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Puppy!Sam Picspam #130 (Supernatural)

Hey everyone, sorry I'm a little late again with this, but had more health-related issues to deal with :P Hopefully will get straightened out soon so I can bring these to you earlier.

Episode #7x04: Defending Your Life

Nice long picspam this time, as in 115 pics. Hope you like.

1. Hey, Puppy... aww, he wishes he could stick his head out the window, feel the wind in his hair :D

2. *has urge to muss up PuppyHair*

3. The Power of PuppyHair compels you!

4. *stares*

5. Hm... bitchface for the disembodied Luci voice?

6. Bzuh?Puppy

7. Hee! Agent Puppy is so cute when he's all serious business official-like!

8. Puppy's got a hankerin' for some more PuppyTreats... he wonders if he can hypnotize Dean with the PuppyPaw to get him to take him to PetSmart...

9. *brushes extra long strand of former PuppyMop away from face*

10. The hypnotism doesn't seem to have, Disappointed!Puppy

11. “Hai! Kewt, stray puppies here... won't you let us stay?” Dean: “Dude, I dunno if that's going to work... *flashes badge*”

12. Nervous!Puppy

13. Facial Shrug Alert!

14. Crushed by a car on the 10th floor? The PuppyEyes™ are rightly weirded out

15. *gently kisses five—er, forehead*

16. Can' PuppyHair!

17. Bitchface for Dean's corny jokes?

18. *still staring*

19. Aww, Puppy wants to play! :)

20. Lots of Smartass!Dean comments... the bitchfaces are flying today!

21. He loves to delegate authority with the PuppyEyes™

22. And we also get a little Smartass!Puppy!

23. “Hi, I'm Agent Puppy. And I acknowledge your pain.”

24. Don't know how this girl can be so lucid in the presence of the awesome PuppyHair :D

25. ORLY?Puppy. Been a while since we had some ForeheadCrinkles action...

26. Grim!Puppy

27. “Oh, look, it's the grave of the man who invented PuppyTreats. Dean, let's take a moment to honor his memory...” Dean: *eyeroll*

28. Puppy: *moment of silence* Dean: Yeah, whatever....

29. “The PuppyEyes™ have picked up on your disrespect, Dean...”

30. Researchy!Puppy! And look, the Tall Tales shirt is back :D

31. Bored!Puppy is wondering when the fangirls will arrive... on our way, sweetie :)

32. *stares at the flying PuppyHair*

33. Aw... *pinches PuppyCheeks*

34. “WTeverlovingF?? This is the second time I've tried to order PuppyTreats online and my laptop freezes!”

35. “That's it. We need to go to PetSmart. Dean? *PuppyEyes™*”

36. “Oh wait! Never mind. It's working again.” Dean: Thank God...

37. Kewt Puppy+PuppyEyes™+Pretty PuppyHair= ded fangirls

38. Puppy is overly concerned about all the fangirls ded on the floor...

39. Dean: “Something's gotta be done about your fangirls, man...” Puppy: “Sorry, Dean – can you blame them? *shrugs*”

40. Hm... PuppySmirk/Bitchface combo?

41. What's with the Eager!PuppyEyes™ aimed like a laser at Dean?

42. QuietlyAmused!Puppy

43. Facial Shrug #2!

44. Aw, the PuppyEyes™ want to go apple-picking :D

45. Trying EVER so hard to contain a bitchface when Dean says no

46. *stares... yet again...*

47. It's Puppy's I'mJudgingYou.Harshly.face

48. Followed by the AndNowI'mBitchfacingYou.Harshly.face ;)

49. Nuh-Uh,IGotDis!Puppy

50. It's been a while, so... *nibbles PuppyNeck*

51. *nibbles more and twirls the flicky PuppyHair bits*


53. Time for a fangirl moment ;D

54. VerrrrrrryInteresting!Puppy

55. “I know you're upset, but here's something to take your mind off it for a while...... The PuppyKewtness doing anything for ya? Huh? Huh??....”

56. Whoa. The PuppyEyes™ are quite interested in this new bit of info from our guest

57. Now Dean is distraught and Puppy is surprised that the Kewtness isn't helping any

58. 'ScuseMe?Puppy

59. Bitchface time

60. Puppy tilts his head like all good puppies do when they're confused

61. Another bitchface for good measure :)

62. YouAreJustSOPrecious,Darlin'!Puppy

63. *pets*

64. Concerned!Puppy

65. Hee! Bitchface of frustration

66. “Look. I'm a kewt puppy. That's gotta count for *some*thing, right?”

67. “You're safer with teh PuppyEyes™, 'kay?”

68. Another bitchface of frustration

69. Thanks, Puppy :)

70. FlashlightTag!Puppy

71. *Stares at the PuppySideburn... the 9th wonder of the world (the PuppyHair is the 8th ;D)*

72. “H'lo? PetSmart? You think you could get that PuppyTreats order here a little earlier? *PuppyEyes™*”

73. Puppy to the rescue!! :)

74. IGotYourNumber,Biatch!Puppy

75. Ooh, Touché!Puppy

76. YouGoin'DOWN!Puppy

77. Aww, LawyerAndTheGoodWifeFanboi!Puppy

78. Objection,Biatch!Puppy

79. Uh oh, Osiris is making Puppy bare his teeth... he's really getting mad!

80. Aw, who could ever find such a kewt, pretty Puppy in contempt??

81. “Uh, Hai, Ghost!Jo. Am I still the kewt Puppy you remember? *iz hopeful*”

82. Those PuppyEyes™ are damn good interrogators

83. Bitchface warning to Osiris

84. Lawyer!Puppy wishes to strategize

85. Facial Shrug #3!

86. *licks PuppyDimple*

87. Aww, Flashback!Puppy

88. Awww :(

89. IH8You!Puppy

90. The PuppyEyes™ beg for mercy

91.Ooh, Rabid!Flashback!Puppy!

92. Flashback!bitchface!

93. *sniffle* :(

94. Aaand back to the present with a bitchface

95. ThisBitchfaceMeansBusiness,Biatch!Puppy


97. The PuppyEyes™ just can't believe the treachery

98. “Yes! Exactly, Dean! The PuppyEyes™ have coached you well.”

99. Facial Shrug #4!

100. Puppy wants a kissy! Happy to oblige, hon...

101. Puppy's keeping Dean focused with the bitchface ray

102. A close-up view :D

103. It's the OhYeah,I'mGood!bitchface

104. Bzuh?Puppy

105. The OhNoes,KilledByHisOwnStupidity!bitchface

106. Fangirl alert :D


108. Uh...Oopsie?Puppy

109. OnAMission!Puppy

110. Yay! Hero!Puppy! With bitchface to add insult to injury ;)

111. *stares at the pretty windblown PuppyHair*

112. Aw :)

113. *stares some more*

114. *dies*

115. *still ded*

Bitchface count: 17 (whoa... is this a record??)
Facial Shrugs: 4

Tune in again next week. :)
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