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NJ Con??

So it looks like going to the Stargate Creation Con in NJ is quite possibly a go now.  Heard this weekend from strider6 who lives about 20 min away (and whom I went with to the con last year) that she booked a room at the Crowne Plaza hotel.  We are thinking of going for Saturday and Sunday instead of just Sunday.  I'd love to see Paul McGillion since he's going on Sat.  Michael of course is supposed to appear on Sunday, if he doesn't have to cancel again (hoping not).  Luckily we have until Nov. 3rd to cancel the reservations if the guest list changes.  She's also looking into staying at the house of a friend who lives in NJ, I believe about 40 min. from the hotel.

I am at a quandary... What kind of ticket(s) should I get?  In talking to my mom (who can't go this year since she'll probably be working that weekend) she told me after what happened to me this summer I should have fun and do some splurging.  I got a Preferred ticket last year, with a reserved seat and autographs from everyone that worked out pretty well.  My pics didn't turn out the greatest and strider6 with her general admission ticket ended up getting better ones than me since she snuck up to the front to get them  (when I went in 2004 they didn't let people do that... only let you go up to the front twice to get pics, and both times I ended up getting the back of people's heads).  It doesn't matter to me if I get autographs from everyone.  I have Don S. Davis' autograph as well as several of Michael's, but I'd like to get one from Paul (though I suppose I could just get a separate autograph ticket for him).  One thing I would really like to get is a photo op with Michael.  I did get one in 2004 but I was about a million miles away from him and I guess they changed it now because every one that I've seen he's got his arm around the lucky con goer, so I wouldn't mind getting a bit closer to him too ;)  Photo op tix are extra no matter which ticket you get so that's not much of an issue.

Definitely not going to get the Gold passes.  I don't need to go to any dessert party or anything like that.  But I am wondering if I should splurge and get the Preferred ticket(s).  I'm not going to decide right this minute since we still have to talk about whether or not we're going to be there for both days (and she wants to make sure no one cancels that would affect the decision).  Anyone have any advice?
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