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Some sad news...

My neighbor just paid a visit.  They had Divot put to sleep yesterday. :(  She said the vet told her there was nothing that could be done about her condition.  She was running around in a park and barking at rabbits, but she was in a lot of distress so my neighbor didn't want her suffering.  She was crying and saying "she was my baby."  She has another dog named Jessie and 3 cats, but she's really heartbroken because of all the time and care she spent with Divot. 

When I went back in the house I told Penny who was laying on top of our hope chest that Divot was gone and she just put her head down across her legs like she was in mourning.  Those two used to play together like they were part of the same litter.  It's really sad.

And on top of that I'm still PMSing... so it is not a very good day here. :(
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