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16 November 2011 @ 06:00 pm
Puppy!Sam Picspam #134 (Supernatural)  
Yay, I had more free time, so I'm getting this one to you a little earlier :)

Episode #7x08: Season 7, Time for a Wedding!

Huge, colossal picspam this time, as in over 140 pics. The file sizes are small so I decided to leave it all as one part. I hope it doesn't kill anyone's connection, lol. And as always I hope you enjoy it. :)

1. Hi, Puppy! ... Oh, did we startle you there??

2. Lookin' spiffy, though :)

3. Awww, Puppy's so excited! .. about something! You can't see it, but his tail is wagging madly :D

4. Dean is noticeably freaked out about Puppy's enthusiasm and attire... so Puppy attempts to calm him with the PowerfulPuppyTouch

5. Does Puppy want a kissy? Don't mind if I do...

6. Hee! Duckface!Puppy

7. “I's a kewt Puppy, yes? *PuppyEyes™*”

8. Aw... you know you are, Puppy! But what's with the wedding motif? Fangirls are getting worried...

9. *makes mental note to keep flat iron as far away and hidden from Puppy as possible*

10. Aw, Smitten!Excited!Puppy

11. The PuppyEyes™ are eagerly anticipating Dean's reaction

12. Alas, they are disappointed by Dean's distinct lack of reaction ... and it's also time for the Disappearing Forehead Crinkles! Now you see 'em...

13. ... Now you don't!

14. “She's amazing AND her mom works for PetSmart ... so she instantly gets a 40% discount on PuppyTreats! Isn't that awesome???”

15. *loosens Puppy's tie and gives a little nibble*

16. “Mai PuppySoulmate!! *sparkly pink and red hearts*”

17. Aw... He is just bubbling over with PuppyEmotion

18. Oh noes, it's Extreme Fangirl!! Still, an overly excited Puppy is a kewt Puppy...

19. Fangirl Alert (yep, we've managed to elude her...)

20. “PuppyLove is a beautiful thing, Dean. *nods*”

21. Good to know we fangirls can still work our magic ;)

22. “Uh, what? No, I was reacting to the little love tap given to me by my gorgeous new wife... yeah... *innocent*”

23. “What can I say, Dean? It's the Kewtness that is Puppy... that's really all there is to it.”

24. Huh, looks like the PuppyEyes™ were caught off-guard by Dean's question

25. “Hai, Mister Guy-Who's-Marrying-Us! Have you perchance confirmed with the caterer our PuppyTreats banquet?? *PuppyEyes™*”

26. Uh oh, Dean's questioning the wisdom of Puppy's decision. Here comes the bitchface...

27. “Lookit the kewt, happy Puppy, Dean...”

28. “...Eh?”

29. We fangirls once again try to diffuse a rather tense situation ;)

30. This is still too much for Dean to take in... so Puppy gives him a little of that tough PuppyWuv

31. “Actually, her name is Becky Rosen Puppy Winchester. And don't you forget it. *PuppyEyes™*”

32. *ded on floor*

33. *iz momentarily jealous of Extreme Fangirl... but we still have ways*

34. Hey look, it's the Home/Provenance/Bloodlust PuppyShirt!! *geeks out*

35. *stares*

36. Why the bitchface, Puppy? Sensing competition from Guy?

37. “Heh! Sorry. Force of habit. Perhaps these will make up for it? *PuppyEyes™*”

38. *wants to run fingers thru PuppyHair*

39. *falls to floor* I tell ya, Puppy, you oughta come with a big warning sign sometimes.... eep, I've fallen and I can't get up.....

40. GAH, stop it!! Can't handle it... ovaries exploding......

41. Oops, someone back there doesn't like being ignored! See the bitchface? *g*

42. The PuppyEyes™ cautiously survey the new surroundings...

43. “Oh, Hai. You got those PuppyTreats you promised me, right?”

44. *plays with the bit of PuppyHair hanging over his collar*

45. Fangirls under the table :D

46. “Owwie. The fumes of your strong perfume almost made the PuppyBrain go 'splody. Try not to do that again, 'kay?”

