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Puppy!Sam Picspam #132 (Supernatural)

Sorry I'm a little later than expected with this one... my week has been pretty busy...

Episode #7x06: Slash Fiction

Biggest picspam yet this season, as in more than 120 pics ... so you know the drill, def. not dial-up friendly. lol. Hope you enjoy.

1. Hi, Puppy. *plays with PuppyHair falling over jacket*

2. Tentative!Puppy

3. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

4. Whatcha doing, Puppy? Got a little something up your PuppySleeve?

5. “Look at this innocent, unassuming man. I wonder if he knows where I could score some good PuppyTreats?”

6. “Huh? What? Nothing, just a kewt, innocent Puppy minding his own business...”

7. PUPPY! WTH are you doing?!

8. “I want PuppyTreats and I want them NAO, dammit!!!”

9. “Er... that is to say... Kewt Puppy is starving, having gone without food for 30 minutes. You wouldn't happen to know where I could find some good PuppyTreats in this establishment, hm? *PuppyEyes™*”

10. I don't know why he even brought the gun... the PuppyEyes™ are a much more powerful weapon...

11. “Meanies wouldn't hand over the PuppyTreats – therefore they must DIE! *bitchface*” Dean: “Dude, you sure you're not carrying this too far?”

12. I know he's bad right now, but... *nibbles PuppyNeck again*

13. “This'll teach all y'all not to mess with Puppy. Ya hear?” Hee! Sorry, Puppy, but it's hard to take you seriously sometimes when you're so cute :D

14. Even on security cam that's one heck of a bitchface...

15. Puppy, don't bitchface too hard or it'll freeze that way!

16. Eep, bitchface/smirk combination is hot, but creepy... Puppy, what's gotten into you?

17. Bitchface Deluxe from Bad!Puppy

18. Facial Shrug Alert! (wow, that was a weird turn of events...)

19. “I'm back to looking kewt! See? You can't possibly hold a kewt lil Puppy in contempt, can you? *facial shrugs again*”

20. Meatscicle? Puppy objects highly to that term of endearment. He'd bitchface Mr. Leviathan, but it's not worth the energy.

21. PuppyTongue!

22. “Sry, Dean. You do the eye thing well, but it's still not as good as the PuppyEyes™”

23. It's Stern!Interrogation!Puppy

24. “ZOMG! He looks like me, but lacks that certain special something... He's a PuppyImposter!”

25. The PuppyEyes™ are very creeped out at the idea of a PuppyImposter running around somewhere... doing very unPuppy-like things

26. *plays with flippy bits*

27. Poor Puppy is just speechless

28. *pets*

29. You know, Puppy, when you present your neck to us like that, we just can't help but... *nibbles*

30. Holy ForeheadCrinkles-palooza!

31. Aw... a bit of Flying PuppyHair :D

32. “Hai, Mister... Help out a confuzzled Puppy, plz? I'm trying to find PuppyTreats and you don't seem to have any here...”

33. “Whut? Oh, you do have some? Along the back wall? Okay, kewl. *tries to contain excitement*”

34. Facial Shrug #2!

35. “The PuppyEyes™ are eternally grateful to you. *nods*”

36. *PuppyKewtness*

37. Really craving those PuppyTreats...

38. The PuppyImposter is back! This calls for a bitchface

39. “He's STILL not as awesome as me. *bitchface*”

40. More Flying PuppyHair!

41. The PuppyEyes™ wonder if Bobby's “friend” Frank has any PuppyTreats stashed away in his house

42. *tsk* Frank, your sudden appearance has scared the Puppy. Please don't do it again

43. “Please don't hurt. Was only looking for PuppyTreats, 'k?”

44. YourParanoiaIsCreepingMeOut,Bro!Puppy

45. 'ScuseMe?Puppy

46. Puppy's getting really tired of you waving that gun thingie in his face, Frank... see the bitchface?

47. *pets PuppyHair*

48. Hee, Puppy side-eyes Frank's choice of music

49. “Why yes, that would be Betty* ... why do you ask? *fears for her life*” *Puppy's laptop


51. “Uh..... well, thanks, I guess that's nice, but he'll never be able to replace Betty... *sniffles*” Aw :(

52. “You bad man. You killed Betty.”

53. Look at those sad PuppyEyes™ :(

54. *iz still mourning*

55. As a peace offering, Frank has given Puppy a map with the locations of all the PetSmarts in a 50 mile radius marked on it.

56. “I still really, really miss Betty, but this is very useful. The PuppyEyes™ thank you kindly, Frank.”

