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Puppy!Sam Picspam #136 (Supernatural)

Ready for a new picspam installment? :)

Episode #7x10: Death's Door

Not as big as usual as there was less to work with in this episode, but still more than 65 images. You might want to have some tissues handy. :)

1. Previously on Puppy!Sam Picspam.... Noooooo!!

2. FlorenceNightengale!Puppy tries desperately to revive TheAwesomenessThatIsBobby

3. HoldYourHorses,Biatch!Puppy

4. *pushes back strand of former PuppyMop away from face*

5. But it's no use... poor PuppyEyes™ being smothered by that former PuppyMop.... *looks for a hairclip to loan Puppy* ;)

6. Lookit the desperation in that poor PuppyFace :(

7. Eh? Dean's urgent request has taken the PuppyEyes™ by surprise?

8. Back in the woods, Puppy's getting a real craving for PuppyTreats... he wonders how he can distract Dean and TheAwesomenessThatIsBobby long enough to reach his stash back in the van...

9. “Hey, guys? Give me a few hours mins. I have to make a trip to the Little Big Puppy's Room...” Dean: “Dude, you've got billions of trees to choose from...”

10. Poor Blurry!Puppy is highly disappointed that his little ruse didn't work...

11. “You ok, Bobby? *iz anxious to break into PuppyTreats stash*”

12. “Heh. Yeah, ok, that's great. Gonna make a quick run to the kitchen for somethin'.... “ Tsk, Puppy, one track mind...

13. He bitchfaces Bobby for confusing him so

14. “'Kay, Bobby. Kewt Puppy here is getting concerned. Please share.”

15. “Plz, AwesomenessThatIsBobby. You're worrying Teh Puppy. *worried PuppyEyes™*”

16. Bzuh?Puppy

17. Poor Puppy is so confuzzled by Bobby's cryptic words

18. It inspires him to bitchface for some reason

19. *pets the confuzzled Puppy*

20. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

21. Huh, it's Bobby'sCustard!Puppy... with a bit o' bitchface

22. NomNomNom!Puppy.. Whatcha eating, boy? PuppyTreats I guess...

23. Hey look, it's the A Very Supernatural Christmas PuppyShirt :D

24. Puppy and his amazing Flying PuppyHair are extremely concerned for TheAwesomenessThatIsBobby

25. *Aww.... *pets* *and pets the soft-looking PuppyHair*

26. “Sry I don't know much about operating procedures, but perhaps my kewtness might help inspire within you the wisdom and ingenuity needed to bring this awesome guy back to life? *PuppyEyes™*”

27. What?? Ma'am, you're making a BIG mistake refusing the help of some PuppyKewtness :(

28. *pets some more*

29. Poor Puppy is hoping that somehow, from afar, the PuppyEyes™ can assist them in trying to save Bobby

30. Puppy bitchfaces himself to prevent himself from crying at this moment

31. Dean [thinking he is bitchfacing for other reasons]: Dude, really, not the time or place.... Puppy: What? *innocent PuppyEyes™*

32. Scared!Puppy *comforts him*

33. *hugs*

34. *flatlines from the KewtSadLost!PuppyFace*

35. Aw... Fidgety!Puppy... Hon, do you want us fangirls to help make you calmer? :)

36. The PuppyEyes™ beg doc for some good news

37. *threads fingers through the PuppyHair*

38. *huggles*

39. Awww, look at that sad puppy in the corner. :( Let's go keep him company

40. “Hai, big brother. Did you get the bag of PuppyTreats you promised? *PuppyEyes™*”

41. Aw, he looks so lost and young and vulnerable. Just one more thing to complete the image... *tousles PuppyHair*

42. *softly kisses the PuppyLips*

43. Looks like Puppy wants to have a Heart-to-Heart PuppyTalk

44. Dean doesn't want to bother but Dr. Puppy insists ... with a little PuppyEyes™ and ForeheadCrinkle'age action going on

45. The thought of TheAwesomenessThatIsBobby dying makes Puppy wibble...

46. ... But still, it's something that cannot be ignored. Thus sayeth the PuppyEyes™

47. Dean's behavior causes him to bare his PuppyTeeth in frustration... if he doesn't watch out, the bitchface won't be far behind

48. D'awww, poor Puppy's gonna cry :( *holds him*

49. *heart breaks*

50. *it crashes into tiny pieces on the floor*

51. “Fangirls? Ready for that 'cheering up' you promised me...” Aw, we'll be right there, sweetie

52. *brings sports crème for the apparently sore PuppyPaw*

53. TheAwesomenessThatIsBobby is showing signs of responsiveness! Aw, you can just see the bit of hope instilled in that PuppyHeart :)

54. Hoping that the PowerfulPuppyTouch will help bring Bobby around

55. “So, Bobby... thanks for all the PuppyTreats... and all that other stuff. Just... thanks. *tries not to get emotional*”

56. ZOMG, the PowerfulPuppyTouch worked!!

57. “Whoa! Even I didn't think it was THAT powerful...” Aw...really, Puppy?

58. Puppy is completely overjoyed!!! D'aww :)

59. Heh... Bobby wrote “More PuppyTreats in the pantry” on the PuppyPaw :)

60. Oh noes!! *hugs Puppy and Dean*

61. I believe those PuppyEyes™ are a-waterin' now :(

62. Hee! NomNomNom!Puppy munches on some popcorn... it must be PuppyTreats flavor :)

63. Dean playing the age card makes Puppy bitchface

64. Fangirl alert ;)

65. Now Dean interrupts some good fangirl time to make fun of Puppy's choice of snacks. Time for another bitchface

66. Luckily, the fangirls make him forget allll about it ;D

67. “Dean, you're doing it again. You do NOT interrupt Puppy's fangirl time. *bitchface*”

68. Puppy's fading away! Nooooo!! *joins him*

Bitchface count: 7
Facial Shrugs: 0

So, that's it... no new picspam until next month. *sigh* But I'll still be busy. I plan to start a new chapter of my Sam's Hair meta for season 7, maybe make some new art (which reminds me... I'd love to have a new "puppy" icon for this season...the one I'm using now is from ep 6x16). Cheers, everyone!
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