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*Pathetic whimper*

I am home from work today because I feel like a truck ran over me.  I think my father gave me some horrible mutated version of his illness (he had/has a cold, I am thinking this is some kind of sinus/respiratory infection...).  Yesterday I had to leave work at lunch for a business meeting and dinner at Lamont-Dougherty Observatory right around the NY/NJ border (in Rockland county, a bit north of NYC).  Interesting talk about the usual geology stuff and then we had a cash bar, dinner, and after dinner lecture at this nice restaurant right along the banks of the Hudson River.  I started feeling a bit icky on the way up to the meeting, but just one of those annoying things where it seems like allergies are bugging you.  I think I had a bit too much to drink the whole time (and yes, 2 large glasses of wine is too much for me...don't laugh) but dinner was good.

Got home at around 10:45pm, had to take some vitamin C stuff in case I was really coming down with something.  My dad started giving me a hard time due to a stupid little misunderstanding on his part. I was still feeling a bit woozy from the drinks so I did not want to deal with it... asked him why it was such a big deal, and to please leave me alone because I felt sick.  He lost it, grabbed me and called me a few choice nasty things, and in my state all I could say was "How could you say that? How dare you" and started crying.  My mom woke up and heard the commotion, yelled at my dad for the things he said and asked if we could just move on and go to sleep. 

Which I tried to do... but I had a horrible pounding headache that would not let up, so had to take some painkillers.  I really did not sleep very much at all because of the weird scratchy/sore throat and the headache.  Plus I felt very warm... though I wasn't sure if it was due to our weird weather (it's back in the 70s again).  I could not go to work this morning.  My dad apologized to me for losing his temper and everything, which I'm glad for.  I guess he didn't understand how ill I felt last night... but that whole thing is done and over with. 

So today I am left with a sinus headache, sore/scratchy throat, earache, and a bit of a wheezing cough that my rescue inhaler doesn't seem to be helping.  Luckily I have no temperature but I hope whatever infection this is doesn't turn into bronchitis or worse.  I'm sitting here with a cup of warm tea (even though as I said it's in the 70s outside again...ugh).  I'll give it another day and if I don't feel any better or I get worse I'll call my doctor.

On the up side my arm is feeling fine.

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