47. We fangirls are here to calm him.

48. Poor confuzzled Puppy :(

49. “You hurt mai PuppyBrain. *bitchface*”

50. WTFExtremeFangirl?!Puppy

51. *removes Extreme Fangirl, inserts self*

52. Noooo! Puppy, don't drink it! We'll give you a barge-load of PuppyTreats! Just stay away from the Extreme Fangirl love potion!

53. The PuppyEyes™ protest wildly

54. “Uh no, Becky. That's not from you. It's from the loyal fangirls under the tab---- um..... nevermind, forget I said anything.”

55. *works on love potion antidote*

56. Drunk!Puppy is under her spell again... noooo :( *plays with the flippy bits to console herself*

57. Freaked!Puppy

58. Bzuh?Puppy

59. It's the Oh,It'sYou.Bitchface

60. WaffleIron.AintYouJustPrecious,Darlin!Puppy

61. “No PuppyTreats? .... Unless you forgot them and they're back in the car, in which case I could help you unload them... maybe? *PuppyEyes™*”

62. Facial Shrug Alert!

63. Hee, he's still bitchfacing the gift! Don't worry, Puppy, we'll get you some PuppyTreats :)

64. Dean: “Will ya stop with the bitchfaces?! I did the best I could! And every frigging PetSmart I went to? Fresh out of PuppyTreats.”

65. “Heh, sowwy, big brother. You know me... when I start, it's hard to stop... *laughs weakly*”

66. Aw! Awkward!Puppy

67. “You're working on the same case we are? OMGYAY!”

68. Dean accuses Extreme Fangirl under the stern eye of Puppy

69. It's ShameShameShame!Puppy

70. We fangirls return to diffuse the situation again.... And looks like Extreme Fangirl has noticed... heh...

71. Whomever disses a Puppy fangirl of any flavor gets a bitchface

72. Yep, yep...

73. SorryDarlin',You'veBeenPwned!Puppy

74. Them bitchfaces just keep on comin'

75. “Dean, stop. Mr. Bitchface is trying to make a point. Don't interrupt, 'kay?”

76. “.... Pretty please? *PuppyEyes™*”

77. “The PuppyEyes™ are very disappointed that you haven't given your blessing, Dean...”

78. *stern bitchface*

79. “You're pissed because I used my own PuppyFreeWill to hook up with a fangirl, amirite?”

80. Puppy says THE WORDS. And he makes it worse by looking really kewt while he's doing it! Sorry, but Baaaaaad Puppy!!

81. “Hey! Was wondering if you perchance saw the ad in this paper about 50% off PuppyTreats?”

82. “See this? This is the PuppyTongue. When I crave PuppyTreats, it starts to salivate. Like it's doing right this moment.” Heh, oh Puppy, you're so silly.

83. *licks PuppyDimple*

84. ZOMGScarredForLifeNow!Puppy

85. Puppy presents the obvious train wreck with a bitchface

86. Facial Shrug #2!

87. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

88. Wait, what? Where'd Schmoopy!Puppy come from...?

89. Okay Puppy, you're creeping us out now. Just FYI.

90. Agent Puppy chastises Dean with the PuppyEyes™ for following them

91. Oh, you want another kissy, Puppy? Alrighty...

92. Facial Shrug #3!

93. A bit fuzzy, but Puppy bitchfaces the fact that Dean's already found a replacement for him

94. “Let's see.... there's gotta be more PetSmart locations within a 2 mile radius!”

95. Um, Puppy? You okay? It can't be the PuppyTreats withdrawal already, can it?

96. However, I can't complain about the view ;)

97. “Nnngh!! You are SO gonna pay for making the PuppyBrain go 'splody a second time!”

98. Again, we not-as-extreme fangirls are always here to help ;)

99. OMG, Puppy, look out!

100. Sweet, sleeping Puppy...

101. Nooooo!! At least when we not-as-extreme fangirls do it, we use the fuzzy handcuffs so he doesn't chafe his poor wrists

102. Awww :(

103. “Uh, fangirls? A little help, plz?” Aw, we're coming, Sweetie...

