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Meta Discussion on Sam's Hair, Part 3

Didn't think I'd just stop at the first half of season 5, did you? Nope. There is still much more to discuss. And what better than by someone who is much more obsessed with it than is healthy? *g* So, I now bring you... *drumroll here*

Meta Discussion On Sam's Hair.

Part 3.

This includes the rest of season 5. I was going to include season 6 as well (what's been shown so far, anyway), but decided to give it its own post for spoiler sake, plus with the visual aids this is probably going to turn into one big honkin' post. I'll include a link to season 6 at the bottom of this post when I have it all done.


Okay, so we left off with Abandon All Hope in Part 2. In the next ep Sam, Interrupted. Sam's hair is quite long, full and bouncy. I've seen some refer to it as Jackie Kennedy hair from the 60s (*snort* blasphemy!). Around this time is when Jared started noticeably bulking up, and I think the longer, fuller hair sort of complemented his bulkier frame.

(incoming flying Sammy Hair!!)

Next episode: Swap Meat. Either he's had it trimmed a bit or it's very restrained. Doesn't seem to mean much in the meta except for Sam just deciding it was time for a trim. It's funny, most times I think he's had a haircut, his hair is back to looking as long as it was (or longer) by the next episode. So either it's just styled differently, or Jared's hair grows extremely fast. Hee.

And this point is well illustrated in the next ep, The Song Remains the Same... (sorry the pic isn't that great, but it was hard finding pics of Sam that weren't in almost complete darkness for this episode). His hair is looking quite long and full again...

Doesn't really seem to change much in My Bloody Valentine and Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid (if there's any difference between the two it's that they were aired in reverse order... MBV was the first one they filmed after the Christmas break and DMDWP was the last filmed before the break). It gets perhaps a bit longer.

Dark Side of the Moon... I remember when the promo pics for this were released and people were raving that Sam got a haircut. It honestly didn't look much different to me from the previous two episodes. And at the end it actually looked a bit longer. I think it's with this ep that we can see his top layers are kinda growing out some more.
(Using this picture because he is so.freaking.cute. I know it doesn't have anything to do with the hair, just... dayum, he is cute here...)

(at the end of the ep)

From 99 Problems to The Devil You Know, his hair grows longer still, just demonstrating that he's so preoccupied with finding a way out of his and Dean's destinies that he can't even think about finding a barber. One thing I like about his hair from all these eps is how touchably soft it looks. It's not really as greasy-looking or slicked back as it used to appear in most of season 4, and in a few of the early season 5 eps. I love his hair when it looks nice and natural and flying free. :) And it's nice that even though he doesn't seem concerned with finding a barber, he still keeps it nice and clean. *g*

(including this picture because LOOK! Wet hair! How long has it been since we got some of that? Playthings? Oh, wait, it was Red Sky At Morning... still, that's a long time!)

(you can definitely tell how long it's gotten in Devil You Know ... it's practically shoulder length)

In Two Minutes To Midnight and Swan Song, Sam's hair is still very long but also straightened quite a bit now. It appears that Sam is under such stress that it shows in his hair. We can see the same thing at the end of season 3. He is so preoccupied with trying to find a way to keep Dean from going to Hell, and is under so much stress that it's taken its toll on his hair (or influenced his lack of grooming habits... or both), and his hair is similarly straight-looking in Time Is On My Side and No Rest For the Wicked. And maybe its length and straightness in Swan Song are exactly what Lucifer prefers... *g*

(Damn, Samifer is hot...)

So ... this is where we are left. As seems to be the case in just about every season, Sam's hair gets longer as the season progresses. Which makes perfect sense as he's so preoccupied with the apocalypse and trying to avoid becoming Lucifer's vessel.

What is in store for season 6?


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