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Puppy!Sam Picspam #124 (Supernatural)

I have this one finished a little earlier than expected, so here ya go :)

Episode #6x20: The Man Who Would Be King

Shorter picspam this time, less than 75 pics thanks to the slight lack of Puppy screentime. Oh, and if some of the pics look like crap, it's because Tinypic is being weird on me and shrinking the file size (and possibly quality as well) of some - but not all - of them. For instance, one of my pics that was about 50kb in size ended up being only 8kb after I uploaded it onto Tinypic. And of course they don't mention it on their website - and they never reply to emails. *sigh* But hopefully it's not too bad. Okay, enough babbling. Enjoy... or not. ;)

1. Hi, Puppy... ooh, it's Flashback!Puppy flashing some PuppyTongue :D

2. Noooooo!! *cries*.

3. Um yeah... Puppifer was hot, but still..... :(

4. StillSortaFlashback!Puppy ... awww, even without a soul, he looks sad... *tries to cheer him up*

5. *nibbles Flashback!PuppyNeck*

6. *stares*

7. yeah yeah I know... but the smirk was still damned hot ;D

8. *cries again*

9. But awww, I love seeing Robo!Puppy watching over Dean :)

10. *plays with Robo!Puppy's flicky hair*

11. Yay! Here's our Puppy! With that trademark bitchface of his :D

12. Interrogation!Puppy offers a tiny smirk of bemusement to TheAwesomenessThatIsBobby... *fans self*

13. That'sRight.MahSmirkMeansBusiness,Biatch!Puppy

14. And now he wants a kissy... like you really have to ask, Puppy?

15. Hm... is this the Smug!Bitchface?

16. Ooh, the PuppyEyes™ join in on the bitchfacing fun!

17. It's the BowDownToMyGreatness!Bitchface

18. Uh oh, Dean talked to Puppy's bitchface/PuppyEyes™ rival. Mr. Bitchface is not pleased.

19. Aw, Concerned!Puppy

20. Whoa! It's a rare Dean bitchface! Heh... sorry... back to our Puppy now :)

21. “Look, Dean, I know your upset. Perhaps some PuppyKewtness will help?? *iz hopeful*” Meanwhile, Cas has unofficially rejoined the bitchface competition... *needs to let Puppy know*

22. Whoa, Puppy would DIE for his bitchface/PuppyEyes™ nemesis? This changes things... even Cas is surprised and has let his bitchface slip...

23. “He's back there, isn't he? And he's doing the bitchface thing again, isn't he?”

24. Aw, cute PuppyShrug :)

25. Desperate!Puppy is hoping his rival isn't quite THAT bad... even though deep down he knows he is the rightful Bitchface/PuppyEyes™ Princess

26. *pets*

27. LoisLane!Puppy? Hee :D And I have to point out that the PuppyHair is looking quite gorgeous today :)

28. Back to the Bitchface Parade


30. The PuppyEyes™ are getting antsy and wondering when they can finish this sweep of the demons hideout? He's jonesing for more PuppyTreats

31. The PuppyEyes™ are, once again, concerned with Dean's emotional state

32. Bobby has completed the sweep of the place and has found no PuppyTreats hidden away. The poor PuppyEyes™... they just can't fathom it

33. Bzuh?Puppy

34. Dean is obsessed with calling back the Bitchface/PuppyEyes™ rival... Puppy is sooooo tired of that crap now

35. *gently kisses six five forehead*

36. “No, big brother. Bitchface/PuppyEyes™ rivals do NOT get the benefit of the doubt. EVER. You should know this. *tsk*”

37. Aw... Defeated!Puppy

38. The PuppyEyes™ warm up for a possible competition...

39. Fangirl Alert! ;D

40. Yep, we fangirls are goooood! *g*

41. Puppy briefly casts an eye to see if TheAwesomenessThatIsBobby and Dean are jealous

42. “So? ... Do I not have the bestest fangirls on the planet? *PuppyEyes™*”

43. Looks like he's gone back to warming up for a competition... the bitchfaces this time

44. “He's not showing up, huh? Aw. What a disappointment... *iz secretly cheering*”

45. *feigns sad little Puppy act... for once*

46. Dean is still unhappy, so Puppy tries to cheer him up by administering the PowerfulPuppyTouch

47. It's the HLYCRP!PuppyEyes™

48. Puppy! Look out!!

49. Nooooo!!

50. :(

51. *stares at the silky PuppyHair before helping Puppy up*

52. Whoa, Cas saved them... guess Puppy should really forgo the competition now...

53. *ruffles PuppyHair*

54. Aw, he offers Cas a PuppyEyes™ truce

55. “Yeah! I promise – no more Bitchface or PuppyEyes™ competitions. *crosses fingers behind back*”

56. “Hee! You believe me, right? *fake PuppySmile*”

57. *is practicing bitchfaces on Crowley... just in case*

58. *is practicing bitchface on Dean and TheAwesomenessThatIsBobby... just in case*

59. Cas makes a surprise appearance and shocks the heck out of the PuppyEyes™

60. “Oh, Hai! No, I'm not... practicing for anything...”

61. Hee... it's his PuppyEyes™ Competition Playbook

62. Cas' treachery confuzzles Puppy... see how he tilts his head?

63. You got some 'splainin' to do, Cas

64. Facial Shrug Alert!

65. Liek,OMGYouTotallySuck!Puppy

66. Hm, looks like the Bitchface/PuppyEyes™ competitions have been long forgotten...

67. OMG, Cas brought Puppy back?? This development brings Nonplussed!Puppy...

68. Facial Shrug #2!

69. YouLeftMahSoulDownThereOnPurpose,Biatch?!Puppy

70. *pets... just 'cause*

71. Damnit, Puppy's doing it again! Presenting his neck to us so we can nibble it! *sigh* .... don't ever stop, Puppy :)

72. Guess the competition is back on? Puppy's presenting a bitchface

73. It's the I'mSoDisappointedInYou,Biatch!Bitchface

74. Hard to see, but we got some Flying PuppyHair as they escape! *follows closely behind*

Bitchface count:10
Facial Shrugs: 2

That's it for this week. We'll have a week break since the finale isn't until next week so until then!
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