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What a crummy day....

Raining nonstop here today.  The roads were pretty bad coming home from work and yet people still drove recklessly and were tailgating me.

I'm not in such a good mood... my dad's cousin just called, the one whose mother-in-law was hit by a car outside her apartment building.  She suffered multiple injuries and was in poor health as it is, and they had to induce a coma.  They just told me she's dying.  Dad's cousin will be coming up here from Florida at some point soon.  I didn't hear the whole story because I'm upstairs staying out of my parents' hair.  As silly as that sounds (I guess it must for an almost-30-year-old), it's because I was yelled at for chuckling at something on TV while my mom was on the phone with the cousin in another room, which I had no idea about.  Someone had turned on the TV so I went in and sat down.  Dad happened to be in there reading the paper.  Someone said something funny on whatever program this was (I don't even remember anymore to tell the truth) and I chuckled... not guffawed or cackled really loud, chuckled *quietly*.  My dad gets very irate and tells me "Will you please stop it.  They don't want to hear this while they're talking since her mom is dying. Hearing laughter in the background is not a good thing." 

Um... excuse me? First of all as I said I had no idea what was going on, didn't even know my mom was on the phone.  Second, she was in another room and I was being quiet so I doubt very much that either of them could have heard me.  Third, I am so amazed that anyone would think I was making light of something so serious, which is partly what he was implying.  I know that something as grave and upsetting as a relative dying is a serious matter and no one wants to hear laughter, but - and I don't know how many times I can repeat this - I was QUIET... and it was due to something totally different.

It's times like this where I really wish I could afford to live on my own.  I really hate Long Island and the way they make it so hard for young people to live here.  It does make me sad to say this because I've always had such a good relationship with my parents but I don't appreciate having people overreact to something so minor and jumping down my throat.

Anyway sorry about that everyone, I just needed to vent.  I must sound like a teenager griping about how unfair her parents are and how unfairly she's treated.  It's almost embarrassing.  But I really don't want anyone implying that I'm making light of something so serious, or acting like I was cackling my head off as loudly as possible, because that's not what I was doing in the least.

After almost 30 years there are times when I still don't get my parents... *sigh*
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