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SPN #7x11 Adventures in Babysitting (episode review)

I'm pretty tired atm and probably didn't follow this one completely right but for what it's worth, here's my review...

Yay, Show is back and we get some rock and roll :)

So yeah, it's obvious Bobby's gone. :( *sobs* Although I kinda figured it was pretty much a done deal after the last ep. Poor boys. We didn't see a whole lot of them grieving, but I guess they were doing it in a way we might expect... wanting to hunt down Dick Roman and avenge Bobby's death. Interesting how we finally learn what those numbers he gave them stand for.

Frank is a whack-job, but cool. He and Dean were pretty funny together, and their more serious talk was pretty interesting. Frank's advice to Dean - to keep going with a smile on your face or quit... And I loved Dean's insistence that he wouldn't quit and walk out on his brother. :)

Speaking of which... Was kinda sad to see the boys separate for a little while. Sam wants to find Chrissy's father while Dean wants to get the scoop on Dick Roman with Frank. I guess Sam was in a way grieving like Dean did for John back in S2 ... trying to just keep busy. Maybe not totally comparable but it did remind me of that a little.

Chrissy was awesome. Poor girl lost her mom, and now her dad is missing. She kinda reminds me of the boys in a way. I loved how she insisted on going with Dean to find her dad and Sam. And her interaction with Dean was great. Loved how he wanted to fist-bump with her and her comment was "What century is this?" Yet he insisted... LOL. He doesn't want her to get involved and she asks if anyone he knew ever left this life. Dean says they all died before they could. Yup, as it's been said before, you're pretty much stuck there for life. I liked how she wanted to call Dean on not telling Sam about how he hunted those creatures before and he told her Sam was at Stanford at the time. And then at the end when she's apparently going to "retire" she says maybe she'll go to college like Sam. Aw. :)

Love how Sam has John's journal :)

Oh, and how could I leave this out? SAMMY!!! NOOOOOOOO!!! :(

Damn, Dean's at quite an impasse. Those creatures are killing Chrissy's dad and are threatening to kill her too. But Chrissy ends up stabbing one of them. She rocks. 

The boys at the end, driving away. Dean asks if Sam's okay, and Sam asks him the same. Their answers are typical Winchester.  Sammy is tired, shifts in his seat and closes his eyes while Dean appears to have some renewed determination on his face. We can see how focused they are on hunting down the guy who killed Bobby.

So.... again it sucks that Bobby is gone. Though I wonder if he could still come back as a vision or anything like that. Who knows. No one ever really "dies" in Supernatural, right?

Looking forward to next week's. Looks pretty good.

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