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Puppy!Sam Picspam #121 (Supernatural)

Guess who's baaaaaaack :)

Episode #6x17: My Heart Will Go On

Extra long picspam, as in 130 pics, so not dial-up friendly. And I think my caps came out better than the ones for the last ep! Hope you enjoy!

1. Hi, Flashback!Puppy! *pets PuppyMop* ... heh, sorry, couldn't resist ;D

2. Ah, there we are... Hi, Puppy... aww, poor Puppy is so concerned for TheAwesomenessThatIsBobby

3. Aw... look at those worried PuppyEyes™ ... *pets*

4. “*whispers to Dean* You think it's a bad time to tell him we're almost out of PuppyTreats?”

5. “*blinks hard*”

6. “But I'm hungreeeee.... *whine*” Aw Puppy, we'll get you some more, hon... but this really isn't the right time for this, you know?

7. “D'oh.... okay...... *goes back to feeling sad for Bobby*”

8. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

9. Hm, Dean wants to settle this with another silly competition... Puppy hopes a bitchface will make him back off

10. Guess not..... “The things I do for you, AwesomenessThatIsBobby.... Hmmph...”

11. WTF?! Dean beat the Puppy?? Something is not right here....

12. Yep, Puppy is delightfully nonplussed by this turn of events

13. And offers a bitchface in defeat

14. Hee! Bobby's witty bon mot has shocked the PuppyEyes™

15. They are, for once, at a loss for words and so defer to big brother

16. “Uh.... guh..... Kewt Puppy here?”

17. *PuppyEyes™*

18. Puppy's so adorable when he's at a loss

19. “Still a kewt Puppy.... is that doin' anything for ya?.... No? ... Maybe?”

20. Hee... Sneaky!Puppy

21. BlueSteel!Puppy?

22. *has great urge to muss up the PuppyHair*

23. Facial Shrug Alert!

24. Waitress!Puppy is somehow hypnotized by the coffee cup....

25. “But, Bobby! I'm a kewt Puppy! You can't throw me out... you can't be mean to puppies!!”

26. “There's a PuppyTreats coupon on the back of this article... Give it here, plz?”

27. Dean: “We're NOT going for PuppyTreats now, dude. We got more important stuff to take care of.” Puppy: *bitchface*

28. You look kinda tense, Puppy... maybe some fangirl TLC will help? *g*

29. Confuzzled!Puppy

30. ZOMG!I'sFoundTehGold!!Puppy

31. Why the bitchface, though?

32. And yet another bitchface for Dean's ridiculous statement

33. Lookin' niiiice, AgentPuppy...... damn pants.... ;D

34. Oooh, we got some flying PuppyHair :D

35. PuppyEyes™ say Bzuh?

36. I spy a lil Researchy!Puppy in the corner there!

37. “Is that Bobby? Or Ellen? Did they get the PuppyTreats?” *tsk* OneTrackMind!Puppy

38. Yep... inquiring ForeheadCrinkles really wanna know :D

39. Facial Shrug #2!

40. PuppyProfilePorn! *goes “Beep!” to the PuppyNose*

41. “Nearest PetsMart is..... *taps on keyboard* ... 0.3 miles south...”

42. “Oh look, turns out it's 'Bring Your Dog to PetsMart Day' ... bring your beloved pet and receive a free extra large bag of PuppyTreats. Awesomesauce!”

43. “Hells yeah! How can ya beat that, Darlin'? *iz giddy*”

44. Fangirl Alert ;D

45. “Seriously Sammy, the PuppyTreats obsession is getting kinda scary. *plots intervention*”

46. “Whut? Is that an intervention you're plotting? You can't hide from the PuppyEyes™, Dean... they see all and know all. *nods*”

47. *plots pre-emptive strike with the PuppyEyes™*

48. It's been a while, but it's time once again for the Disappearing ForeheadCrinkles! Now you see 'em...

49. ... Now you don't!

50. Ooh, bitchface for Balty!

51. 'TheHellYouMessin'WithABoat,Biatch?!Puppy

52. “If you didn't already know, I can kill you with my bitchface!”

53. Balty's explanation is making the PuppyHead hurt for some reason... *pets*

54. “Wait, so, there ARE no PetsMarts in that other reality?”

55. “...My GOD... what a crappy existence!” Heh, I think he's just playing with you, Puppy!

56. *plays with flippy bits of PuppyHair*

57. Eep, PuppyCloseUp!! *nuzzles*

58. Facial Shrug #3!

59. Yep, when Puppy's ashamed of you, it's all over...

60. Heh, bitchface of frustration for Dean!

61. Wha...? Ellen and Jo were dead?? Puppy just can't fathom it...

62. And it makes him kinda sad... awww.... *huggles*

63. 'ScuseMe?Puppy

64. Yet another bitchface for Balty

65. Puppy rightfully bitchfaces Dean for calling him a nerd. Aw... Puppy, your *our* nerd!

66. Wow, amazing theory put forth by TheAwesomenessThatIsBobby... the PuppyEyes™ are indeed gobsmacked!

67. “Don't forget to ask him about the PuppyTreats, 'kay?” Dean: (muttering) “Dude, you are *so* getting an intervention...”

