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SPN #7x04 Defending Your Life (episode review)

I'm exhausted so this review probably isn't going to be too detailed, but I'll try to highlight all the important stuff...

This ep had more of a season 1/2 (or season 2 anyway) feel to it for me. I guess mostly because it wasn't heavily involving the mytharc for once (in this case the Leviathan stuff). Parts of it almost reminded me of Crossroad Blues, especially when Sam was trying to protect that one guy by having him stay in the motel room in the circle of salt.

And we see more of the Winchester Way of lying ... or at least not admitting to things. Sam thanks Dean in the beginning for not killing Amy (and yeah I obviously expected Dean to not come clean to him about it). And what about Sam at the very end, telling Dean he was okay, didn't feel guilty about anything and feeling pretty good? I want to believe that, but I highly doubt it's the case.

And yeah, we can see how guilty Dean is for killing Amy behind Sam's back and not telling him. I guess this ep was more or less a case study of Dean's guilt? LOL I guess that's a little blunt but it did sum up basically what makes Dean. The things he said to Jo about she and Sam being kids and he was never able to be one... it reminds me of what John said to him at the end of IMTOD. And then what he said about not wanting to do all this alone....  Yep there is no heavier heart than Dean's. I liked his scenes with Jo and when Osiris was finally killed and the way she stroked his cheek before she disappeared, was almost like she was telling him to ease his burden. I'm probably looking at it way too deeply and I never really was a Dean/Jo shipper or anything lol, but I thought that was pretty nice.

I do love how Sam came to his defense so strongly and ended up saving the day at the end by stabbing Osiris. Shows how these boys will do anything for each other.

And despite what I said about what Sam said to Dean in the final scene - I still liked the feel of it. Boys talking by the Impala. Okay, not with beer but with coffee. Heh... but still. Just wish they'd stop lying and hiding so many things. But I guess they wouldn't be who they are if they did that.

Did I make any sense at all with this? LOL I really tried to, I'm just really tired. On the shallow side the boys were looking very hot. I wanna pet Sam's hair so freaking badly. *drool*
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