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Fun at a Bridal Shower

This afternoon I attended a bridal shower for my cousin's (not the one who is in the hospital) fiancee. They had it at the Seventh Street Cafe in Garden City ...nice little place. My mom and grandmother were also invited so we all went together. The food was really good, although some things can be said about the service (which I'll get to later). Some of the games they played were so silly, though I guess that's the usual for things like showers. One was called "Toilet Paper Bride," where we had to divide up into teams and one person was selected to be a "model." The rest of the team had 10 minutes to create a "wedding gown" made of toilet paper on the model. The bride-to-be had to judge which "gown" was the best.

I guess you can imagine just who was selected to be my team's "model" (I am SO going to get my mother back for that one). It was a riot though and I was a giggling mess at one point (think it had to do with the 4 glasses of champagne punch I had... yes, like Daniel alcohol goes straight to my head, LOL). But everyone was giggling (and not all at me) so I didn't feel bad. Our team didn't win though, mostly because when they started they almost wrapped me up like a mummy and whenever I tried to walk, part of my "dress" would get torn or fall on the floor.

They also played Bridal Bingo, where each of the squares listed common items you'd receive at a shower. As she was opening her gifts, they'd call out what it was so we could check our cards. Again I didn't win, but I didn't expect to as one of the spaces I had was "car." But it was fun.

All in all, it was a great time. As for the service being something to be desired, the waitresses and waiters were all courteous and stuff, but a guy who worked there (I couldn't tell if he was the manager or not...but he wore a nice shirt, pants and tie, so...) was pretty rude. The restaurant has several rooms, some of which are down on a lower level. The restrooms are also located down there, although there was a handicap access one on our level, but it was just one toilet inside, not stalls like downstairs (and there was always a line for it). At one point, they closed off the bathroom downstairs for some reason (looked like they were just cleaning it up). Much later, before we were going to leave, I went down there because I figured they were done. The door was open and there was nothing blocking it, so I thought I could use it. The aforementioned guy suddenly calls out to me and says "Um, Ma'am, I would appreciate it if you would use the restroom upstairs. This one is closed." Really? Doesn't look like it to me. I was surprised at his rude, annoyed tone of voice so I just said "I'm sorry, I figured it was open since the door was open and the cleaning equipment from before was gone." He nearly cuts me off, annoyed again and says "No it is still closed, one of the toilets overflowed so we are waiting for someone to come in and fix it. So I would appreciate it if you would use the one upstairs!" The guy was acting like he wanted to argue with me when all I did was apologize and explain why I'd come down there. I guess it's not worth it to explain myself to people. I should have said "I thought it was open, there's no need to be so rude," but I only think of these things after the fact. *snort* Well, it wasn't such a big deal and didn't ruin the day for me or anything.

I was going to work on fanfiction today, but I'm a bit exhausted now (plus my feet's been quite a while since I wore heels...ugh...). Will have to see if I can make time during the week for it. I hope everyone had a good weekend. :) Can't believe it's almost over already...
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