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SPN #6x21 Let It Bleed; 6x22 The Man Who Knew Too Much (episode reviews)

Holy crap, I'm still all flaily right now but I just have to get this out.... um, probably won't be too coherent but I'll try, LOL

Okay, first, 6x21...

We get a flashback to 1937 of HP Lovecraft. Pretty cool and something blasts through the window and apparently kills him?

Sam and Dean are coming up empty in their research, turns out the thing they need is missing... Cas stole it, I guess. Bobby says it's Moishe Campbell's journal. Hee, I love Sam's reaction. Dean is unfamiliar with Lovecraft - again Sam's reaction is cute... Dean says he was busy having sex with women... lol. Anyway Bobby gets into Lovecraft writing about opening doors to other dimensions and Moishe had paid him a visit.

So we get to see Lisa's boyfriend Matt. Couple of Crowley's boys break in and kill the boyfriend and grab Lisa. Ben calls Dean to tell him and Dean tells him to jump through a window but before he can, something grabs him. Crowley picks up Ben's phone. He tells Dean they've got Lisa and Ben and won't give them up until our boys back off. He won't hurt them if they stand down.

Poor Dean. :( He wants to go after them and Sam insists he wants to go with him. Aw, Sammy. :( They summon Balthazar to get Lisa and Ben's location. Dean asks for his help but he disappears. Sam suggests that they call Cas, but Dean is still really pissed at him and refuses.

Liked Bobby's chat with that guy about Lovecraft's letters - he's undercover as a writer. Seems that Cas had been there before him (guy says he sounds like Rain Man, lol). Bobby sas that they're rivals. He finds out that Lovecraft had a party to perform black magic rituals and all the people he had invited to this party had died. But Bobby goes off to talk to a kid whose mom was there.

Dean is hard at work interrogating and torturing demons to find out Ben and Lisa's whereabouts. Aw, Sam is concerned and wants to give Dean a break. Dean won't let him and blames himself for wherever they are. He tells Sam to back off. Awwww @ Sam's expression. :( You can tell he's worried about Dean so he goes and calls Cas to ask him to bring Lisa and Ben back. Cas shows up but doesn't appear to Sam. He goes to Crowley and is pissed that he'd kidnapped the two of them. Crowley calls it a "loophole." Cas demands that Crowley won't harm them when he gets called by Balty who wants to know if he's working with Crowley. Cas admits it's a means to an end. Balty mentions that Cas will be the vessel for all those souls and that he could explode, but Cas insists it won't happen. Hmmm, getting interesting... He asks Balty if he's with him.

Bobby's talking to that guy who's in a home about the party. He reveals that the spell worked (even though they'd said it failed) and something came through and took his Mom and she disappeared. Then they all started dying one by one. He shows Bobby a picture of his Mom and Bobby looks shocked.

Dean's interrogating another demon who actually gets the upper hand and starts attacking Dean until he's killed by Cas. He tells Dean he didn't know Crowley would take Ben and Lisa. Dean doesn't believe him. Cas says he thought they were like family... he wants him to trust him, he is his friend and all that. Dean doesn't want to buy into his "plant to pop Purgatory" (nice alliteration there, Dean.. *g*). Cas promises he'll rescue Ben and Lisa as long as they stand down. Dean basically tells him to kiss his ass.

Okay, so it turns out that Dr. Visyak was that guy's mom! Cool twist. I have to admit I was very curious about her history in 6x12 when she had all those objects like the sword. Bobby wants to know what her deal is. Shes over 900 years old and is from Purgatory. Wow, she and Bobby had quite a history, apparently. She insists to him that she's a friend. She'd killed Lovecraft and tried to keep Purgatory closed. She gave Dean the sword to kill Eve. Bobby wants to stop Dean from going after her and wants to hide her somewhere safe.

Balty appears to Sam and tells him he's officially on their team. Awesome. He's found Ben and Lisa but he can't get to them. He'll get Dean and Sam to them.

So they find Ben and Lisa tied up. Dean tries to free them when Lisa's eyes turn black and she grabs Ben. Totally called that she was possessed. She taunts Ben and says Dean is his real Daddy, also tells Dean he's the worst thing that happened to her. Dean tells Ben not to listen to her, she's lying. Dean tries to exorcise her but she makes it difficult for him and stabs herself. Geez, poor Dean. He finishes it and they have to rush to get her to the hospital.

