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On the road again...

... And I LOVE it!  Earlier today I grabbed my car keys, backed my car out of the garage, and drove around the block for a bit.  Didn't really have ANY problems at all.  I guess it helps that before the accident I relied mostly on my left hand for driving anyway.  And here I'd thought it would really bother me to start driving again.  But everything seems A-OK.  I'll probably do this a few more times before taking longer trips, like to work and whatnot.

I am feeling a lot better this weekend.  I went back to physical therapy yesterday and they started me on lifting weights.  Just some puny 2-lb weights but I guess I have to start somewhere.  Still have some soreness in the one muscle, but the therapist said he'd start me on some more exercises this coming week to help loosen up my rotator cuff, and that should have me feeling even better.  And interestingly enough, glucosamine (which I thought was just for arthritis and joints) is helping.

Still have not been able to see a counselor, because the one woman didn't even know what No Fault was (?!!) and I have yet to hear back from another social worker.  But if (sad that it's "if" and not "when") I do finally get the opportunity to speak to someone regarding this whole thing, it may only be for a few sessions.  I think the excruciating pain and not knowing if it was normal (before the orthopedic surgeon said it was) contributed a lot to my sadness and frustration.  Now that I know what's going on and am feeling better, I'm in a much better frame of mind.  I'm even better about walking through parking lots, not as nervous as I was before.  Still I think it would help a little to talk to someone because I still have some anger deep down about it.  Here's hoping that I'll actually hear from someone who's heard of No Fault and accepts it.
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