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SPN #7x02 Hello Cruel World (episode review)

Okay, this one isn't going to be very long ... a lot of things are a blur since I had an emotionally exhaustive day today and I'm literally falling asleep at the keyboard, lol... but here goes....

Oh, Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam. :(

So where did Cas go then when those Leviathans drained into the water? Did his vessel just disintegrate?

Speaking of which, those things are pretty nasty. Interesting way to see Sheriff Mills again and liked the mention of Dr. Sexy. *g*

Poor Sam and all the torture he's going through. Especially with Lucifer trying to convince him to shoot himself. :( How exactly did he get to that place at the end if Dean showed up in the actual Impala later? It hurt when Luci!Dean told him he was never going to be okay. That was harsh and I was glad it turned out to be only Lucifer/figment!Lucifer.

Loved the scene where Dean tried to get through to Sam. I'm a bit confused about the cut on his hand though and how it plays into the hallucinations... as he kept squeezing at the wound, Lucifer disappeared.

But OMG the end... Bobby's place is gone. Dean's got a broken leg and Sam is a total mess. Holy crap. Boooooooooooys. :(

Looking forward to next week and sorry this is so short... I'm totally exhausted now lol
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