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Puppy!Sam Picspam #133 (Supernatural)

Sorry I'm so late with this one. Had another busy week...

Episode #7x07: The Mentalists

Over 110 pics, so not dial-up friendly. Hope you like. :)

1. Hi, Puppy! Hm, Agent Puppy looks rather bored... waiting for fangirls to arrive, perhaps?

2. Whoa. Dean's sudden appearance shocks the crinkles right out of the six five forehead... the bitchface can't be far behind...

3. Oh, Puppy, why does the Bureau force you to slick back that otherwise gorgeous, free-flowing PuppyHair?? :(

4. It's the JustMakeYourselfRightAtHome,Biatch!Bitchface

5. ThisIsMy'IDon'tCare'Face!Puppy

6. Yup, he's waiting not-so-patiently for the fangirls

7. We have arrived!! :D

8. “Dean, will you shut up? You're interrupting my fangirl-derived bliss BIG TIME. *bitchface*”

9. Trying so hard to smooth away every PuppyCare in the world....

10. Dean interrupts the reverie once again. *bitchfaces* *focuses attention back on fangirls*

11. YouWISHYouHadMaiFangirls,Darlin'!Puppy ... on a roll with the bitchfaces

12. The PuppyEyes™ warn Dean to back off

13. “Oopsy, was my PuppyEyes™ Discipline a little too harsh? Sowwy.”

14. ORLY?Puppy

15. “Yes? May I help you? Are you a PuppyFangirl who has lost her way, perhaps? *iz hopeful*”

16. “Whut? You mean you're not? Well, what's stopping you? Uh I mean... I've always got room for one more! Heh .....” Poor Puppy is sticking his PuppyFoot in his PuppyMouth....

17. “C'mon... No membership fee! What do you say?? *PuppyEyes™*”

18. *PuppyKewtness*

19. “Pretty please?? *begs with PuppyEyes™*”

20. Uh oh ... Puppy senses competition from the Russian guy

21. “Not interested in becoming a fangirl, but here's a free coupon for PuppyTreats ... Buy 20, get one free?”

22. Puppy can't turn that down, even if it means one less fangirl...

23. Hee! Awkward!Puppy's tail is wagging happily in reality

24. Methinks Puppy wants a kissy now... Happy to help, sweetie :D

25. The PuppyEyes™ try to keep Dean focused on the case

26. ZOMG!RussianGuyKilledMaiSpoonForRealz!Puppy

27. He bitchfaces him retroactively ;D

28. *plays with PuppyHair*

29. Hee! It's Agent Puppy with his stern, all-business bitchface :D

30. Agent Puppy observes Melanie's belongings with interest... might there be PuppyTreats hidden among them?

31. Facial Shrug Alert!

32. He tries the Lost Forlorn (and Hungry!) Puppy act on her

33. Aww... Amused!Puppy

34. I don't know how this girl can remain coherant being in the presence of this extremely fine-looking Puppy :)

35. ImpressedYetAwkward!Puppy proves she's right that he is pissed by offering up a bitchface

36. D'awwww :)

37. Ooh, it's the DoNOTEmbarrassMe!Bitchface Warning!

38. “I'm sowwy, I hope my bitchfaces didn't scare you any. Perhaps a kissy might make you feel better? *puckers up*”

39. “Dean, you were wrong. I don't see any PuppyTreats here. *bitchface*” Dean: “Give it up already...”

40. “I'm here to protest against your most fraudulent ad proclaiming you have PuppyTreats for sale. *bitchface*”

41. Jimmy Tomorrow stops Puppy from getting a good look at the necklace scented with Eau de PuppyTreats. Of course he gets an Extreme Bitchface in return

42. Aw, it's so endearing how he gets some of his PuppyHair stuck under his shirt collar :)

43. “Hai, Officer. Got note from the Bureau that you needed a kewt Puppy to help you on this investigation...”

