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SPN #7x03 The Girl Next Door (episode review)

Sorry I'm so late with this review. I was too tired to go online last night after the ep and I've been sick all this morning and afternoon (prob a combination of the antibiotic and something else... *sigh* Still not feeling that good so my review isn't going to be all that much. For what it's worth...

I thought Jensen did an awesome job directing this ep.

I knew that Bobby couldn't be dead. And not just because I'm a spoiler whore and saw the promo pics ahead of time *g* But I knew that he just couldn't be dead.

Liked the little shout-outs in this ep, like an ad for "My Bloody Valentine" on the tv Dean was watching, and I believe Biggerson's showed up again later.

Poor Sam still spacing out. And you knew he was going to catch hell for not getting the pie. Although the "You got cake - it's close enough, right?" made me chuckle.

Cool to see Jewel Staite. I remember her from Firefly but mostly SGA. She did a great job, as did the girl who played her younger self. As for Colin Ford, he still does a wonderful job with younger Sammy. The way his hair was styled and the denim jacket he was wearing, almost makes you think of his style when we first see him in the Pilot.

Liked seeing Dean all worried about Sam after he took off. Although I was pretty disappointed after Sam asked him to trust him, he said "gotta start somewhere" and then went off and killed Amy. I do understand his reasoning behind it, though, Even though she swore she wouldn't kill again, she was still a monster and it's in her instinct. He probably remembers Madison and Lenore all too well. Still I don't even want to know what would go down if Sam found out. And I can also see Dean still a bit wary of trusting Sam given the fact he's still having those hallucinations and such. So yeah that whole part was a bit of a letdown for me, but I guess I do kinda understand it.

Looking forward to next week's ep.

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