to you I hear."

Grampy gives them info on "Eve" - she's from Purgatory and apparently every creature traces themselves back to her.

Ooh yeah, love Bobby telling Grampy off.

I actually kinda like Gwen here, even though she didn't have much to do. She asks Dean if it's true that Grampy tried to kill him. She actually seems to feel bad about that and tells Dean that he didn't tell her about it, that she didn't know. Dean: "I know." And he shoots her. WTF? Rufus tries to save her but she's dead. Grampy sees this and Bobby says "I'm sorry... if you care." Hell yeah.

Puppy Sam deduces that whatever got into both of those guys had also gotten into Dean. They all decide to search for Dean and Sam gives me even more of a reason to love him when he tells Grampy: "We're going to find him alive, or I'm going to put a bullet in your head."

Dean is found but he pulls a gun on Rufus. He had a huge 12-inch worm thing crawl out of his ear, apparently. They all don't know whether to believe him but he insists 'It's not in me!!" (total flashback to Croatoan here) It could be in anyone now, so Bobby makes them all give up their guns.

Grampy gives his up and decides to go for a bathroom break. Sam is very distrusting of him and he and Dean decide to follow him, while Rufus and Bobby try to get some info on what this creature is.

Huh, what's the story behind Omaha...?

Dean and Sam corner Grampy and Dean asks him how he sleeps at night, after he fed them to Crowley. Grampy won't apologize and he doesn't cry over spilled blood. Wow. Sam is pissed because he still sold them out. Dean says that Grampy is next after they kill that thing, only it's in him (Grampy) now.

Looks like there's a trap set, and Sam shoves Dean out of the way before he gets cut off from the rest of them. But he corners Grampy, who goads him by telling him he'll tell him all about what he did that year. Geez, Grampy, you're really pissing me off. He says that Sam is dying to know, and Sam says he is . (?!) BUT he shoots Grampy!

After seeing what happened the others think it's now in Sammy, but he insists it's still him and it's in Grampy. Okay is it me, or does Sam look incredibly puppy-like here? I mean like an "Oh noes! What did I do?" puppy. :D Anyway he insists it's in Grampy but nothing comes out of his ear, so Rufus and Bobby leave to get a cranial saw (yum - lol).

A little brotherly talk...  Dean tells Sam he did the right thing, and he just assumes that Sam is indeed Sam. Sam says that what he remembers about Grampy isn't good but he can't help but think what Mom would say. Dean thinks she would say "Just because you're blood doesn't mean you're family. You gotta earn that."

Again, love the banter between Rufus and Bobby. Bobby mentions Omaha again and says it was his fault, that he's sorry and that "you lost her because of me." Rufus' wife, I'm guessing? Rufus says this won't change a thing, and that he'll never forgive Bobby. Aw. :(

OMG!! Grampy wakes up as they're cutting into his skull! And he goes berserk! So Puppy Sam was right - it WAS in him. Bobby throws him against a live wire and as he's electrocuted a huge worm thing finally comes out of his ear. Ugh, that thing is gross.

Now they're worried it could have gone into any one of them. Sam has them check and see if they have goo in them but they come up empty. They make the wire live again to check and see if it's inside any of them. Dean goes first, then Sam, and Rufus doesn't want to because he has a pacemaker.

Okay, I'm probably the only fan out of... well... all of fandom... who feels this way, but I honestly could have done without the political comment. They seem to be doing that a lot lately and it takes me out of the plot for just a little while. I guess everyone else enjoyed it though so I should just not complain. All I ask is that you do not mock or flame me, I can't help feeling this way. I watch this show to escape the crap of the real world. That's all I really want to say about this. Again, please don't flame me or anything. I tend to take things (esp. politics) a little too personally.

Okay I'll shut up now. Sorry about that. *blushes*

Anyway Bobby is next, and Rufus seems to notice something's up with him and says he's not Bobby...

OMG BOBBY!! WTF he stabbed Rufus!! ASJDSKJGKDFJDKSK.......................

The boys try to hold Bobby off and next thing we see him tied up...

Dean: "Hey there, you little herpe!"
Sam: "Why do you keep talkin' about herpes?"
Dean: "Shut up! [Sam gives him a look] Shut up!"


Okay, Bobby's voice is really creepy. Sounds like the voice of the thing in the Saw movies. Says that he's "new around here", that Eve cooked him up. She is the "mother of all of us, and of all of you." Apparently she's planning to have more creatures on earth than humans.

Dean electrocutes him and Sam starts to worry that he can't take anymore. They tape Bobby's mouth shut. Dean: "No way out now, Sluggo!" Heh. He electrocutes Bobby some more and the worm thing finally comes out of his ear.

RUUUUFUS. :( *sniffle* They're in a Jewish cemetery and Bobby says that Rufus pretty much did everything kosher.

Awwwww, Bobby. :( He tells the boys about the history the two of them had, that Rufus cleaned everything up for Bobby after he killed his wife. He brings up Omaha and how what happened was his fault and that Rufus will never forgive him. Dean says that he should have, and says that in the end they're family. He tells Sam and Bobby that when his guts get ripped out, they're all good. Sam seems to accept it.

Bobby bids farewell to Rufus by pouring some of the Johnny Walker Blue over his grave. Awwwwwww. :(

So, um, I guess that's about it.... This episode is very aptly titled, I have to say. Gwen and Grampy dead, as well as Rufus. So I guess it's just the boys and Bobby now? I kinda had a feeling that either Gwen or Grampy would die when I first heard they were both in the ep... and then when I heard the title I started thinking maybe they would both buy it. I knew Rufus would die 'cause... well... I saw the pics of them filming the final scene at the graveyard, with Bobby pouring the Johnny Walker Blue on the grave, so...

I'm glad that they wrapped up the whole thing with the Campbells, actually. I wasn't sure what else they could do with them, except maybe be a source of info for any other creatures out there or on "mother", purgatory etc. But Grampy was back to pissing me off, especially the way he was goading Sam about telling him what he did during that year away from Dean. Even though I hate that they had to kill off Rufus, and that one little bit kinda ticked me off, I still enjoyed the episode. I especially loved the boys being protective of each other, especially Sam telling Grampy that he'd put a bullet in his head if they didn't find Dean alive. And on the shallow side, the boys continue to look hot... I love the flicky bits of hair Sam has :)

Now we have to suffer through the hiatus. *sigh* But that promo... won't spoil but wow, makes the hiatus even harder to get through, lol. But I'm sure we'll all be fine. :)

Now I better run... my headache is eating my brain away and I need to get up early to do more wedding stuff....
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