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SPN #7x05 Shut Up, Dr. Phil (episode review)

This one's gonna be pretty quick, but I'll try to highlight the major points...

James Marsters and Charisma Carpenter did an awesome job. :)

Sam and his hair have succeeded in killing me for the second week in a row...... *drools* And of course, sweaty Sam running and working out...

This episode, like last week's, had more of a S1/2 feel to it... maybe even S3 since it seemed so reminiscent of Malleus Maleficarum. Although with a twist in that a couple of witches were feuding and people were getting killed in the process. Yeah, we had Leviathan guy show up briefly, but it was briefly to show that he's following our boys... and James' character helps them out in the end.

You can tell Dean is still feeling pretty guilty about killing Amy. And he still doesn't open up to Sam about it - why did I see that coming? And Sam is still trying to get him to talk and open up.

The girl making the cupcakes and finding a heart in each one was pretty gross :P

Poor Dean and the bees (bees? They looked like gnats to me...)

The boys were pretty cute in their desperation to stop the feuding couple from kicking their asses.

All in all I enjoyed this one :)
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