That scene at the hospital. My heart aches for Dean and Ben. Dean tells Ben he's sorry and Ben just walks away. Cas appears again but he heals Lisa. Dean asks him to do one more thing for him and Cas wipes their memories. So I guess that's pretty much the end of Lisa and Ben. No matter what you think of the characters or the storyline, I prefer this to killing them off. Sam objects to having their memories wiped and Dean tells him he'll break Sam's nose if he mentions them again. Ouch. :(

And we end on Cas suddenly showing up in Dr Visyak's face. Oh yeah, she's a goner.

6x22 starts with "Carry On My Wayward Son"... *sniffle*

We start with the scene we saw in the sneak peek with Sam running and trying to dodge the cops, kicking that gate open and ducking into the bar where the girl tells him they're closed. He begs her to give him a minute to think, complete with huge Puppy Eyes. Once she sees that, she has to give in. ;) She asks for his name and he says he doesn't remember anything. Uh oh, what is going on here? Oops forgot to mention, at one point we see the sign for "Castle Storage" in the background. That's where John's storage unit was, right? I wonder if that figures into this at all... maybe as some tiny reminder of something he's encountered to help get his memories back?

Anyway he tells her he woke up on a park bench and cops shined a light in his face. He knocked the cops out cold and thinks it was instinct. She wants to know more but he insists he doesn't have time and feels like there's something important he has to stop. Which would obviously be the opening of Purgatory I'd assume? This has to be some kind of dream state he's in. He picks up Lovecraft's "The Haunter of the Dark" when he suddenly gets flashes of memories! One of them is of the "Nite Owl" motel, which they've been in before and he insists on going back there to the room he was in. We see all the articles all over the wall and stuff. The girl seems kinda freaked and she finds a bunch of his fake IDs. He suddenly sees an article about the disappearance of Visyak and some memory flashes back of him, Bobby and Dean looking for her. They find her hurt and she says the angels have enough to crack Purgatory now. They need the blood of a virgin and the blood of a Purgatory native (meaning hers). She tells them when they plan to open it and then dies. Aww @ Bobby :(

Cas appears, says he's sorry this had to happen and Bobby's understandably pissed at him. Dean tells Cas he's off the rails but Cas doesn't care. He wants them to go home and that he'll save Sam if they stand down. They're all like "wtf?" When he suddenly touches Sam and I guess wipes his memory, or something like that. Aha, Sam (or Dream!Sam I guess?) remembers his name finally. He remembers that he's with two guys, a "male model type" *snerk* and an older guy. The girl is getting more freaked. Sam has to go to Bobby's house and goes out to the Impala. She starts saying she has a bad feeling about this and that he might not like what he finds. Hm... is she some figment of his subconscious?

Someone suddenly shoots at them and it turns out to be.... Sam? Samifer? He's wearing the same clothes.....  Yep, it's all in his head.. poor Sam is on the cot in the panic room, with Dean leaning over him and begging him to snap out of it. :( He insists to Bobby they have to help him but Bobby says all hell is spilling through his head. Dean tells him to find Cas now.

Huh, interesting how Dean is drinking whiskey here and Dream!Sam can smell whiskey as he's driving with the girl. We see Samifer again.... hmm, okay so I guess it's just Soulless!Sam. He tells Dream!Sam that Cas brought the wall down (*curses at Cas*) and that Sam is like Jello now, unlike him. He says he was sharp and strong til they crammed his soul back in, and that souls are weak. Was I the only one who found it kinda hot when he tauntingly called out "Come out, come out wherever you aaaaaaarrre!!"

Shit, he shoots Dream!Sam, only he had him fooled and ends up shooting Soulless!Sam. Soulless!Sam says "You think I'm bad? Wait til you meet the other one." Awww, in reality Sammy is thrashing around on the cot. :( In his mind, he walks back to the car and tells the girl he remembers everything from the past year, especially her. She'd been held by a demon and Soulless!Sam had shot her, saying he had no leverage now. Eep. Blood appears on her and she tells him she said to turn back. He says he's sorry and she says "Not as sorry as you're going to be" before disappearing.

Meanwhile, Balty arrives. He tells Dean he had second thoughts about helping them, but he gives them Cas and Crowley's location and then leaves them on their own. Speaking of which, they've got the blood they need, but Cas changes their terms and says that Crowley will not get one soul. He says he doesn't want to hand all the power to the King of Hell. Why do I have the feeling that's not the whole story?

Back in Sam's head... He's at Bobby's place and sees another figure in the darkness. Turns out it's another Sam, this one covered in blood and says he's the one that remembers Hell. Eep!

