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Puppy!Sam Picspam #131 (Supernatural)

Had some more time this week so I was able to get this one done...

Episode #7x05: Shut Up, Dr. Phil

110 pics in this one, so not dial-up friendly. Hope you like :)

1. Ooh, look out the window! There's a running Puppy outside!

2. Hey, Puppy!

3. *wishes those were her hands in the PuppyHair*

4. Dean disapproves of the Puppy Workout regimen? The PuppyEyes™ are quite surprised

5. Aw Puppy, you look so hot and sweaty! Perhaps we could sponge you down? :D

6. “Oooh. Really? *likes the sound of that*”

7. He desperately needs to quench that PuppyThirst...

8. More strange deaths? Puppy, despite being hot (sponge bath comin' right up), is mildly concerned

9. Fangirls help get him prepared ;D

10. But first he feels the need to have a Puppy-to-brother talk...

11. Hai, PuppyDimples!

12. And now Puppy wants a kissy. Don't mind if I do :)

13. Wha...? He's “NewPuppy”? Puppy doesn't quite understand. He thought he was the same, big, kewt, fun-loving Puppy of old...

14. He really doesn't take kindly to this new moniker; hence the bitchface

15. Skeptical!Puppy

16. Facial Shrug Alert!

17. He's making up for the lack of them earlier this season ;)

18. StillNotBuyingYourCrap,Hon.Puppy

19. Hee!

20. Puppy prepares for that sponge bath he's sure to enjoy *g*

21. Agent Puppy sympathizes. Really, he does.

22. PuppyTongue! Already craving PuppyTreats? Tsk...

23. *gazes in awe at the lustrous PuppyHair... and the 9th wonder of the world, PuppySideburns*

24. Aw, just look at those PuppyEyes™ brimming with sympathy

25. *stares*

26. Desperately need the info, so he tries the KewtPuppy act on her

27. YahI'mAgentSamboraWhut?Puppy with some ForeheadCrinkles action

28. “I promise. I will do everything in my PuppyPower to help you. *nods*”

29. “Hai, this is Sam Puppy Winchester, I'm calling to check on an order of PuppyTreats I placed a half hour ago?”

30. Ooh, some nice reddish highlights in the PuppyHair :)

31. “What? You mean they haven't shipped yet? You're KIDDING, right?!”

32. *disappointed bitchface*

33. ThisCrapIsSoooooAnnoying!Puppy.... luckily fangirls are here to make him feel better ;)

34. I think it's working :D

35. “Wow. Fangirls, what ever would I do without you?” You don't wanna know, hon *g*

36. Fuzzy, but... Facial Shrug #2!

37. Again, fuzzy, but we got Facial Shrug #3!

38. The PuppyEyes™ seem kinda freaked out this case

39. *twirls the flippies*

40. SchoolMarm!Puppy disapproves of Dean's little habit and bitchfaces accordingly

41. Puppy wonders if Don might have any PuppyTreats stashed in his pantry

42. Facial Shrug #4!

43. Hee! FakePuppySmile for Don's assistant

44. However, the PuppyEyes™ seem mildly intrigued. Might he be able to make her into a fangirl?

45. Sneaky!Puppy decides he'll look for the PuppyTreats himself

46. “Any PuppyTreats in here? No...” Heh, Puppy, I highly doubt he'd have any in the bedroom.

47. Must... pet... PuppyHair...

48. “ZOMG! You HAD PuppyTreats but you threw them away?? WHY?!”

49. “I-I-I mean it seems like s-such a crime to dispose of perfectly good PuppyTreats...”

50. Facial Shrug #5!

51. *heart iz breaking* Don't worry, Puppy, we'll get some PuppyTreats for you!

