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Puppy!Sam Picspam #120 (Supernatural)

Got this one done earlier than expected :)

Episode #6x16: ...And Then There Were None

Another long one - over 120 pics. Sadly these caps didn't turn out much better than the previous ones did. I think something's off with the image optimization in the software I use to edit them (resize & brighten somewhat). I'll have to look into that before we come back from the hiatus. But anyway I hope you enjoy. :)

1. Hi, Puppy... *sneaks behind him and pats him on the head*

2. PuppyEyes™ say what?

3. It's Agent Puppy with his usual brand of care and concern

4. Agent Puppy? Why so pretty, bb? *pets PuppyHair*

5. Can't... stop... staring...

6. Now Puppy is distracted and wondering why the fangirls are all staring at him and drooling... like you really have to ask, Puppy?

7. Back to business at hand.... the PuppyEyes™ have their curiosity piqued

8. *twirls flicky bits of PuppyHair around fingers*

9. Ah, it's Researchy!AgentPuppy... both Dean and TheAwesomenessThatIsBobby are impressed by his skills

10. Dean's ogling of the murderous mystery girl makes Puppy uncomfortable

11. OMG she's a monster! Uh, Puppy, why are you bitchfacing her on the security tape? Wouldn't it be more meaningful to bitchface her in person? Lol

12. The PuppyEyes™ are gobsmacked by what they see

13. Puppy? You alright, sweetie? *pets*

14. WHOA, those PuppyEyes™ are just blaring at Dean

15. “Guy just went postal down at the cannery? But... but....... I'm a kewt puppy... yeah, that's all I got....”

16. Aw, Puppy's so excited to see Rufus!

17. We can't see it, but his PuppyTail is just wagging like crazy :D

18. Awww!!

19. Puppy greets him with the Gimme Paw trick *g*

20. Aw... it's Hee!Puppy... at Bobby's expense

21. Now Puppy's bitchfacing Dean for some inexplicable reason...

22. Nervous!Puppy... *twirls the flickies*


24. Puppy howls at Dean to not shoot Grampy

25. “Dean, it's fine. Just look at the kewt puppy and everything will be okay...”

26. Dean: “D'oh! Foiled by the puppy again. This aint over, Grampy. We've still got a score to settle...”

27. “Since you can't behave, Dean, you're going in Time Out. *bitchface*”

28. But he uses the PuppyEyes™ to help soften the punishment

29. “The PuppyEyes™ are on your side, Dean. They care. Really.”

30. “Dean, don't turn your back on the kewt puppy and the famous PuppyEyes™...”

31. Poor Puppy... already he looks like he needs a nap *prepares soft doggie bed and pillows*

32. “Oh God, yes, this BS makes me sooooooo tired...”

33. *pets Puppy and his pretty hair*

34. AhGotMahSoulBack,Biatch!Puppy

35. “... And I'm still a kewt puppy... maybe even kewter than I was without the PuppySoul...”

36. “Don't you agree?” Awww, you know we do, Puppy :)

37. EEP! Major closeup!! *flatlines*

38. Rufus breaks it up.... Puppy: “Aww, but I wasn't done yet.... :(“

39. Heh... it's the 'ScuseMe??PuppyEyes™

40. FlorenceNightengale!Puppy checks on the fallen Gwen .... *plays with strand of former PuppyMop*

41. But she dies. Aw, poor Puppy is gonna cry. :(

42. Wow, it's dark in here. But have no fear – the PuppyEyes™ will light the way!

43. *gently kisses the six five forehead*

44. Poor Puppy is so worried about his missing Dean

45. We'reGonnaFindHimAlive..OrI'mACutYou,Biatch!Puppy

46. “Would these PuppyEyes™ lie to you?” Uh oh, better watch out, Grampy...

47. Aw... Puppy bathed in a pretty reddish glow!

48. “Oh, hang on a second, Bobby, I'm getting a text.... 'Dear Sam “Puppy” Winchester... we have received your order of 375 boxes of PuppyTreats... they will be shipped in 24 hours and expected delivery date is...” Bobby: “Put that away, ya idjit... we've got more pressing matters here...”

49. “Wait, I just wanna see when it was know, so I know when to expect them....” Bobby: *sigh*

50. “Is this cat ... uh, dog for real??”

51. 12InchHerpe?Uh....WTF??Puppy

52. Rufus molesting Dean's ear shocks the hell out of the PuppyEyes™

53. Kahn worm inside the PuppyEar? Such an idea is preposterous!

54. “Aw, but I don't wanna give up my PuppyToy :(“ It's okay, Puppy, we'll get it back for you later

55. Bored!Puppy waiting not-so-patiently for the PuppyTreats delivery

56. “Where d'ya think YOU'RE going, Grampy?” sez Watchdog!Puppy

57. “Bathroom break, huh? Well I got news for you, darlin'... you cannot fool the Puppy”

58. ISoGotMyEyeOnYou,Biatch!Puppy

59. “Hai, Grampy. Remember me? *PuppyEyes™*”

60. I think a certain Puppy lurking in the background is looking to get his neck scratched! :D

61. I know it's fuzzy, but... Facial Shrug Alert!

62. Yep, Puppy is indeed pissed at Grampy for taking up all the camera focus ;)

63. “You seem to forget that I'm a kewt puppy, Grampy. And sometimes, kewtness kills. *nods*”

64. Honestly, Puppy, how did you get the PuppyHair so flicky today? *twirls some more and thanks the fangirl who hid the flat iron*

65. Ooh look, Flying PuppyHair!

66. Rufus: “My God. Look at it... how does he do it?” Bobby: “It's the eighth wonder of the world, you know....” Rufus: “I believe it...”

