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I think...

... my computer monitor is possessed.  My home PC is a Dell Dimension 4600 that I purchased new 3 years ago and it still runs like a charm.  Only problem I ever had was that about 3 months after buying it, the hard drive turned out to be bad.  They replaced it for me no problem, and the machine has been great since then. 

The past couple of weeks or so, my computer monitor (one of those flat screen ones) doesn't seem to go on whenever I boot up the computer, whenever I press its Power button.  I've never abused it and I've always pressed Power on it to shut the monitor off when shutting the computer down.  It just...doesn't turn on all the time.  I check to make sure that it's plugged in securely and it seems to be.  I have to flip the switch on the power strip that it's plugged into, then turn it back on.  The green glow of the monitor's Power button then flickers, like it can't decide if it wants to go on or not.  After repeating this a few times, then the logo for the monitor finally appears on it, meaning it's now on and I can boot up the computer.

Anyone ever have any problem like this with their monitor? Any advice you could give me? 

In other news I am feeling a lot better today.  I finished up my medication yesterday so hopefully I should be just fine by the time of the NJ con.  Just heard that my elderly neighbor down the street died early this morning.  She had pancreatic cancer that spread very quickly.  It was sad how it hit her so fast. 
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