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Reviews: Supernatural #3.02 The Kids are Alright; SGA #4.03 Reunion

Okay, thought I'd get in a few of my thoughts on these two episodes.  Once again apologies if they're not too coherent, lol...

SPN #3.02 The Kids are Alright

I thought this was a pretty good episode.  I wasn't too happy with the fact that the brothers were separated in like 90% of it (almost felt like saying "And a brother!" when Dean said something about not "leaving anything behind except a car", although I know it probably wouldn't have worked in the situation).  I did like the fact that Sam was still researching ways to help save Dean in the beginning (on the phone in the cafe), and I cracked up at his attempt to lie to Dean about it, the whole ordering pizza excuse. LOL.

I thought the Mini-Dean (Ben) was cute, and Dean's first reactions to his mannerisms. Their interaction was cute too.  I felt a bit bad for Dean when he learned that Ben wasn't his, and one theory I've heard is that his mom could have been lying about that.  Not too sure about that, but heck the kid was essentially a mini-Dean. *grin*

Speaking of kids, boy were they creepy in this ep.  They were like mini pod people, or children of the corn with the whole "I love you, mommy" and "I'm hungry, mommy." (actually those "mommy" lines kinda reminded me of that kid from the Dr. Who ep "The Empty Child")  And of course the way the one little girl looked in the rear view mirror of the car creeped me out too (and when she reappeared, dripping wet in the kitchen after mom had pushed the car into the lake, drowning her).  I did not expect the real estate agent or whatever she was to be a changeling along with them.  I did have to wonder though how Dean knew where all the kids were being kept, maybe I missed that part.  Liked how Sam took her out with the blowtorch or firebomb, or whatever it was.

Ruby I am still "meh" on.  I don't really despise her but I'm not in love with her either.  Her cockiness was a bit annoying in this ep, but in a way she kind of reminded me of Meg, especially when she revealed herself to be a demon to Sam.  I have to wonder what she wants from him with the promise that she could help him save Dean.  The "it's all about Sam" idea is intriguing.  I almost have to wonder if, now that the YED is gone, she wants to be in his place and have Sam be their "boy king."  It was interesting how he learned that each of his mother's friends were now dead, I guess to keep the secret from getting out.  I am wondering where all this is going to go... guess we will gradually find out as the season progresses.

The promo for next week's ep (Bad Day at Black Rock) looks kind of interesting.  I was snickering at the shot of Dean with the huge "one millionth customer" and "free food" check and Sam just tripping as the two of them are walking.  I guess we will be meeting Bela in this ep... at least that looked like her.

So I guess I can say this was a pretty good ep, though I wish we'd seen the two of them in more scenes together, they did get a lot accomplished.

SGA #4.03 Reunion

What to say about this ep.... Well, it was a Ronon-centered ep and I thought it was pretty good too (I also liked Sateda last season).  I felt a bit bad at first when he said he was going back with his friends after this mission was done.  I knew something had to be up with them, though.

So, Sam is now in Atlantis.  I am starting to warm up some more to her being there, although the farewell scene between her and Teal'c at the SGC had me a little sad.  I guess I was still stuck in the "her life is here" mode...  But I did like that scene very much.  I've always enjoyed the Sam/Teal'c friendship scenes and thought it was nicely done.  It did leave me wondering if any of her other friends had wished her farewell, either before or after that, or were they all away on another mission?  Sam didn't even mention any of them, just something like "I'll miss you guys."  I guess it's up to us fanfic writers to come up with all kinds of missing scene fanfic, eh? And (*throws on S/D cap for a moment*) there is the idea out there that any of them could come visit.  It would be nice to see Daniel on Atlantis along with Sam... and if it doesn't happen, there's a fanfic idea. ;)

Rodney and his little "hmm!"'s when he talks, especially to Sam, make me laugh for some reason.  Just his whole attitude I guess.  Much like the way he was in Pegasus Project.  He seemed a bit awkward around her, especially when she first arrived through the gate.  His sudden "I'm seeing someone" was funny.  Again I see no hint of Sam/McKay ship, or "Sodney" I guess we could call it., and I'm glad.  Not just because I ship both characters with someone else, but because somewhat antagonistic relationships aren't very appealing to me (which is one reason why I was never into D/ offense to D/V shippers who may be reading this).  I mean I think it's still easy to see that Rodney may have a little "crush" on Sam, but it's pretty obvious to me that it's not more than that and that Sam wouldn't entertain such a thought.

Again the interaction between Sam and Shep is pretty nice.  I don't ship them at all or anything but nice sort of friendship.  And some nice interaction between Teyla and Ronon at the end, when she told him she was glad he wasn't leaving.  Again speaking purely platonic here.  To be honest I don't ship a whole lot on SGA, at least not as much or overtly as I did on SG-1... not saying that I don't ship anyone, but that I'm a bit more easy going about it, I guess.
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