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Going away for a few days...

Tomorrow I'm heading up to Massachusetts with my dad and grandmother.  I'll be gone from Friday till Monday and I doubt that I'll have internet access up there.  We'll be visiting mostly old friends and family.  It's been 5 years since I was up there and I miss it, so it should be fun.

My neighbor was just over and was crying... they may have to put her dog to sleep.  She has a beagle like I do, and for the past 8-9 years the two dogs have been good friends.  She'd bring Divot (they found her on a golf course) over and she and Penny would run around the yard together and play.  She was a very shy dog, but coming to visit Penny helped her open up a lot.  We hadn't seen very much of her in the past few years since she got very busy, but I'd always see Divot in their yard whining at us whenever I'd walk Penny.  Anyway she said that they had x-rays taken and the dog has (I believe) a tumor and her lungs are filling up with fluid.  Divot seems to be in good spirits, though.  She brought her to our house and the dog was walking around sniffing, wagging her tail, etc.  She didn't seem to be in any real distress.  I told her to think positive... the vet said there was a chance that the tumor is benign so they're waiting for some results to come back. 

I really am hoping that's what it is.  Divot was always a very shy dog but she is a real sweetheart.  Our other neighbor just had to put his golden retriever to sleep.  I think the dog was about 12 and always had this huge tumor and wasn't given much time to live, but he beat the odds for about 5 years or so.  The poor guy was so broken up and he even had a small tribute/funeral for the dog in front of his house.  I know what a tough thing it is - I've gone through it twice.  Luckily at 11 years old Penny is doing very well.  She's still a bit overweight but she's recovered very well from the surgery she had a month and a half ago on the tendon in her left leg... so I'm really thankful for that.

As for me I'm doing pretty good.  Still driving, back to working full-time now, and they tell me I'm really improving at physical therapy, so I'm glad things are a lot better than they were even a month ago.
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