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SPN #6x18 Frontierland (episode review)

Yay, I was home to see this one! Here is my review/recap thingie...

First, overall I really enjoyed it. It was awesome to see our boys back in the old west. I saw an interview (by Sera maybe) in which they said they've been trying to do this almost ever since the show started. It kinda had a Back to the Future III feel to it too.

Okay, the opening scene with ... well all I can say at this point right now is "some guy" and Dean... mmm, very hot. :D I had a weird random thought when I saw that the town was named Sunrise. Wasn't that the name of the apartment complex where the boys find John holed up (and possessed by YED) by the other demons in Devil's Trap? Maybe it's just a coincidence but I found that kind of interesting. And who else was expecting them to suddenly cut away right during the gunshot? *g*

Love the Bonanza-inspired opening credits!

We're back to 48 hours earlier and 150 years later. The boys and Bobby are searching the Campbell library looking for info on how to kill Eve. Bobby finds something about a phoenix and Dean asks "River, Joaquin or the flaming bird?" Loved Sam's smirk.

Dean suddenly finds something and acts all fanboi-ish. He learns that Samuel Colt killed a phoenix in 1861 - and he found this in Samuel Colt's journal. Wow... can only wonder how it ended up in the Campbell family library. Sam almost acts fanboi-ish too as Dean tells him "get your own." Heh. He wants to go back in time, or "Star Trek IV it." Bobby: "I only watch Deep Space Nine." LOL.

We meet Cas' "lieutenant" Rachel as Dean summons Cas to send them back to that time. She says that Cas is busy. Wow, she's a real charmer, more accurate bitca. The boys insist they're Cas' friends but she doesn't think so because they're always calling him whenever they do something like stub their toe. Geez, what's her problem. Cas appears and tells her to go.

So Cas agrees to send them back but they only have 24 hrs. The further back he sends them the harder it is to retrieve them. Dean's gone this whole time and he comes back with bags of western clothes to blend in. Hee, I love Sam's reluctance to wear them! His bitchiness is epic in this scene, lol. He says Dean has a fetish with the wild west stuff, that he can recite every Clint Eastwood movie, even the "ones with the monkeys." Dean: "His name is Clyde." He insists Sam at least wear the shirt. Sam gives him a bitchface. Hee. He puts the shirt on and says he looks stupid. Aw no, Puppy, I think you look great! :D Dean's gone all out with his costume and Cas asks about him wearing a blanket. Fanboi!Dean says it's a "sarape." Hee.

Cas sends them back to Wyoming, 1861. Ohhhhhh, my.... Sam in a cowboy hat.... *falls to floor*

Sam steps in horse manure!! LOL. Dean still thinks the whole thing is cool and Sam is bitchfacing the heck out of this scene. Awww :D

They stumble upon an execution. The guy being hanged tells the judge and sheriff and etc. that they'll all burn for this just before they hang him. A guy sees our boys and says "nice blanket" to Dean. Which prompts him to take it off. LOL

Dean introduces himself as Clint Eastwood and Sam as "Walker - he's a Texas Ranger." Love it. They want info on Samuel Colt and are told to ask Elkins at the saloon. Hmmm, Elkins... Daniel Elkins' ancestor it would seem. Makes sense...

Elkins is bartender at the saloon. Dean orders some kind of liquor (didn't catch it) for himself and a sarsaparilla for Sam. Hee! A group of girls enter and one goes up to Dean. Ugh, is that a cold sore on her mouth? Dean looks squicked as well. Turns out she has a "date" with the judge. Love the boys' reaction.

Also love Dean's reaction to the liquor, and Sam's teasing "Sarsaparilla aint half bad." Awww, the brotherly banter is in full swing and I love it!

They hear the girl scream and it turns out someone had killed the judge. They see his charred remains on the bed. Hmm...

Apparently the guy who was hanged was named Elias Finch and our boys start thinking about the phoenix, that it's probably one of the people and could even be him. Dean wants Sam to find Samuel Colt while he sticks around with the posse. Fanboi!Dean loves posse and keeps saying it. Sam bitchfaces him again. Dean says "I love posse - make that into a t-shirt." Hee!

Sam riding a horse ... *is weak-kneed... even though we don't see it much...* Poor guy has trouble mounting the horse and is all unsteady. Love how he calls out "I'm ok!" as he rides away and Dean says to himself "poor horse."

Uh oh, now Finch kills the sheriff in the same exact way! Yep, he's gotta be the phoenix.

Interesting scene between Cas and Rachel. She asks him about his dirty little secret and he insists he needs to defeat Raphael. He says he has no choice and she tries to stab him. They fight and he ends up stabbing and killing her. Wow. And he then says "I'm sorry." Yeah, I think we can tell how deeply Cas is getting into this whole war. But we still don't know that much about Rachel...

