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Reviews: Supernatural #3.03 Bad Day at Black Rock; SGA #4.04 Doppelganger

So I went to the doctor yesterday and it turns out I have a sinus infection. :P  I got some antibiotics which I started last night and I'm feeling a little bit better this afternoon.  The late nights and mornings are the worst for me, mostly because my chest gets sore and I have the coughing fits, but that seems to have subsided this afternoon.  Hopefully I'll be fine by the time of the NJ Stargate con.  I guess we'll see.

Because my head is swimming with meds (sinus pills, antibiotics and cough syrup) my reviews may not be too coherent, so please bear with me, lol

warning: spoilers within!

Supernatural #3.03 Bad Day at Black Rock

Okay, even though I was feeling pretty miserable Thurs night, the laughs I got out of this ep cheered me up a lot.  They just mixed the drama and comedy so seemlessly and did a really good job.  So, where to begin...

Gordon's back.  One of the guys I love to hate.  "Sam Winchester must die." Ooh.  And according to spoilers for a later ep (which I think is #3.07 New Blood) we'll be seeing him again.

So Sam told Dean a bit about Ruby.  I liked the "She knows what your weakness is... me" line.

Gosh, these two (Jensen and Jared) were really on their game in this ep tonight! I loved the scene where they were going through John's stuff locked up in storage and Sam found his soccer trophy, how nice that John kept that. :)  And Dean of course with his first sawed off shotgun. 

Back to them being on their game... loved the scene after they get the rabbit's foot and they go into the diner and get presented with that huge check for being the one millionth customers (and winning a year of free food I think?).  When they get the pic taken, the look on Sam's face just totally complements Dean's grin so well! *snicker*

Poor Sam with all his bad luck.  The falling as they're running after Bela (with Dean's "Dude you really suck" line...*snerk*), his bloody knees, getting the gum stuck on his shoe and then losing it...  the whole "I lost my shoe.... *pout*" to Dean was priceless.  He really looked like a 5 year old boy ashamed of having done something bad there.  And loved Bobby's "Just look after your brother, you idjit" to Dean on the phone. 

Loved when Dean dropped Sam off at the motel and told him to just sit and not move, not even scratch his nose for fear of some more bad luck befalling him, and as soon as he leaves Sam starts squirming and gingerly scratches his nose... Heh heh... love the whining when the air conditioner starts smoking and then catches on fire, his attempts to put the flames out and then having his sleeve catch fire and then knocking himself out... poor baby. ;)

Not too sure what I think of Bela right now... in a way she seems a bit Mary Sue-ish, especially after she steals Dean's lottery tickets at the end, but I'm reserving judgment until I see more of her.  I think I actually liked her a bit more than Ruby, but again we'll see what the future brings.  Loved Dean's "Sonofab!tch!!" line and the look on his face when he realizes she stole them at the end... the look on Sam's face looked more like Jared was trying hard not to laugh at him, hee hee.

Looking forward to next week's ep, looks pretty interesting from the previews I've seen.

SGA #4.04 Doppelganger

I thought this was a pretty interesting ep.  Though I do have to say I saw shades of The Fifth Race and Avatar after Shep touched that crystal thingie, and then later on he and Rodney were hooked up to those virtual reality (or whatever they were) devices.  Speaking of which, what was Sam talking about when she said something like "10 years ago we found a civilization that had almost been wiped out" and something about virtual reality?  Was she talking about The Gamekeeper?  Because that wasn't 10 years ago, it was only 9.  I know she made a reference to Cold Lazarus, when that unity crystal attacked Jack and basically copied him, but I think that other reference was to the Gamekeeper.  *tsk* Continuity, people.  I guess I am too nitpicky, though. ;)

*looks at pygmymuse * Nice scenes with Shep and Teyla in this one, hmm? :)  I

I thought it was creepy how people started having these awful dreams, with Shep acting like a real jerk in each of them.  This ep was a bit suspenseful.  It's a shame that Dr. Heightmeyer (I know I spelled that wrong... oops) was killed due to this. :(  I started getting a bit worried when Keller said that Rodney was dead, but I like how Shep went back in and saved him, in a way.  The way he did that, and how Rodney told them to hook him back up to save Shep as well, is a real testament to their friendship.  I thought that was very nicely done. :)

I loved the scene at the end where Shep and Teyla (I think it was them) are sitting at the table, then Rodney joins, and then everyone (including Sam) ends up sitting there together talking.  As soon as I saw that, I thought "THIS is what SG-1 was missing in S10 (and it can be argued S9 to some extent as well)!"  I love the team scenes, you get a real sense of unity, of friendship, of FAMILY with scenes like this.  It's a real shame they didn't have more scenes like that the past couple of years of SG-1.  I really enjoyed it here, though.
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