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SDCC Screencaps: Jared @ Nerd Machine and J2 CC interviews

Hey guys, I watched both Jared's live streaming Nerd Machine thingy and his and Jensen's interviews from Comic Con and ended up screencapping them.

For Nerd Machine I ended up with 64 caps, all about 608x342 pixels. Most of are Jared alone, but there are also a bunch of him with Zachary Levi. Some of the caps aren't great in quality, it wasn't as easy as I thought it'd be to make them. But I hope you like. I've got some sample caps and a link to download all 64.

And here's the link to download all 64:

For the Comic Con interviews (Jared's from Zap2It, Jensen's from Digital Spy), I managed to get 26 caps of Jared and 23 of Jensen. I've put them all together in a download link, but I'll post some samples below:

And here's the link to download all 49:

Enjoy! And if you have any questions, just let me know. If you want to use them for art or anything like that, feel free, although some credit would be nice. :)
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