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Meta Discussion on Sam's Hair, Part 4

Of course there's more. Why would I stop with season 5? *g*

This covers up to what has been aired in the US - which is 6x16. After the rest of this season airs I will update it. EDIT 7/21/11: Now updated for all of season 6. As before, you are warned that I am obsessed. Do not mock. I am probably crazy, but I like to think I'm the good kind of crazy, lol. Somewhat image-heavy and obligatory spoiler warnings for season 6, again up to what has been aired.

So what's the state of Sam's hair in season 6? How is it different from season 5 and what does it mean in the meta sense?

In season 6, Sam's hair is still pretty long, only it seems straighter than it did in season 5. Like a continuation of how he had it in the last two eps of season 6. When it was revealed that there would be a year time jump between S5 and 6, some of us wondered if Sam would end up looking very different. And in fact he hasn't. Except for the fact that his hair seems straighter than last season, and ... not as full. Which in reality I think we can contribute to Jared himself slimming down quite a bit, especially in his face, and he doesn't need such full hair to balance it out. So Sam's hair is still long but straighter and thinned out a bit. He also seems to have it layered a bit more around his face, which is a good thing IMO. There have been times in certain episodes where his style bears a bit of resemblance to season 3 (probably the layering). Anyway, on with the pics... and I apologize for the crappy quality of most of these...

Exile on Main St... So yeah, Sam's hair isn't really too different from last season here. Like I said, maybe not as full, but... I guess once he got back from Hell he decided he liked his hair enough not to change it... lol.

The hair doesn't really change much in Two and a Half Men and The Third Man ... although you can see he's got more layering around his face

(um yeah... the hair just adds to certain other pleasant features ;D)

(kinda getting a vibe from last season with his hair here)

(posting this pic 'cause I can see a gray hair or two in it! Heh... not that that's a bad thing... in fact it makes me feel better about my grays – and I'm older than him... lol)

Weekend At Bobby's was the first ep they shot this season (w/Jensen directing). Sam's hair still blends in nicely with the past two eps and doesn't look all that out of place...

Not much different from Live Free Or Twi-Hard to Family Matters, except that it's starting to get straightened a bit more and maybe a bit longer toward the end. Again Sam is just used to having his hair like this the whole time and doesn't seem to have a problem with it. And maybe the straightened hair worn away from his face just goes more with his hardened, soulless persona...

(yeah, you can tell how much longer it's gotten in this pic...)

*dies from hotness*

In All Dogs Go To Heaven, it's really easy to see how long it's gotten. And of course the more his hair is straightened, the longer it looks (well, duh, I suppose...)

(because, you know, he's worth it... *g*)

(yep, back to looking like it did the end of last season... though the sideburns aren't as huge...)

In Clap Your Hands If You Believe, however, it appears that he's tamed it a bit. Given it a trim and especially trimmed up the layers a bit...

(although it's back to looking longer in this scene for some reason...unless he cut it after they filmed that or just straightened it a lot)

And let me just call special attention to something for a moment. This was the episode they were filming around the Chicago con last October ('10). I attended this con and at the breakfast, Jared had told us they were finishing up the episode the following Wednesday. Okay, look at this pic from Chicago con:

Now, look at this pic from Clap Your Hands If You Believe:

Seriously, this drives me nuts! Jared's hair is so beautiful when he does it himself. Look at how fluffy and flicky it looks in the con pic. In the show they straighten it and plaster it to his head and part it weird ways.... Gah. Every once in a while they'll go easy on the hair and it'll look nice, but really.... what hell the hairstylists have wrought.

In Caged Heat and Appointment In Samarra, it looks about the same except maybe a little longer...and in Caged Heat it's styled a bit more naturally as opposed to the stark, pulled-off-face look...

Starting with Like A Virgin, Sam has his soul back! How will this affect his hair? Well, since the stark, pulled-off-face look went along so well with the hardened, soulless Sam, you'd think there'd be a change .. as if the hair had new life breathed into it. Okay, my obsession is starting to sound scary, lol. But hear me out. His hair does eventually get that way, sort of. But first, in Like A Virgin and Unforgiven, it continues the same way it was before, just getting longer. And still quite straightened.

(posting because I love the strand of hair over his eye and his expression just makes me melt :D)

Starting in Mannequin 3: The Reckoning, I think we see Sam's hair start bouncing back to life, as it were. Even while it still seems straightened a great deal of the time, it's starting to get a bit bouncier and flickier.

*now, you see this pic? His hair pretty much stays like this for the next few episodes. It still looks flicky from time to time, but this is basically the style of his hair up through 6x16.