Aww, love seeing Protective!Dean. He doesn't want to leave Sam. He puts the paper with the location on it in front of Sam, telling him that's where they'll be, and he asks him to get up and meet them there. "Please, Sammy." Awww. :( *sniffle*

Dream!Sam wants to get back into his body. Hell!Sam says he has to go through him - that he's the last piece. He doesn't want him to do it but Dream!Sam insists. Hell!Sam says he's not strong enough, but Dream!Sam says "I'm not leaving my brother alone out there." Awwwwwww. *hugs him* Hell!Puppy tells him "This is your last chance", hands him the knife (the angel-killing one? demon-killing one? I didn't see, it happened pretty fast and then I forgot in all my flailing at the end) and wishes him luck.

Balty appears to Cas and plays innocent about Dean being on his way. Cas says they have a Judas in their midst and he needs Balty to find out who. I have a feeling he already knows. He says he'll handle Dean himself and then gets kinda emo, saying he's doing his best and his friends abandoned him. And then he kills Balty. Damn! He was one of the ones I had an inkling wouldn't survive this.

Dean and Bobby are outside the place and there are a ton of angels so they'll have to ninja their way in. What was that noise? Purgatory being opened? Crowley arriving? Hmm... Crowley comes back and wants to renegotiate their terms, and he's got a new partner now - Raphael. Cas says Raphael will destroy Crowley, but she's offered him protection. Raphael says she'll be the new God. Cas is between a rock and a hard place now, so he gives them the blood and leaves. I don't think this is the end of this. Crowley starts the chant to open Purgatory.

Wow, whatever that noise was injured the Impala. Luckily Dean and Bobby are okay. They enter the hideaway as Crowley chants. They're knocked down the stairs by Raphael... ow.

Saaaaam! He finds the Impala but... Eep, seems to be having flashbacks of Hell! I wonder what brought him out of this, then. Dean's pleas and note having something to do with it? Did getting through Hell!Sam make him stronger and able to beat this and wake up?

Crowley finishes up his chant but nothing happens. "Maybe I said it wrong." Cas says he said it perfectly, but he needed something... which turns out to be the real blood. He'd given Crowley dog blood. Oooh. Raphael demands the blood from Cas, but I guess he already opened Purgatory because he has the Soul Mojo that ends up filling the whole room with blinding light. He's got millions of souls in him now, which Crowley finds sexy. Heh. Aaaaaaand Raphael is killed.

Cas gets all "I told you so" on Dean... "You doubted me, you fought against me," bla bla blah, "I was right all along." Dean is chastened but wants to diffuse Cas because all those souls in him is dangerous. But Cas doesn't want to e. He says they belong with him and he must punish Raphael's followers. Dean gets into the whole "We were family, I'd die for you" etc. business and begs him because he's lost Lisa and Ben, and now Sam (nooooo!!) and he doesn't want to lose Cas. He begs him to get rid of the juice.

Cas says to Dean "You're saying that because you're afraid. I have no family..."

Saaaaaaaaaaaaaam!!! He tries to stab Cas, but the blade doesn't work because he's not an angel anymore. He's..............

"Your new God" ??????

Pardon my language, but Holy Crap!!! He says he's a better God, and says they will all bow down to him or he'll destroy you.

And we end right there!

Okay, I know this was long and if you're still reading I thank you, lol. Just some final thoughts now.

I'm glad that they didn't kill Lisa and Ben. Even if having their memories wiped might sound like a copout, I think it was better than having them killed off.

So it seems that Cas is responsible for Sam's wall coming down? Or did he just wipe his memory.. or are they the same thing? I'm assuming he did it so Sam wouldn't be around to help stop him from opening Purgatory. Looks like Sam got the strength to get through the memories of Hell and wake up to go join them, but it sucks that it happened off-camera and I wonder if we'll ever find out exactly how it happened. Needless to say, I'm glad that he came back (if he is actually himself again) and that his mental state wasn't the big issue surrounding the cliffhanger. I pretty much called it that Cas was a big part of the cliffhanger. I had a feeling he'd be the one to be transformed, but I thought he'd fall or become human. But to be God?? Something is going to have to happen next season because I don't see how they're all going to comply with his orders. I bet it would be a big struggle for them, especially Dean. Maybe he won't be in the entire season after all - maybe he'll be taken out after the season premiere or soon after. Or if he is in the entire season..... hmm, wonder how this could go. I won't make myself crazy trying to think up possibilities over the hellatus, though.

Looks like Crowley survived. I suppose we'll probably hear from him next season? And I'm glad Bobby survived, too. *phew* The deaths ended up being Dr. Visyak, Balthazar and Raphael. Which weren't too far-fetched to me but I will miss Balty. He was pretty cool. :/ Some neat twists in this and what a cliffhanger.

Um yeah so that's all I got... lol everything's still kinda jumbled and I'm still all sorts of flaily... again if you made it through all of this I thank you!
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