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Puppy!Sam Picspam #126 (Supernatural)

And here's the finale... *drumroll*

Episode #6x22: The Man Who Knew Too Much

So like I said in the previous picspam, this one is quite a bit longer, like almost 120 pics. And the caps should look a little better than the previous handful of picspams, although the really dark ones are never that great. Hopefully you can still see them, though. Hope you enjoy.

1. Flashback!Puppy... Yeah I know he's soulless, but that smirk is still hot ;D

2. *ded*

3. *still ded*

4. Okay, that's enough down memory lane... *g* Hey, it's OnTheLam!Puppy with some flying PuppyHair!

5. Even bathed in shadow, we behold the awesome power of the PuppyHair :D

6. Whatcha hiding for, Puppy? I hope he didn't break into PetsMart and steal PuppyTreats...

7.Puppy finds a suitable hiding spot. Let's join him, shall we?

8. “*pant pant* Hai! Mind taking in a lost, stray Puppy who's also very kewt?”

9. *sighs longingly at that bouncy PuppyHair*

10. He pleads with the PuppyEyes™ for her to let him stay

11. *brushes long strand of former PuppyMop with fingers*

12. “So? Is the PuppyEyes™/PuppyMane combo doing anything for ya?”

13. Oh noes, he's Amnesia!Puppy! :(

14. But he'd still like a kissy :)

15. Thirsty!Puppy goes GlugGlugGlug.....

16. *gently kisses six five forehead*

17. “So I knocked out a cop or two... I'm still a sweet, kewt innocent Puppy. Right? Right?? *makes innocent PuppyFace*”

18. Poor Confuzzled!Puppy... *pets*

19. *huggles the cute Puppy*

20. He's still hoping the lost little Puppy act will win her over...

21. Owwie!SuddenFlashbacksMakePuppyBrainHurt!Puppy

22. As always, fangirls attempt to calm him ;)

23. “See, that's the closest PetsMart location. Two towns over. Can we make a pit stop there, please? Oh and you might want to get a rent-a-truck....” *tsk* Silly Puppy!

24. Hooker!Puppy? Uh, no. TeeHee!Puppy is amused...

25. “So you like me, huh? *extra PuppyKewtness*”

26. “But you don't seem to understand here. I'm a kewt Puppy. I have fangirls that will take extra good care of me. You don't need to worry, kthx.”

27. Uh, Puppy? Why are you bitchfacing a random stranger?

28. Another flashback with more flying PuppyHair :D

29. Oh no, Ellie is hurt! Time for some sad PuppyEyes™

30. “I don't care what you think. My PuppyEyes trump all.”

31. “Yeah, I don't think so. You up for a rematch, biatch?!”

32. Uh,WTF?Puppy

33. EEEP!FlashbacksMakingPuppyBrainGo'Splody!Puppy

34. Time for a little PuppyPrimping :D *wishes those were my hands*

35. *plays with flippy bits of PuppyHair*

36. “Liek, OMIGAWD! This has to be TheAwesomenessThatIsBobby's address! He's got to have PuppyTreats there!”

37. “How am I gonna get there? I'm sure the fangirls have travel arrangements all set up... *iz hopeful*”

38. Hm? Puppy? What's wrong, hon?

39. Oh noes! Someone shot at them! *removes potential fangirl, inserts self*

40. WTF? Puppifer?? Robo!Puppy?? Whomever he is, that's quite a bitchface...

41. The PuppyEyes™ are indeed gobsmacked

42. “I am SO the Bitchface Princess...”

43. Aww... *huggles*

44. What the....? SleepingBeauty!Puppy?

45. *wants to kiss in hopes he'll wake up*

46. Dream!Puppy wishes he was a passenger instead so he could stick his head out the window and enjoy the cool nighttime breeze :D

47. Looks like the PuppyEyes™ are still in working condition... *phew*

48. Whoa... rude awakening for Dream!Puppy

49. Puppy's gotta take a sudden bathroom break... *has trouble deciding which tree to pick*

50. “Whaddaya mean? Kewt puppies need bathroom breaks, too...”

51. “Huh... wonder if there's actually PuppyTreats hidden in here....”

52. Nope, but looks like he found one of his PuppyToys...

53. Uh oh, sounds like something is out there... good thing Puppy's finished up his bathroom break...

54. Eep! It's Puppifer/Robo!Puppy!

55. *protects Puppy*

56. Puppy, watch out!

57. Noooo! Bad Puppifer!... er, Robo!Puppy!.... Whomever you are!

58. Puppy prepares to unleash an almighty bitchface on him

59. “WTF?? Why you wanna beat up a kewt, harmless Puppy?? *iz hurt*”

60. “Howdy. I'm Robo!Puppy. Better get some sunblock... the hawtness factor might do ya in...”

61. “..........”