The French Mistake is the first episode they filmed after Christmas break, and it looks like Sam's had a little trim. The layers around his face are a bit shorter, as well as around his ears. But it's still looking pretty nice and flicky much of the time (and just plain straightened the rest of the time). Seems he's also started parting his hair a bit more on the side instead of closer to the middle. This style continues through And Then There Were None.

(posting this pic because in some way he kinda resembles season 3 Sam to me... I think it's the hair and the shirt. Look at pics from around A Very Supernatural Christmas, like this one. Doesn't he look a bit similar here? Maybe it's just me...)

Something happens to Sam's hair in My Heart Will Go On that I can't quite describe, but I quite like. In the first picture here, it's tousled and he's got his hair partially in his eyes. Almost like... bangs? Er, if the bangs were shorter and covering more of his forehead? *g* But even the style going on here reminds me very vaguely of season 3 (check out this image from Mystery Spot). It's not so restrained and fuller around the face. I really like it. :)

Now, his hair in this scene is pretty much how it stays for the rest of the season. Yeah, it's more restrained than it was in the previous picture, but it's still nice and the length is pretty good, too.

Frontierland was actually filmed as 6x17 but its order was switched with My Heart Will Go On, so it was filmed right after And Then There Were None. I have to say Sam's hair was really working for him in this episode. I wasn't all that crazy about it in much of the previous ep, but it looks nice here. And the addition of the cowboy hat makes it look even better. I guess his hair really agrees with the Old West :D
(without hat)

(with hat)

Mommy Dearest pretty much continues the style from My Heart Will Go On. It appears straightened quite a bit throughout much of the episode, although I want to call special attention to the beginning when they question Lenore the vampire.

Look at how flicky his hair is here. It's getting a tad longer and the flickiness just makes you want to grab it and play with it. *g*

Again, his style in the rest of the ep is pretty much how it appears from now on.

Although, there are times when it still flicks up and looks pretty.

And posting this pic, just cause... both he and the hair are lovely here. :)

Sam wasn't in The Man Who Would Be King much, but for the time he is in it, his hair looks pretty. Due to filming some new “flashback” scenes that take place during the final scene of Swan Song (with the newly returned Sam looking in on Dean), they've tried to make his hair look as much as it did in that final scene, and I think they did well.

His hair looks nice the rest of the episode as well. It's got the length, the body, no stark greased-back look at all. It looks nice and healthy (eek, I can't believe I'm talking to this extent about it, lol his hair just does crazy things to me... there, I've admitted it).

(yes, even Sam's hair is pissed that Cas brought him back without his soul...)

And now we reach the season finale, as Let It Bleed and The Man Who Knew Too Much were shown back to back. Sam's hair has reached the pinnacle of prettiness this season. It's grown longer but it's layered nicely and again has some nice body to it. It's also different in The Man Who Knew Too Much to reflect the three different 'Sam''s that we see – Regular!Sam (who then becomes Amnesia!Sam), Robo!Sam, and Hell!Sam. Regular/Amnesia!Sam looks... pretty much the way he should look, with hair as pretty as we've seen it lately. Robo!Sam has pretty hair, too, but it's more starkly worn off his face as it was when he was Luci in Swan Song and the way we've seen it for much of the first half of this season. And finally, Hell!Sam is just totally beaten to a pulp, all bloody, burned, and weary. His hair looks dirty and drab and really reflects that.




And here's our Sammy put back together again.

I think for now we can say that Sam's hair hasn't changed a whole lot from the way it looked last season, except that it's not as full as it was. Still long, although quite straightened most of the time continuing the theme at the end of season 5. The cold, soulless hunter he's been during the year away from Dean would probably have hair on the long side and pushed back from his face. It looked pretty nice the first two episodes, though, and it makes me wonder if he kept it nice to sort of “lure” Dean back ... into thinking it's the same old Sam (or not... LOL). He couldn't keep that up, though. Since he's got his soul back, his hair seems to have perked up a little, as we can see. He's got a lot of the flickiness/flippiness back most of the time. Also, his sideburns seem to be not as pronounced as they were last season.

We leave season 6 on a cliffhanger, and presumably this is where season 7 will pick up (not trying to be spoilery, just speculating). If it picks up on this very moment or close to it, we should expect Sam's hair to look about the same. Based on pics of filming season 7 that have recently been released, this would seem the case. But we shall see. I will try to continue this in a new part for season 7 after it returns. I thank you for reading, and for putting up with my unhealthy obsession (What? Don't look at me like that! ;)).
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