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Good news finally!

Had an appointment at the orthopedic surgeon's office this morning.  Again I saw one of his physician assistants, but luckily not the sadist who twisted my arm like a pretzel that one time.  This girl was very gentle in testing my range of motion and strength.  She said I have some good strength back in the arm as well as range of motion.  Didn't see any change on my x-rays from the last time I had it done (which was around the 16th of August) but she said I'm healed, so I guess that means the fractures have healed.

She said feeling the pain was normal, that the muscles are coming back and I'm feeling them again, and they would be sore after going for a week without physical therapy and then suddenly exercising them again (went back yesterday).  Luckily I shouldn't be experiencing any excruciating pain for a year or two... just a little bit every now and then to let me know that something has happened in that area. 

Something that I really wasn't expecting, but I guess is proof I'm healing... she said I could start driving again.  I was pretty amazed to hear that.  It wouldn't be a lot of course, probably just around a parking lot at first and to places like physical therapy or work, but the fact that it's okay for me to start again makes me realize that I've recovered more than I thought and does make me feel a little better.

In the meantime it's Advil for the tight, sore muscles.  Oh well, as long as I can sleep at night is all I ask.

So I guess I really am on the road to recovery here. *dances*
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