104. “EEP! OHNOES!! On the double!! *extreme PuppyEyes™*” We're trying, Puppy! Unfortunately, Extreme Fan Girl booby-trapped the cabin... *grumbles*

105. Every fangirl's dream gone horribly wrong thanks to this Extreme Fan Girl :(

106. Very well-deserved bitchface... go get her, Puppy!

107. Ah, finally made it! :D

108. He tries one last chance to appeal to her with the Lost Puppy act....

109. 'TheHellKindaWeirdIdeasYouGot,Gurl?Puppy

110. Don't worry, Puppy, we'll get you untied and out of here in a jiffy ... in the very least, we brought the fuzzy handcuffs ;D

111. “You aint gettin' away with this, biatch. Mah fangirls are untying me as we speak! *bitchface*”

112. One more bitchface for good measure

113. YourSupplierIsBaaaadNews,Sweetie!Puppy

114. D'oh, hit a snag in the untying..... Keep bitchfacing her, Puppy

115. Hey!!!

116. Aw :(

117. Poor Puppy... we're almost there, hon.. honest!

118. Um, Extreme Fangirl... you don't wanna do that. Puppy's scarred enough as it is

119. Mmf-mffMmff??Puppy* (*'ScuseMe??Puppy)

120. MmmmmmmffMmf.Puppy* (*OhhhhhhDear.Puppy)

121. Ooh, he's bitchfacing through the gag!

122. He's free, yet continues to bitchface. Hang in there, Puppy!

123. See, I told you we'd get him free! (*iz annoyed they wouldn't allow us a rescue scene, though*)

124. “I pity you, Becky. But please don't make me get out Mr. Bitchface again.”

125. Bitchface for Guy the Crossroads Demon

126. Puppy! Nooooo!!

127. Not again :(

128. Leave Puppy aloooooone!!!

129. Still managing to sneak in a bitchface, though

130. OhDamn,TheCreepyLittleManDemonIsBack.Puppy. Alas he doesn't have the energy to muster up a bitchface

131. Oh wait, I was wrong... *g*

132. *tsk* Extreme Fangirl. Your silly question deserves a bitchface

133. Fangirl Alert :D

134. “Okay, Look. Kewt Puppy doesn't hate you. But if you want to find love, you have to employ less crazy fangirl methods. Take a page from mai official fangirls.”

135. D'awwww, PuppyKewtness :)

136. Looks like Puppy is doing better now!

137. Aww, DelightfullyAmusedAndTeasing!Puppy :D

138. Puppy confesses that he didn't mean THE WORDS. Good boy, Puppy :)

139. *licks PuppyDimple*

140. *stares at the Pretty*

141. *huggles the kewt Puppy*

Bitchface count: 25 (so I was wrong again, THIS one is this a record... thanks to Extreme Fangirl)
Facial Shrugs: 3

Season 7 seems to be shaping up as the season of bitchfaces. *g* I would've expected more last season during the Soulless Sam stint, but nope, he's breaking records as we speak! Extraordinary...

That's it for this week. Tune in again next week for the next episode, and hopefully I'll have it up earlier again. :)
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Yellowbulmayellowbulma on November 16th, 2011 07:19 pm (UTC)
I Don't blame poor Sammy for all the bitch faces after this episode!!! XD

Yes I wish they did a rescue scene too! Another brillent job hon!! ^^
jessm78: Supernatural: Puppy Sam in 6x16jessm78 on November 17th, 2011 01:35 pm (UTC)
LOL, me neither!!

Thank you so much, hon! :)
lisaj67lisaj67 on November 16th, 2011 08:22 pm (UTC)
Well I loved this puppy picspam Huge as it was,It was awesome, and I believe theres a little Becky in all of us lol x :)
jessm78: Supernatural: Puppy Sam in 6x16jessm78 on November 17th, 2011 01:32 pm (UTC)
I'm so glad you enjoyed it hon :) lol I agree!
ckllckll on November 17th, 2011 03:37 am (UTC)
Duckface puppy, hahah!
You made the best captures, darling.
Even in gag, Sam makes the best bitchface
jessm78: Supernatural: Puppy Sam in 6x16jessm78 on November 17th, 2011 01:31 pm (UTC)
Aww thank you sweetie :)

He is the bitchface princess :D
peepingdrupeepingdru on November 17th, 2011 05:08 am (UTC)
tHANK U::)))))
jessm78: Supernatural: Puppy Sam in 6x16jessm78 on November 17th, 2011 01:30 pm (UTC)
My pleasure hon!!! :D

