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SPN #7x07 The Mentalists (episode review)

Just some random thoughts on tonight's episode...

I thought it was cool how they set it in Lily Dale. I've heard a fair bit about that town and I've always found it pretty interesting. I noticed they mentioned the Fox sisters ... a throwback to the Fox sisters who kicked off the spiritualism movement?

I knew the boys weren't going to be apart for long - or "long" as in number of episodes, anyway. Still didn't like seeing the tension between them, though.

I liked the girl they were helping... the brunette whose name totally escapes me now... Mama Goldie's granddaughter.

This episode had more of an old school feel to it, even with the tension between the boys. I liked the twist that it was the pawn shop guy behind the killings. Also nice little twist that it turned out the ghost whose bones they burned wasn't the one they were supposed to kill.

Almost forgot - the guy in the teaser... Stargate fans help me out... was that Gary Jones aka Walter Harriman?? I swear I thought that was him...

The guy in the cafe or whatever who was giving out affirmations was kinda funny...

I liked that Sam and Dean reconciled in the end. But of course you knew I'd say that. ;) Especially Dean admitting that he was stressing and feeling guilty.

Without spoiling, next week's looks errrrrrr, interesting, lol
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