62. Two Puppies on screen... I'm conflicted...

63. Our Puppy does not take kindly to Robo!Puppy's insults... he bitchfaces him

64. “See, it's like this... Me? Hawt. You? Not.”

65. Awww, don't listen to him, Puppy. You're hawt, too!

66. “I'm telling ya, souls deplete the hawtness factor by 100...”

67. Okay, we love you, Puppy, but just gotta take a few minutes to do this..... *fans self*

68. Hm, guess it's the SoulsSuck!bitchface

69. *iz gonna cry* Awwww, Puppy... :(

70. Noooo! Bad, baaaaad Robo!Puppy!!

71. And he bitchfaces to add insult to injury

72. Okay, that was a random shot... not that I'm complaining, of course ;)

73. Huh, apparently Robo!Puppy is the self-proclaimed champion of Puppy Hide-N-Seek...

74. Ooh he flashes a bit of PuppyMop as he makes his escape

75. Guess he's hoping Robo!Puppy will see his bitchface and cower in fear

76. Sorry, Robo!Puppy... I know you're hawt, but I love our Puppy too so you're on your own for this round...

77. Noooo!! *iz conflicted*... smirk is hot, but.... Noooo!

78. Puppyyyyyyyy!!!!! :(

79. Baaaaaad Robo!Puppy! Stop trying to placate with hotness... No PuppyTreats for you today!!

80. Noooo... I mean... Puppy?!

81. Yayyyyy!! Our hero! :D

82. He still looks so scared, though... poor Puppy, don't be that way. You done good :)

83. Gotta admit, Robo!Puppy is flashing some nice PuppyHair/PuppyMop...

84. Wha...? Another Puppy even worse than this? Puppy is confuzzled again...

85. Whoa, looks like Robo!Puppy's hawtness is being transferred into Puppy... 'long as the soul is still intact, I approve ...not that he wasn't hawt already, of course...

86. Puppy?! Please wake up...

87. Howdy,Ma'am.I'mAHee-roNow!Puppy

88. OMG! In reality Robo!Puppy killed the potential fangirl! Naughty naughty Puppy... *snort*

89. Uh...Sowwy?Puppy

90. Puppy is intrigued by the lone figure sitting in the dark...

91. Gotta be another Puppy... can tell by the awesome sheen of the PuppyHair :D

92. Awww, it's Hell!Puppy :( *prepares ointments and dabs facecloth*

93. “Sammy? This is where we're gonna be. Lots and lots of PuppyTreats in store for you if you wake your ass up and get over there... please?”

94. Aw, and he left a PuppyToy for him, too :)

95. Hell!Puppy is still shrouded in darkness... come here, Sweetie, let us get a better look at you

96. Hee!IAmSoAwesome!Puppy

97. I'mHumptyDumptyWHUT?Puppy

98. Aww... *pets*

99. Looks like Hell!Puppy is getting some fangirl lovin' too ;D

100. “I'm not leaving my brother alone out there.” Awwwww, Faithful!Puppy.. *hugs*

101. Tentative!Puppy... Hell!Puppy doesn't wanna fight him?

102. Poor wearied Hell!Puppy... *fluffs pillows for him*

103. *feels kinda bad that Hell!Puppy was stabbed... but guess it had to be done*

104. Yet even more hawtness being transferred to Puppy? I thought he was pretty hawt on his own, but I won't argue...

105. PuppySkin!! I mean.. whoa... you awake, Puppy?

106. Meanwhile... “What? You dare to suggest I may NOT be the PuppyEyes™/Bitchface Master?”

107. “You will pay for this insolence... *bitchfaces and stabs*”

108. Puppy! Yay!! He's back.... I think?

109. Eeep!! *shuts eyes*

110. Owwie!PuppyBrainsGettingFried!Puppy

111. Determined!Puppy toughs it out

112. With some bitchface whoop-ass...

113. “You have failed. And I am still the Bitchface Master.”

114. I'mSTILLtheBitchfacePrincess,Biatch!!Puppy *bitchfaces and stabs*

115. “WTF?? My bitchface mojo didn't work??”

116. Poor frightened Puppy... *comforts him* *narrows eyes dangerously at Cas*

117. “What? You mean our PuppyEyes™/Bitchface competitions are all null and void now?”

118. The PuppyEyes™ are majorly freaked out by this turn of events

119. “I have to profess my love to the ass who is in no way the PuppyEyes™/Bitchface master?? Nooooo :(“

Bitchface Count: 8 (divided between Puppy and Soulless!Puppy)
Facial Shrugs: 0 (!!)

So that ends it for this season! But we'll have a whole new season of picspams to look forward to in September. :D And in the meantime, I may continue extending some of the older picspams, maybe up until mid-late season 2, so look for those. Thanks for looking!
Tags: picspam, supernatural: sam winchester

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