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Puppy!Sam Picspam #128 (Supernatural)

New picspam installment...

Episode #7x02: Hello, Cruel World

Longer picspam this time, over 100 pics so not dial-up friendly. And I'm sorry in advance for any screwed-up formatting on the part of LJ's Rich Text Editor (even when I post most of this in HTML format). It's made a total mess out of my Picspam Master List post and I have no idea how to fix it... *sigh*.... Anyway, hope you like.

1. Hi, Puppy... aw, still battling Figment!Luci... and managing quite a bitchface...

2. Nooooo! (although...... why do they ALL go for the PuppyNeck?)

3. Yeah, you tell 'em, Puppy! Bitchface him with all you got!

4. Poor Puppy... *kicks Fig!Luci*

5. ZOMG!Puppy ... fangirl to the rescue, just in time ;)

6. *strokes PuppyCheek*

7. *hugs close*

8. “OMGDEAN! It was awful! He was taunting me and saying he was going to take all my PuppyTreats away! *wibbles*”

9. “You can't let him get near the PuppyTreats. 'Kay? Promise?”

10. *does last-minute check to make sure the PuppyTreats are still there*

11. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

12. Puppy quietly mourns the loss of his PuppyEyes/Bitchface rival

13. Aww, Puppy looking so precious as he sleeps... *gently kisses*

14. “Don't do that, Dean. I thought it was him. Stealing my PuppyTreats and laughing merrily. *iz shaken*”

15. Fangirl alert, in the nick of time :D

16. He thanks Dean for the makeshift PuppyTreat, but it just aint the same

17. Aw, Puppy shows Dean his ouchie :( *wants to kiss and make better*

18. Aw.. *gives pain relievers*

19. *pets*

20. Facial Shrug Alert!

21. *kicks CW logo partially covering The Pretty*

22. *pets some more*

23. SoooooooNotInTheMoodForYourBS!Puppy

24. *stares in awe at the flippy PuppyHair*

25. *pinches the PuppyNose*

26. StayThaHELLAwayFromMaiPuppyTreats,GotThat,Biatch?!Puppy

27. Aw, I do believe those PuppyEyes™ are a-waterin' :(

28. Uh, Puppy, what are you doing? “This'll teach that biatch to come near my PuppyTreats stash.....” Sweetie, put that away for a second.....

29. Aw.... Do I see a little Researchy!Puppy there in the corner? :)

30. “Due to our new big bad, PuppyTreats are decreasing rapidly in availability in this locale alone. This is, as you would imagine, very bad news.”

31. “...Well, at least to ME it is....... *nods*”

32. “Seriously, dude, I was gonna cut you some slack with all the crazy going on, but the PuppyTreats thing....... yeah. Intervention might not be so bad.”

33. “No. No no no no. *PuppyEyes™*”

34. “Do not even think of intervention. Don't make me get Mr. Bitchface out.”

35. It's the StayAway,Biatch!warning bitchface :D

36. A bit dark, but.. Fangirl Alert ;)

37. Bad Fig!Luci! Leave Puppy aloooooone!!!

38. Huh, I guess Puppy wants a kissy for encouragement in his fight against Fig!Luci.... Always happy to oblige, hon :)

39. Oooh, PuppySneer!!! *fans self*

40. *pets again*

41. “I'm gonna report you for cruelty to puppies :(“

42. OMG, that faaaaaaaace, those PuppyEyes™ *sniffle*

43. AhSAID,ShutYoMouth,Biatch!Puppy

44. “Uh... Oh Hai, Bobby...”

45. *twirls the flippies*

46. ZOMG, AwesomenessThatIsBobby, WATCH OUT!

47. *phew* It wasn't real! *calms Puppy down*

48. Nervous!Puppy

49. Aw, Puppy is concerned for Sheriff Mills' safety. Bless.

50. Poor Puppy. You're not gonna be all alone. We fangirls are here. :D

51. Huh... random bitchface time, I guess...

52. “Whatever could that be? More fangirls? *iz hopeful*”

53. Yeah! Work that gorgeous PuppyHair!

54. Dean needs PuppyBackup? The PuppyEyes™ are highly incredulous....

55. Scared!Puppy.. aww... *pets*

56. Heh... Speechless!Puppy

57. Dammit, looks like Dean's stealing his facial shrugs again! *tsk*

58. Poor hurt Puppy... *shakes fist at Fig!Luci!Dean*

59. “Dean, where are we? This isn't PetSmart...”

60. The PuppyEyes™ are highly disappointed

61. Can't help myself.... must.... pet.... PuppyHair!

62. Don't worry, Puppy, we fangirls will be here to back you up!

63. “Wait, so you're saying that I'm outta control just because I have an occasional craving for PuppyTreats?”

64. Fig!Luci!Dean's bait-and-switch tactics really freaked out the PuppyEyes™ there...

65. Uh,WTF?Puppy

66. PuppyTreats...IKnewYouWereInOnThis,Biatch!Puppy

67. *stares at the pretty flying PuppyHair*

68. “No one threatens my PuppyTreats and gets away with it!!! *shoots at empty air*”

69. Poor baby :(

70. “Go ahead... make my PuppyDay...”

71. Even suggesting to shoot that lovely PuppyFace?? HOW DARE U!!

72. Noooo!! Don't listen to him, Puppy!! Think of how horrible the world would be without your sweet Puppy self!

73. *hugs fiercely*

74. “ZOMG! Is that mai brother? Big brother??”

75. “Whoa! Okay, I didn't mean the PuppyTreats intervention thing! Forget I even mentioned it!”

76. *iz confused and gonna cry* Aw :(


78. “Sorry, big brother, I couldn't take it anymore. He doesn't stop taunting me about it. *whimpers*”

79. *hugs*

80. Owwie,MaiPuppyBrainHurtsNao!Puppy

81. Fangirls once again help ease the tension ;)

82. That PuppyFace... those PuppyEyes™ ... that PuppyHair... don't they just kill you??

83. Huh? Why the sudden interest in the wounded PuppyPaw?

84. Hey! No fair giving Puppy another owwie!

85. *licks PuppyDimple*

86. Puppy rightly snarls in response

87. Puppy! No! What are you doing?!

88. “Oh noes. You're never gonna leave me alone over the PuppyTreats, are you. *feels doomed*”

89. *twirls extra long strand of former PuppyMop*

90. Aww, you can do it, Puppy! *kisses for support*

91. Just including this one 'cause he looks pretty :)

92. You did good, Puppy. *hugs tight*

93. Oh noes! *mourns TheAwesomenessThatIsBobby's place with Puppy and Dean*

94. I think I see some more flying PuppyHair :D

95. 'ScuseMe?Puppy

96. *bitchface*


98. Dean's down! Puppy to the rescue!

99. With some bonus PuppyMop!

100. Puppy?... Wake up, Puppy!

101. Noooo, Puppy :(

102. *strokes PuppyHair*

103. Nooooo!!!

104. Please get better, Puppy :( *pleads*

Bitchface count: 5
Facial Shrugs: 1 (I swear I think Dean is stealing them! *grumble*)
Tags: picspam, supernatural: sam winchester

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