67. “Oh yay! Can I have mai PuppyToy back now?”

68. *stares at it with great reverence*

69. Hero!Puppy with some more Flying PuppyHair :D

70. “Hey! Why all the PuppyMistrust?? *iz hurt*”

71. The PuppyEyes™ are now being *extra* cautious in looking for traps...

72. Have the PuppyEyes™ spotted more danger?

73. I know it's not the right time, but ... *nibbles PuppyNeck*

74. Oh noes! PUPPY!!!

75. Aw :(

76. “Uh... fangirls? Help out a kewt puppy in distress plz??” We're on it, sweetie... *brings battering ram*

77. “Kthx. *waits not-so-patiently*”

78. Few minutes later...... “Oh hey, the fangirls are here... see ya later, Dean.... or not...”

79. Uh oh, Grampy's back. “Kewtness kills... but so do bitchfaces...”

80. Oh boy, it seems that the PuppyEyes™ may be getting conflicted...

81. WhatChooTalkin'Bout,Grampy?Puppy

82. Aw, poor baby looks so young and vulnerable :(

83. “Say goodnight, Grampy... *shoots*” Yeah, Puppy!

84. OhNoes,DidIJustDoThat??Puppy

85. It's okay, Puppy... you done good :) *pets*

86. *huggles*

87. “What? You think I'm a monster now? But I's a kewt, innocent Puppy! I shot teh bad guy dead!! *pleads with PuppyEyes™*”

88. *pleads some more*

89. Cuff the puppy? Noooo!! We fangirls do it a lot better... with the comfortable, fuzzy handcuffs :D

90. “It's in HIM, biatch! Geez, why are you so immune to my PuppyEyes™???”

91. “Now YOU'RE doubting me, Bobby?” Geez, way to try and make the Puppy cry, guys...

92. “*sniffle*” Meanies... *glares at Rufus and the FORMERLYAwesomenessThatIsBobby*

93. He really is going the extra mile with the kewt, lost puppy act, isn't he

94. Uh oh, Grampy comes out clean... “But... but... You don't doubt the PuppyInnocence, do you, Dean?”

95. Dean has just been given the honorary title of Puppy-Sitter... lucky Dean...

96. Facial Shrug #2!

97. OhNoes!RufusAndTheOnceAgainAwesomenessThatIsBobbyAreInTrouble!Puppy

98. Ooh, a bitchface of epicness through the door for Zombie!Grampy!

99. Eww,Icky!Puppy

100. Yay, more Flying Puppy Hair :D

101. Aw, Puppy looks endearingly confuzzled

102. *pets*

103. Is it me, or has Puppy physically reverted to Season3!Puppy?

104. “Okay, let's settle this. I'm the kewt innocent puppy with the award-winning PuppyEyes™, so right off the bat we can rule me out...”

105. Uh, Puppy, maybe you could find some... safer toys to play with?

106. See, what did we tell you? *prepares First Aid kit*

107. And the fangirls also assist in making him feel better ;)

108. And how!!

109. “Wow, you really seem to be suffering, Rufus. Serves you right for resisting the PuppyEyes™...” Heh, Puppy, maybe you should just let it go now...

110. Puppy thinking: “Huh? So TheAwesomenessThatIsBobby really isn't so awesome? Man, my PuppyBrain is hurting now....”

111. “Noooo! You can't kill me, Bob--- whatever you are! I'm a kewt puppy!”

112. “... and I have a black belt in Puppy Fu!”

113. Meh,YouSuck!Puppy

114. Yep, Puppy is greatly disturbed by Dean's 'herpe' obsession

115. He begs him to stop with the PuppyEyes™

116. Puppy is so not impressed with Possessed!Bobby... so he gets a bit o' bitchface

117. ... and a little more...

118. Aw, poor Puppy hates watching Bobby suffer...

119. Mourning!Puppy :( *mourns with him and Dean... and ruffles PuppyHair*

120. *pets*

121. Sympathetic!Puppy

122. Facial Shrug #3!

123. Awww, Grateful!Puppy :) *hugs him*

Bitchface count: 6
Facial Shrugs: 3
(I blame the lack of both on the abundance of lost little puppy faces ;D)

That's it. Sadly we have to endure hiatus now. *sigh* But I plan to add on to the Puppy picspams from season 1-2, and also update my meta discussion on Sam's hair, so I'll still have new stuff to offer. :) And in the meantime I have a few icons to offer (from this ep but not spoilery):

If you like any of them, feel free to take. Credit always appreciated. Thanks. Once again I apologize for the shitty quality of the screencaps... I have no idea what happened but hopefully I can fix it in time for the new picspams.
Tags: art: icons, picspam, supernatural: sam winchester

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  • Okay, enough grumbling for one day....

    Some fun stuff that I found... - Find more at TVLoop (hope these show up... I thought they were adorable) And this! - Find more at…

  • Meme and etc.

    Something silly I lovingly stole from [Unknown LJ tag] Huh, okay. Oh, and I just found this one. Sam and Daniel would be proud, I think. ;)…

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