44. Puppy bitchfaces the fact that he doesn't know what a “spirit monkey” is

45. The PuppyEyes™ care, Melanie. Really, they do.

46. Puppy is such a good listener. *nods*

47. Huh? Random Bitchface At Dean time, I guess...

48. “Whoa. This info is, liek, REALLY important. Plz, give teh PuppyEyes™ as much detail as you can...”

49. The likelihood they're dealing with a spirt makes Puppy bitchface for some reason

50. IHighlyDisapproveOfYourDrunkenWays,Gurl!Puppy

51. The PuppyEyes™ are kinda squicked out by all the fake psychics in Lily Dale

52. “I really think we should split up and try to get to the bottom of the squicky fake psychics. *iz so not thinking about hunting down PuppyTreats*”

53. Agent Puppy is sooooo unimpressed with the tour guide's spiel.

54. Fangirl Alert ;)

55. Facial Shrug #2!

56. It's the 'ScuseMe?PuppyEyes™

57. Curious!Puppy

58. *flatlines from teh kewt*

59. Yeeeeeeessss?CanIHelpYou?Puppy

60. And he just can't resist another bitchface

61. And a Long-Suffering Puppy Eyeroll!

62. *wants to muss up the PuppyHair sooo badly*

63. “'K. Here's the thing, darlin'. I'm a kewt Puppy. You're not.”

64. And he emphasizes that point with the PuppyEyes™

65. Uh oh...

66. “Damn straight I have a reason to be pissed. You wouldn't let me stop even ONCE for PuppyTreats this whole time!”

67. “... And you killed mai PuppyFriend. *bitchface*”

68. It's an apoplectic bitchface

69. *stares at the shiny PuppyHair*

70. Puppy howls his obvious displeasure

71. ... and snarls, and bares his teeth

72. Yet another bitchface

73. Bzuh?Puppy

74. *pets*

75. Puppy a bitch? This calls for a ... you guessed it ;)

76. Aw, Puppy's doing all the dirty work :( *grabs shovel to help*

77. The PuppyEyes™ request more help

78. Mmmm... *slurps*

79. OMG, Puppy, look out!

80. Aw... *helps him up*

81. Hm... some fairly desperate PuppyEyes™ here...

82. Sympathetic!Puppy

83. *plays with flippy bits*

84. OhNoes!!Puppy

85. *stares at the Pretty*

86. A bitchface in remembrance of Camille's death?

87. “So the actually somewhat helpful Jimmy Tomorrow said I should be able to find PuppyTreats here. Kewl.”

88. “Hand over the PuppyTreats NAO!!”

89. Um...ohcrap?Puppy

90. “Hee... Oopsie...” Puppy's got his PuppyTail firmly between his legs now... *g*

91.Aww, poor sweetie is starving for PuppyTreats, having been tricked a few times already... *breaks into stash of PuppyTreats*

92. “This'll teach him to send me on a wild goose chase for PuppyTreats... *bitchface*”

93. Nooo! Leave the Puppy alone!!

94. MakeMaiDay,Biatch!Puppy

95. It's the YouAreOneSickMother!Bitchface

96. “*tsk* *tsk* *tsk* The PuppyEyes™ are very disappointed in you, Jimmy...”

97. Anyone who even ATTEMPTS to shoot Puppy gets bitchfaced at

98. “Aha. PuppyTreats! He's had them here the whole time!”

99. Hero!Puppy :D

100. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

101. Aww :) *licks PuppyDimple*

102. Hee... FlyCatchin'!Puppy

103. DelightfullyAmused!Puppy

104. Facial Shrug #3!

105. Can't help myself..... gotta nibble.........

106. Aww, such a sweet Puppy... *huggles him*

107. MotherHen!Puppy is worried about Dean's well-being. Bless :)

108. “You can't lie to the PuppyEyes™, Dean.”

109.*one more huggle*

110. *gently kisses six five forehead*

111. Aaaaaand one final nibble :D

112. *stares some more*

113. *falls to floor*

Bitchface count: 22 (nope, THIS one is this a record)
Facial Shrugs: 3

That's it for this week, and I hope to have the next one up a little earlier.
Tags: picspam, supernatural: sam winchester
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