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Reviews: Supernatural #3.01 The Magnificent Seven; SGA #4.02 Lifeline

Okay, so these may be more comments than an actual review, depending on how long they are. *grin* But thought I wanted to get some thoughts down here on both shows anyway.  See my reviews/comments/thoughts/whatever behind the cuts...

The Magnificent Seven

I quite enjoyed this episode.  Not exactly on the same level as season 2's opener In My Time of Dying, but I still thought it was pretty strong.

Stuff I liked:

1. Bobby.  He kicked @$$ in this ep.  Really enjoyed his scenes, and thought he was lookin' quite good in that suit. *grin*
2. Opening scene with Dean in the hotel room with the "Doublemint Twins" (lol), and Sam, reading in the car, who goes to fetch him, sticking his head around the corner and going "Oh, God." Oops.  And then...
Sam: Can I have your knife?
Dean: Why?
Sam: So I can gouge my eyes out.

All to BTO's "You Aint Seen Nothin' Yet."  *snicker* Poor Sam. ;)

3. Tamara.  I didn't know how I'd take to her and Isaac when they first appeared, but I liked her.  I think we may be seeing more of her at some point later on.
4.  Dean's acting out throughout most of the ep.  I guess it did seem a little unnatural at times, but I guess it's almost like someone having a terminal illness, knowing they're only going to live for a short amount of time and trying to make the most of it.  You could tell underneath all the bravado that he was hurting.  Poor Dean. :( And Sam pretty much going along with it, at least in the beginning.
5.. The confrontation between Dean and Sam at the end.  I was glad that they address what Dean had done, especially since they didn't do it at the end of the season 2 finale (and I know they didn't have time to do it then).  I liked how Sam brought up how broken up Dean was about what John had done for him, sacrificing himself so Dean would live, and now Dean is doing the same thing for Sam.  I liked how unapologetic he was about it, that the only thing that mattered was that Sam is still alive.  I can't help but wonder how Sam is going to try and save Dean.  Guess we will find out!
6. Dean's "What's in the box!!!...[Everyone stares] Brad Pitt... Seven?" *snicker*

Stuff I was a little iffy about:

1. The fact that the Seven Deadly Sins were taken out rather quickly.  The way Bobby was going on about them, the whole "we're talking Medieval" thing, that it'd be a bit harder to overcome them.
2. Ruby.  Okay, when I first heard the spoilers about the two "girl hunters" joining the cast I was a bit wary.  And of course a bit wary when I saw her in the first promo pics of this episode.  She didn't bother me quite as much as I thought she would though.  I found it a bit interesting that she kept following them (or at least Sam) earlier on and then disappearing.  Someone at one of the Supernatural forums I visit was speculating that she could be an angel, that it's one of the reasons why they showed the scene from Houses of the Holy in the "The Road So Far" intro of this ep (the scene is the one where Sam is in the crypt and standing in front of the angel statue).  I don't know what to make of that, but it does sound interesting.  Someone at GW posted some spoiler news for a future ep though and said it seems that Ruby crawled out of hell.  I guess we'll find out what's going on with her later on.

All in all, I thought it was a good ep.  Based on the promo I'm looking forward to next week's ep too.


Okay, I'm not too sure many of my thoughts are very valid since I didn't get to see the season premiere until yesterday, and I didn't get to see the whole thing.  But FWIW...

Stuff I liked...

1. Elizabeth.  I'm really going to miss her. *sigh* :(  I really liked what she did for Shep and Ronon, grappling with the Replicators to buy them time.  Did we see what happened to her at the end?  Nice scene between Teyla and Ronon in her office, wondering who will replace her (though I wish no one did have to replace her!!!).

2. No Rodney/Sam ship that I could really see.  I'm not as vehement against it as I am some other ships (well on SG-1 anyway), but I just hope they don't try anything on SGA with them like they did with D/V on SG-1 (no offense to the D/V shippers honestly... just my own opinion).

3.  Dr. Lee.  Very nice seeing him again.  I don't know why but he's one of my favorite recurring characters.  At some points I thought his interaction with Sam was quite like the interaction she used to have with Daniel.

Stuff I was iffy about...

1.  Sam's role on the show.  I guess it has partly to do with my dismay over what's going on with Elizabeth.  I'm not totally against Sam being on SGA, I'm just not too sure yet about it.  Maybe after watching more eps I'll have a better opinion.  She had some nice interaction with Shep I thought.  Nothing shippy at all, just a nice bit of friendship.

2. Elizabeth's fate.  I guess it goes without saying here. 
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