And thank U for the delicious GIF!
CaptainLon: Knock Out Morning || Sam || SPNcaptainlon on November 17th, 2011 12:36 pm (UTC)
Only positive thing about this is limp puppy and puppy's smile at the end! =D

100 - Awwwwieee
jessm78: Supernatural: Puppy Sam in 6x16jessm78 on November 17th, 2011 01:29 pm (UTC)
Those were two of my favorite parts :D

*pets the sleeping Puppy*
Lilith Rain: Sammy.lilithrain on June 21st, 2012 05:18 am (UTC)
3. Oh is that waht that furry blurr was. LOL.

4. I'm a little jealous of Dean at the moment.

14. I am wary of this woman. I have might light saber at the ready. Just say the word Dean, I'm going to go Princess Leia on this woman.

18. *makes the vampire needs a lozenge noise and then flips out the light saber; which is real, not a plast one*

20. *slightly away from Sam* No Dean we talked about this, we're not getting the dog neutered. I think his treats have been 'tampered' with.

27. I am worried for our Puppy Dean.

30. *watching with Dean with a pair of binoculars*

33. You got the puppy tranks Dean? I have them in sight. They're coming outside.

34. He's seen us Dean. Abort! Abort! *waving like idiots* Hey Puppy. Who's a good boy then?

38. I do too oddly enough.

41. Awww...Puppy needs some attention. I'll do it. Dean get the car.

43. I wish he'd wear that nice pinkish white one. The one he had on in Lazurus Rising. When Dean came back, found him with Chrissie (Ruby).

48. *still through the binoculars with Dean* I think the drugs are wearing off.

49. *shares some popcorn with Dean, still watching*

57. *to Dean* I wasn't the one who let him wander off by himself.

58. *snarling Sam Girl next to Dean, snarling and growling at ExtremeFanGirl*
I love Dean too, but I blame Dean for this. This is his fault and his fault alone. ☺ Probably Sam too. ^_~

59. What we brought presents.

64. Yeah I smell a conspiracy.

65. You, puplet have a problem.

66. I'm sorry I said that out loud. *pulls jumper over face*

67. *stays behind Dean, only to lean round and snarl at Extreme Fangirl* I'm watching you.

68. Yeah don't think we didn't see what you did to him last night. We have it all on tape.

69. Yeah, not so cocky no are we Becky.

70. You. Me. Parking lot.

71. "Hey my money's on Catwoman here." Dean to Becky.

74. "Yeah I said it and to top it off," Dean continues on the over share about the ExtremeFanGirl vs Catwoman fight to come.

75. *snarls at ExtremeFanGirl*

76. *Catwoman baits ExtremeFanGirl* Come on if you think you're hard enough.

77. Why should we Sam, we don't like her.

78. Catwoman to Batman, "Dean I think we should leave."

80. Bad dog. No scooby snacks for you.

84. Yup. Should have listened to Dean.

88's not there.

90. We didn't follow you, we're walking our new chiwawa.

93. Oh you're such a good boy Garth. Jump for the scooby snack.

100. Oh he looks so sweet when he's asleep.

101. I have a fic I've been working on, it's just notes but it's on the same thing, except, he doesn't get treated as nice. ANd Dean cannot find him for some time.

102. Catwoman knows you're ticklish mate, but I will resist the temptation.

105. I wonder would the puppy trank work on Extreme Fangirl? *ponders Catwoman*

112. My only question is, if she didn't go non-con on him, which thank God for that, why? Why? take his pants off if you're not going ot do anything. I hope he had his boxers on. Just, why?

115. Not freaking cool. That's it I'm going to claw you when you get outside.

123. I did not over feed the chiwawa. Can I help it if Garth is a happy little hound. *Catwoman to Batman*

131. Catwoman to ExtremeFanGilr, "You best be going home, we'll deal with you later."

Becky annoyed me from day one because she manhandled, err, would that be chickhandled Sam. After that, i'm sharing the puplet's opinion of her

Oh yes, up dated that fic of mine: http://lilithrain.livejournal.com/483433.html#cutid1 There's a Sam loving part too for the first topside fic in this verse.