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More updates

Got the results from my blood work although getting them was like pulling teeth at first (receptionists were not good about returning calls, then the first one I spoke to wanted to rush me off the phone...*grumbles*). They said my thyroid looks perfect. They just want to do one more test, this time for cortisol. I have to go to a lab and it can only been done between 7 and 10am. I'm going tomorrow at 9. The doctor told me this will give them a better picture of what the adrenaline is doing. I hope it does. I seem to have more problems with anxiety in the mornings than any other time. He told me that our bodies produce adrenaline in the early morning hours because it gets us all ready for the day, but I could be producing too much adrenaline, which gives me the anxiety. I hope this test will tell us something. But I'm relieved that my thyroid is ok - one less thing to worry about I suppose.

No stomach upset today although I had a pretty big adrenaline rush type feeling when I woke up this morning. Like I said hopefully we'll get some answers as to why this is happening. That will make me feel a lot better - knowledge is power.

Then in the afternoon I have to get that heart monitor to wear for 24 hours. That should be interesting.
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