57. *stares at the pretty wavy PuppyHair*

58. Hee! They're using an old picture of Puppy! Complete with PuppyMop!

59. GlassHalfFull!Puppy tries to make the best of the car situation

60. Fuzzy, but... Facial Shrug #3!

61. Dean's passionate lip-synching is creeping Puppy out a wee bit

62. Puppy Flashback time! Aww, look, Young!Puppy with that famous PuppyMop :)

63. Fangirl Alert! Wait a second... that's a different PuppyJacket... must be Imposter!Puppy

64. Facial Shrug #4!

65. Imposter!, Levi!Puppy bitchfaces Puppy's health-nut ways

66. Hey! Stop picking on our Puppy!

67. “Aw, c'mon. I can still be kewt like your Puppy. See?” Sorry, hon, not working.

68. *bitchface*

69. Wow. Even Levi!Puppy is shocked to hear someone badmouthing the PuppyHair. *shakes fist at Levi!Dean*

70. Ooh, that bitchface means business

71. Tsk, again?! “Ma'am, hand over the PuppyTreats. NAO.”

72. Meanwhile: Aww, Amused!Puppy at Bobby's expense

73. “Bobby, make sure your lady friend doesn't eat any of my PuppyTreats, 'kay?”

74. Levi!Puppy sez: “This is what happens when puppies don't get PuppyTreats, biatches!”

75. Ooh, Bitchface Supreme for the cameraphone guy!

76. It's the YouKnowI'mHawt!PuppySmirk

77. Okay...again, I know he's bad, but... *dies*

78. PuppyWink! *dies again*

79. No matter what's going on, Puppy still needs his walkies

80. *nibbles PuppyNeck... yet again*

81. “Aw crp, the PuppyImposter is back... you know, the one who isn't half as kewt and hawt as I...”

82. *pets... just 'cause*

83. OMG!Puppy

84. “I'm telling you, you've got the wrong Puppy! I'm the kewt, innocent one! You want that guy... the less cute, mean, ugly one...”

85. Bitchface for Levi!Puppy

86. Noooo! No one manhandles the Puppy! Except fangirls ;)

87. Bitchface for the sheriff who still won't believe them, despite the PuppyKewtness

88. “Seriously. How could you be so mean to a Puppy? *mind boggles*”

89. *trying ever so hard to stifle another bitchface*

90. You'reMakingAMistake,Biatch!Puppy

91.“*nomnomnom* Not as good as PuppyTreats... but it'll do”

92. “Yeah.. I'm still hawt... *tosses PuppyHair in the air*”

93. Meanwhile... “Owwie, these cuffs hurt. Nowhere near as comfy as the fangirls' pink fuzzy ones...”

94. “Dean! Help get these restraints off the sore PuppyPaws, plz?”

95. *PuppyEyes™*

96. Alas, it's Levi!Dean. The PuppyEyes™ are shocked

97. And disappointed. Aw. *pets*

98. “You bastard. You made my imposter rob and kill in the name of PuppyTreats!”

99. Eep! It's Levi!Puppy with a bitchface for Dean

100. Demonstrating that, once again, the bitchface can act as a shield

101. Back to real Puppy... who is failing to stifle another bitchface for Levi!Dean

102. Parade of Bitchfaces...

103. WowYouGotIssues,Biatch!Puppy

104. It's the I'mJudgingYou!Bitchface

105. Back to more bitchfacin' with Levi!Puppy

106. AintYouSoooooUnimpressive!Levi!Puppy

107. Hee! He's pre-anticipating getting soaked with something

108. Nooooo!!! Yeah I know he's bad and not really Puppy, but still... nooooo!!

109. :( (I know... but still hate to see Puppy like that in ANY form)

110. YOMGWhut??Puppy

111. Awwww, Puppieeeeeeee... :( *hugs*

112. *gently kisses five--er forehead*

113. Poor Puppy... be strong, sweetie

114. Gotta protect the precious PuppyFace!

115. Awww :(

116. *desperately wants to muss up the PuppyHair*

117. He looks so pretty in the waning sunlight :)

118. *gives Puppy some zit cream* Heh, sorry, couldn't resist...

119. Bitchface for Dean

120. Puppy! Where are you going?!

121. One more bitchface

122. *stares at the Pretty*

123. Wait for us, Puppy! *runs after him*

Bitchface count: 20 (okay, now I think THIS is this a record)
Facial Shrugs: 4

That's it for this week. Until next time!
Tags: picspam, supernatural: sam winchester

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