Cas had been stabbed in the fight and he suddenly winds up at Bobby's again. He paints a sigil on the wall as warning against angels. Bobby wants to know what is going on but Cas just grabs him.

Heh, scene with Dean in the saloon is funny. He says to Elkins "I look good" and asks where the posse is. They find out that the sheriff is dead and Elkins takes his badge and makes Dean the sheriff!

Personal squee... Samuel Colt is left-handed!! :D Uh oh, looks like demons are coming after him and he insists he's hung it up. He's through hunting? The demons want to know where the devil's gate is but he shoots them.

Heh, Dean summons the other guy who hanged Finch with "candygram". Tells him that Finch is after him too and Dean would like to use him as bait.

Aww, Puppy Sam visits Samuel Colt. Whoa, he tells him his real name and that he's a hunter from the year 2011. Well I guess there's no harm in doing so at that point in time. Samuel wants him to prove it so Sam shows him his iPhone. Samuel doesn't bat an eyelash, interestingly. Sam tells him that he shoots a phoenix in 3 hours, and Mr. Colt doesn't believe him until Sam shows him his journal. He tries to get him to come with them to shoot it and says he's a hero to them. Mr. Colt lies and says he lost the gun but our Sammy is too smart for that - he knows he just shot two demons with it. But Mr. Colt says the gun is like a curse and he's done. Sam can't believe it and asks if all he's done now means nothing. He asks him to give him the gun.

Back in today-land, Cas tells Bobby he was betrayed and Raphael had turned Rachel. Hmm, I wonder if he is telling the absolute truth here. It's kind of hard for me to tell again since we really didn't know too much about Rachel. He tells Bobby he killed her. Bobby says they only have about an hour to go to "retrieve the kids at Frontierland." Hee. :) But Cas says he can't because he's too drained from the fight with Rachel. He says there's a way, but he'd need Bobby's soul. Oh noes. He needs to touch it because they have great energy, but it's like touching a nuclear reactor and Bobby could explode. Oh crap. But Bobby wants to do it anyway. Aw. Shows just how much he cares for the boys.

So the other guy (sheriff #2?) is kept in a jail cell by Dean. Dean wants to know why Finch is after him when the man in question shows up. Yeah I think it's pretty obvious he is the phoenix here. He can't touch iron. He then tells them why he's out for revenge like this. Apparently he was married, they lived outside of town and didn't bother anyone but someone killed his wife and I guess that someone was sheriff #2? Dean's gotta kill Finch, but he kills sheriff #2 first. Dean runs away as Finch shoots at him and then we end up near the starting point of the ep.

Sam returns with the Colt! Dean and Finch have their high noon standoff. Dean shoots him with the Colt, and he burns and disintegrates. Dean: "Yippee-Ki-Ay, mother-" But they run for the ashes as they know Cas is sending them back.

Oh noes, Cas has brought them back before they get to collect the ashes! At first I thought it was kinda anti-climatic, but then I realized it would have been too easy.

Cas never wants to do this again and Bobby looks pretty beat as well. Oh, that reminds me, I love how he says he couldn't strand those idjits in DEADWOOD!! :D

Sam gets a special delivery! Aw... it's from Samuel Colt! I'm guessing this is another nod to Back to the Future 3? I love how Sammy gets all excited and just shuts the door on the delivery guy. Lol. Mr. Colt returns Sam's beat up iPhone to him but also something that will come in handy for them - the ashes!

Bobby's glad he didn't have a "soul-onoscopy" for nothing. Ha...

Dean's all happy and goes "You know what this means?" as he sticks his cowboy hat back on.

Okay, as I said in the beginning that I enjoyed this overall. It was awesome to see the boys back in the old west, in their old west garb. And even though they weren't working together most of the time (Dean dealing with Finch and Sam trying to convince Samuel Colt to help them), there was still plenty of the brotherly banter, which I really enjoyed. It was really missing in the first half of this season, so it's great to see it back. I also loved the little nods to Back to the Future 3, Disneyland (sorta), and the in-joke for Jim Beaver with the Deadwood mention. Also enjoyed Fanboi!Dean, Sam's reluctance to get into the whole old west act and the sight of him riding a horse.

I'm thinking though that the whole thing with them getting the phoenix ashes at the end is still a little too easy. I'm thinking maybe they won't end up working for some reason. But who knows, I guess we will see. I still can't figure Cas out much either. I think we saw too little of Rachel to see what she was all about. She was pretty bitchy to the boys, and even though Cas said Raphael had influenced her I wonder how much of that was true. We are getting a glimpse at how much is at stake for him in this war - how involved he is... but just a tiny glimpse. I'm sure we'll learn a lot more in the remaining eps.

So all in all I enjoyed this one. Although during this season it seems whenever I enjoy an ep everyone else hates it LOL. ;)
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