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SPN #7x06 Slash Fiction (episode review)

So here are my various thoughts on this ep.....

Leviathans are back, and we learn that they're capable of "cloning" people. Our boys are in real trouble now, as they're framing them for murders and they can't use their old aliases or even the Impala.

Bobby's friend Frank is an interesting guy...

I love Dean's reaction when he's not allowed to use the Impala... "No one puts Baby in corner!" Heh :D What a crappy substitute they have. I love how he cut the squeaky horse keychain/hanging thingie from the rearview mirror. And awww @ Sam for suggesting to put on some tunes. Dean's lip-synching to "All Out of Love" by Air Supply had me LOL.

I think Bobby and Sheriff Mills are adorable :)

I knew he wasn't going to be able to kill the Leviathan by just beheading. Interesting what the Borax stuff does to them, though.

I so knew those weren't actual FBI guys...

Oh crap, Clone!Dean tells Sam about Amy. :( *hugs Sammy*


The ending made me so sad. :( I totally understand Sam's reaction and not wanting to talk to Dean, especially when he lied to him about how they're good. How are they going to get back together now? I can't see them apart for long. And I didn't expect Sam to find out about it so quickly, although it would have been a little annoying if they'd dragged it out more and had Dean keeping it from him almost indefinitely. Then it would have led to an even bigger fallout I think.

Looking forward to seeing how this is going to be resolved.

On the shallow side.... eh, not much. Sam's hair didn't kill me as much as it did the previous eps... it seemed more plastered down and stuck behind his ears I guess. Meh. :p
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