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SPN #7x08 Season 7, Time for a Wedding! (episode review)

Some of my first thoughts after watching this ep...

As soon as I learned the title of this I knew it had to be some non-serious, meta type of ep.

Becky's back. And she's as creepy as ever. Drugging Sam with a love potion? Eep. Although I couldn't help feeling a little sorry for her when she talked about how she's a freak or a loser, in both school and life. And it was nice to see her come through for the boys at the end... trapping the Crossroads Demon and then stabbing the other guy. She's alright, even though she's very misguided ;)

I loved Dean's reactions when he first learned Sam was getting married - and to her. "Superfan 99." Hee :D

What Sam said to Dean about not needing him anymore hurt so bad. I know he was drugged at the time, but still... Ow :(

D.J. Quall's character was pretty interesting ... was he starting to fall for Becky at the end? lol...

Nice to see the demons back for an episode... Guy the Crossroads Demon. Interesting twist that he's getting people to sell their souls, but having them meet with unfortunate accidents a bit earlier than planned. Not that he was doing it himself, of course, but with an "intern."

And he gets a bitchslapping from Crowley at the end. Heh. BTW, nice facial hair there, Crowley. So Crowley was keeping them out of the way as the boys were dealing with Leviathans? Guess that's decent of him...

Liked the scene with the boys at the end... nice bit of banter with Dean calling Sam a hippie for going off camping and Sam admitting that he does need Dean.

So yeah... quirky, meta-type of episode (especially the way Becky said she found an outlet in her online message boards, etc.).

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