68. Hm, I think Puppy is hinting to be scratched under his neck! *gladly obliges*

69. Stakeout!Puppy is getting kinda bored... he was having such fun sticking his head out the car window on the ride over

70. Yay, more flying PuppyHair :D

71. Dean decides to take him for walkies... at least that's something :)

72. Puppy tries to get Russo's attention... “Hey, Mister! Kewt puppy who's lost his way needs help! Mind turning around plz?”

73. Aw... GoodSamaritan!Puppy

74. WTF?? What kind of idiot would refuse the help of a sweet, kewt Puppy?? *glares severely at Russo*

75. “Yeah, I don't understand it either, Dean. There's not a single person who doesn't benefit from the healing touch of Puppy. I say we let him die....”


77. The PuppyEyes™ are somewhat horrified by the carnage

78. Eeeeeeeew,Icky!Puppy

79. Car/TrainWreck!Puppy ... it's an awful sight, but he just can't turn away

80. Hm, I have to say the PuppyHair is looking quite nice today...

81. What's got those PuppyEyes™' attention now?

82. Hee! Confuzzled!Puppy tilts his head to the side like all puppies do when they're confuzzled

83. *sends flowers to Puppy's hairstylist*

84. I'm getting a real feeling of deja vu ... not that I'm complaining, of course ;D (and I know he's facing the other way, but doesn't the PuppyHair look verrrry similar?)

85. ““Dean? Why do the fangirls keep staring at me like this?” *tsk* Like you really need to ask, Puppy?

86. “I mean, look at those big puddles underneath their feet. Isn't that... I don't know... dangerous? They could slip and hurt themselves...” *fetches drool buckets*

87. Aha, fangirls have made their way over to 'ground zero'

88. Cannot.... stop.... staring... at.... the..... gorgeous.... PuppyHair!!...... eeeeeep.... *falls on floor*

89. Incredulous!Puppy

90. Puppy disapproves of Dean's plan. HIGHLY.

91. See? It makes him bitchface

92. “♫Dum-de-dum-de-dum... I'm a kewt Puppy... there better not be any vengeful bitches in here attempting to end me... dum-de-dum-dum....♫”

93. EEP!!! Puppy!!!! Noooooooooooo!!

94. *phew*!!! *sends Cas fruit basket*

95. “Where are we?? PuppyEyes™”

96. *gently kisses six five forehead*

97. “Wha...? Fate won't stop till we're dead?? Who would want to kill such a kewt, innocent Puppy? :(“

98. “I know the timing is highly irregular... but I am still the Bitchface – and PuppyEyes – Master.”

99. “Uh, yeah, right... Could I take a rain check on that? Can't really pencil a competition into my schedule just yet... *PuppyEyes™ anyway*”

100. “No. It's now or never, Puppy Winchester. *bitchface*”

101. LOL!YouFreakin'Serious,Gurl?!Puppy

102. *continues to bitchface*

103. *SIGH* “Okay, FINE....... *puts best PuppyEyes™ forward*”

104. Wait, Cas considers Puppy a friend?? He now feels bad... although hopes it's not a ploy to forfeit the Bitchface/PuppyEyes™ competition...

105. Puppy needs walkies again...

106. Eep! Hey, watch it, jerk! You almost knocked over the poor puppy!!

107. Poor sweetie :( *affectionately ruffles PuppyHair*

108. Even though the guy is gone, he gets a bitchface anyway

109. Oh noes! Everyone seems to have it out for Puppy today :(

110. Puppy being freaked out by fellow puppies?? Something *is* definitely wrong here...

111. Oh, I get it – they're *mean* puppies... Puppy hopes that giving them a bitchface will frighten them into submission

112. Yep, this obstacle course is freaking out the PuppyEyes™ big time

113. Who is it that dares to harm the Puppy in such an outlandish display?

114. Flaming torches? Must protect the PuppyEyes™ and PuppyHair!

115. Oh noes, Puppy!!! Quick... *dangles bag of PuppyTreats in front of him*

116. Ha, I knew that would do it! ;D

117. ZOMG! Puppy, look out!!!!

118. NOOOOOOO!!!!

119. *sends Cas huge bouquet of flowers*

120. Awww, look at the slumbering Puppy in the background :D

121. OMGYAY! Things are back as they should be! :)

122. “I just had... the weirdest dream. PuppyTreats were everywhere, but I couldn't access them.... it seriously made my PuppyBrain go 'splody!”

123. ComeAgain?Puppy

124. Poor Puppy is painfully confuzzled again.... must administer some fangirl TLC...

125. Seems to be helping him already! ;D

126. *pets the silky PuppyHair.... and brushes it... and braids it... and puts ribbons in it* ... Heh, sorry, Puppy ;)

127. “'Scuse me? Dean, for that comment I'm gonna have to revoke your Titanic Haters Club card and all priviledges therein...” Puppy is president of this club, dontchaknow.... *nods*

128. Puppy sees TheAwesomenessThatIsBobby and is sad again... aww :(

129. Facial Shrug #4!

130. Puppy really needs some cheering up of his own, doesn't he? *pets... huggles... and a bunch of other stuff...*

Bitchface count:12 (wow, almost back up to the level of Robo!Puppy!)
Facial Shrugs: 4

That's it for this week. Stay tuned for next week's new installment. :)
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  • My interests collage

    I think I might have done this before, but I saw daisychain1957 and a few others doing it so I couldn't resist :)…

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    Okay, I had planned to do several picspams before season 5 started (one more day!!! *pumps fists*), but that didn't quite work out. My "fashion…

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