52. *heartbreak turns to anger* *tries to stifle bitchface*

53. Dean: “Heh... Don't mind the big puppy... it's near his snacktime and he's a little cranky.”

54. Looks like he's unable to hold in the bitchface...

55. Facial Shrug #6!

56. Gurl,YouABewitchedFanboi?LOL!Puppy

57. Yep, Puppy is creeped out by this revelation...

58. *plays with long strands of PuppyHair*

59. Oh noes, it's raining! Quick, get inside, Puppy! Must protect the PuppyHair. *readies blowdryer just in case*

60. Aw come on, Maggie. You can't take pity on a poor, abandoned, wet Puppy and let him in?

61. Abandoning the Puppy? Nooo!

62. This calls for a bitchface

63. This'll teach you to say 'no' to Puppy!! *puts dent in car with powerful PuppyLeg*”

64. “Heh... I feel stupid... but please to be taking pity on a poor wet Puppy anyway?”

65. Puppy bitchfaces the fact that Dean couldn't find any PuppyTreats in her house either

66. And now he's looking for them in Jenny's house... Tsk, Puppy, can't you stop just once?

67. Flying PuppyHair!

68. Puppy bitchfaces Jenny's panic attack for some reason

69. “Listen to the kewt Puppy, 'k? He'll instruct you on how to avoid teh mean witch.”

70. ORLY?Puppy

71. Jenny's denial of an affair with Don shocks the crinkles out of Puppy's five-er, forehead. And causes him to bitchface, apparently

72. WTF?Puppy

73. Errand!Puppy returneth! Without PuppyTreats, sadly

74.“Will I ever, EVER find PuppyTreats? *sniffle*” Awwww, poor Puppy... *gets ready to hand deliver truckload of PuppyTreats*

75. PlzToGetChickenPartsOuttaMaiFace,Kthx.Puppy

76. The scope of the crime scene just totally shocks the PuppyEyes™!

77. Stakeout!Puppy

78. Nervous!Puppy really hoping the spell will work... and that he actually will find some PuppyTreats inside here somewhere

79. Um...OCRP?Puppy

80. *bitchface*

81. “Um, please to be sparing the kewt well-meaning Puppy and his awesome big brother?”

82. “Pleeeeeeez?”

83. MarriageCounselor!Puppy hopes the extra kewtness will get through to them

84. “Don't tell me that this PuppyFace doesn't make y'all warm and melty inside. Huh? Huh?”

85. *wants kissy*

86. “Eh... What? No! No hurting the Puppy, no!! *pants in fear*”

87. Puppy! Noooo! *glares at Maggie*

88. *pushes extra long former PuppyMop back from face*

89. OMG... PuppyEyes™ + lush PuppyHair = deadly combination.... *thud*

90. Puppy say in tiny voice: Oh shit.

91.Noooo, not again! :(

92. Aw... *helps Puppy up*

93. OMGYAY!Puppy is thrilled that Maggie and Don seem to be making up

94. “I love y'all guys SO MUCH!!”

95. “Let me fully explain just how much this kewt Puppy LOVES you!”

96. “Sorry, Dean, it's just that it makes me so happy!! *le sigh*”

97. “Oh noes, Evil Leviathan Guy, you really think you can spoil my good PuppyMood?”

98. “Noooo, pleeez? *PuppyEyes™*”

99. When PuppyEyes™ attack!

100. Noooo!

101. Aw, you okay, Puppy? *helps him up and gives PuppyTreats*

102. The PuppyEyes™ are shocked (and pissed) at Maggie's treachery

103. I*stares at PuppyHair longer than is normal*

104. Puppy feels the need for another Puppy-to-brother talk and isn't quite sure how to start

105. “Dean, like it or not, I'm a growing Puppy, and I need my nourishment, aka PuppyTreats.” Dean: “Dude, the fangirls just brought you a whole truckload!”

106. Frustrated!Puppy

107. “The PuppyEyes™ invite you to open up to them!”

108. Eep... Death by PuppyEyes™!

109. How could you lie to the PuppyEyes™, Dean?

110. Aw...*hugs*

Bitchface count: 10
Facial Shrugs: 5

That's it for this week. Until next time!
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