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First SPN drawing: Sam in Season 3

Found my art supplies (yay!), but I wanted to do a "test sketch" sort of thing first, so I made this on just plain white paper with a regular pencil. A quick black and white sketch that took about 45 min. or so. It's Sam from #3x11 Mystery Spot...

(click to enlarge)

It's the scene where he finds the guy in the diner is really the Trickster. I wanted to capture him in all his bitchface glory *g*. I know it's not the greatest, and I had a hell of a time with his jacket (it was all rumpled up in that scene where he grabbed the Trickster). But I don't think it's too bad for a start. For some reason Jared was easier to draw than I expected, lol. And shockingly I thought it'd be smudged to death seeing as how I'm a leftie but no. Any of the smudges you see on him are my poor attempts at shading. Heh...

Now that I've got this done, I'll move on to bigger things. Hopefully I'll have something else to share soon. :)
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