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Stargate Creation Con (NJ) update and musings...

Just found out that Kate Hewlett will be attending the con on Sunday to promote her new play.  It would be cool if David could make it too but just seeing her would be good too.  I wonder how many more guests they are going to add (since this is supposed to be the last con in this area... although strider6 found out from Creation that they are looking for another hotelvenue/whatever in that area for the future, so that sounds promising).  Really hoping that no one will have to cancel. 

I've been thinking about this way too much.  I even have a question in mind that I want to ask Michael.  Basically something like this:

"You probably get asked lots of questions about Daniel and Vala, so I thought I'd be different and ask a question about Daniel and Sam.  I was disappointed that the past couple of seasons they didn't interact very much.  Amanda Tapping has said that she missed the Sam and Daniel interaction in S9 and 10, that they've always had such a nice friendship.  I was wondering, do you think that, at the end of the day, they are still as close friendship-wise as they've been in seasons past? And might we have any friendship moments to look forward to in the movies?"

What do you guys think? Do you think I can get away with asking a question like this without him ridiculing or making some incest crack (even though it's only a friendship question)?  I'm not trying to diss him or anything when I say this, but it just seems like the "cool" thing nowadays is Daniel and Vala, and I'm worried that if anyone asks a question about Daniel and any other woman, even if it involves only friendship, that it will be greatly mocked or something.  I had to laugh because a while back I was reading a report from the Chicago con, and he was asked lots of Daniel/Vala questions, and someone had asked how many women Daniel has kissed on the show.  There was some audience participation and at one point he said "Did he ever kiss Carter? No..."  I don't know if he has a selective memory or just totally forgot, but that wasn't true because he did kiss her in 2010.  Unless he's talking about some wild, passionate kiss.  Another thing that sort of made me laugh when reading the report is that last year I was told by many people that Michael just doesn't like any shipping/slashing on the show, yet he didn't seem to have any problem whatsoever with all the Daniel/Vala questions.

I guess there's really no point to agonizing so much over this.  I think it might be hard enough asking since I'm a pretty shy person anyway, but I'd really like someone to ask since no one really ever asks about Daniel and Sam at cons anyway (and if they do they probably get the "I hate all ships except D/V" type of response).  Again I mean no disrespect toward MS when I say all this.  It's just that all the highlighting of D/V at cons lately gets old to me and I'd like to ask about Daniel and his other friends.

*sigh* In the words of Sam Carter, "I know, I think too much."
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