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Little TVG article about Supernatural finale (and my musings)

Got home from work a little while ago and found the newest issue of TV Guide waiting for me. They have a little write-up about the SPN season finale and a pic. I scanned it and decided to post it here. Spoiler-phobes, please do NOT click. You've been warned. ;) Anyone else go behind the cut and click to enlarge. I've also added some of my own musings about the finale and season 7.

I think I know what the cliffhanger of this episode is going to involve... probably Castiel's fate (if it isn't already known earlier in the episode) and all these souls escaping Purgatory. I wonder if it's going to be like the season 2 finale when Jake opened the Devil's Gate and all those demons escaped out into our world. I'm thinking that might be (at least part of) what season 7 is going to involve. As for Sam's wall, I've heard something about it breaking at the "top of the episode" and I would think and hope that he's not going to stay catatonic or whatever through the end of it. And if he is, they damn well better fix him by the start of season 7. I think it would be angst overload if we had to find out what Cas' fate was or deal with whatever he does, AND anything escaping Purgatory, AND then Damaged!Sam on top of it.

But I guess we will see.

Oh! And doesn't Sam look like a Puppy again in this pic?? ♥ ♥

I didn't post this at any comm's because I wasn't sure if it had been posted already. If it hasn't, can someone let me know and I'll link to this post over at  the comm's (if anyone is interested).
ETA: Posted it at a comm or two but if anyone wants it posted anywhere else, feel free to link to this entry.
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