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Puppy!Sam Picspam #137 (Supernatural) + bonus

Guess who's back!

Episode #7x11: Adventures in Babysitting

Over 105 pics in this one, so not dial-up friendly. Hope no one has a problem with me referring to a certain character as a fangirl - I tried to modify it for age purposes. *grin* Hope you enjoy.

1. Hi, Puppy... Aww, you look so sad. :( Want some company? :)

2. Mmm, PuppyProfilePorn *stares*

3. *lovingly strokes PuppyHair*

4. *pets*

5. *stops and stares* “Well? Don't just stop. More, plz?” Aw, sorry, Puppy :)

6. *curses the too long PuppyShirt* ;D

7. It's Puppy's address book... filled with the phone numbers of various fangirls, of course

8. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

9. *unbuttons the rest of the PuppyShirt*

10. *...and does a few other things...* ;)

11. “Dean... Just because your fangirls haven't shown up yet today doesn't mean you can act all jealous. *shakes head*”

12. “Come on, gurl. Chill. Have a beer.”

13. WeirdedOut!Puppy

14. *kisses the soft PuppyLips*

15. Poor Puppy looks like he hasn't slept in months. *fixes up doggie bed for him with lots of comfy pillows*

16. Dean's obsession with Frank leaves Puppy speechless

17. “Dean, plz. Look at the kewt Puppy. See how you're creeping him out?”

18. What's that, Puppy? You want a kissy? Well, why didn't you just say so?

19. Facial Shrug Alert! (yeah, not much of one, but still... there we are)

20. Dean demotes Puppy to Phone, Phone Pup. This makes Puppy bitchface

21. “Hello, Puppy here...”

22. *iz disappointed that it's not about his latest PuppyTreats order*

23. But wait, it's a young girl who needs help. He hopes the PuppyKewtness will travel well over the phone

24. What?! She hung up?? Who would ever hang up on a kewt Puppy?? :(

25. Poor baby just doesn't understand... aw... :( *huggles*

26. Puppy is conflicted between his disappointment over the failure of the PuppyKewtness and his eagerness to want to help someone in need

27. “I-I really think we should go find her... Maybe the Kewtness will work better in person....”

28. Dean's not taking the bait. “But you don't understand, big brother. I have a reputation to protect.”

29. “Pleeeeeease? *pleading PuppyEyes™*”

30. But Dean is still being difficult. Bitchface time.

31. “Give in, Dean. You don't wanna make Mr. Bitchface angry.”

32. Yay, Dean's let him go. But MotherHen!Puppy wants Dean to act responsibly.

33. “Promise the PuppyEyes™ you'll call every half hour, okay?”

34. Whoa. How did Dean's beer bottle empty itself so quickly? The PuppyEyes™ are confuzzled

35. “Howdy. Puppy-Gram!”

36. “Did someone here order a Puppy Delivery? *PuppyEyes™*”

37. “Hai, I'm a kewt puppy. You know, the one you spoke to on the phone earlier?”

38. “My name is Sam Puppy. And you are...?”

39. “Please to be letting me into your lovely abode? PuppyEyes™”

40. Awww, it's so hard for Puppy to tell her about the AwesomenessThatWasBobby :(

41. 170: “Look, I get it. You don't let strangers in. But I'm a kewt Puppy. You can totally trust me. *turns the PuppyEyes™ up a few dozen notches*”

42. Fangirl Cam ;D

43. Not the first time a girl is in total awe in the presence of Puppy :)

44. Yes, Krissy. THIS is what you hung up on earlier. Bad girl...

45. *is wondering if they have a stash of PuppyTreats anywhere*

46. Sympathetic!Puppy

47. Dammit, Puppy, you know I can't resist when you do that.... *nibbles PuppyNeck again*

48. “Puppy acknowledges your pain, Krissy. *nods*”

49. Facial Shrug #2!

50. Just his luck, they do have a pantry full of PuppyTreats. And she's promised to give him some for helping track down her dad. “Thanks, Krissy. *glomps*”

51. But first, the PuppyEyes™ need some very pertinent info...

52. “Oh, no, don't be nervous. You can tell teh PuppyEyes™ anything.”

53. *tsk* He's already rummaging for PuppyTreats! Can't you wait til later, Puppy?

54. Thank you very, very much, sweetie :D

55. “Nope, they're not in here either. *bitchface*”

56. Awww, PuppyKewtness :) *melts*

57. Fangirls wish him luck on his quest to find Krissy's dad

58. Agent Puppy is getting a little antsy... can't wait to taste those PuppyTreats

59. Ooh, bitchface for the coroner's bad joke

60. Aw... HighlyAmused!Puppy

61. Sorry.ICanSeeRightThroughYourPreciousLilStory,Darlin!Puppy

62. So far, the quest to find Krissy's dad has been fruitless... Puppy's worried those PuppyTreats will not be his after all :( *pets*

63. “Hai, Dean. It's time for your scheduled PuppyCheck-In. So...”

64. “Update on my situation: The PuppyTreats are not yet mine, but they're so close I can taste them.”

65. You look so tense, Puppy. Why not let us fangirls give you a nice massage? :)

66. After a nice rest, it's time to get back at it. Here the PuppyEyes™ resume their inquiry

67. Ooh, some major flicky-outiness to that PuppyHair!

68. *stares in awe at the wonderful Flying PuppyHair*

69. Readying the kewtness for the next potential witness

70. PleaseToBeGivingKewtPuppyHelpNao??Puppy *tail wags madly*

71. Noooo, don't go, Puppy! There's something not right about her. Stay here with the fangirls you know you can trust! (most of the time, anyway... *g*)

72. “Whut? Something's happening around here? Something bad? Please, allow kewt Puppy to protect you...”

73. More Flying PuppyHair! *dies*

74. Puppy, watch out!! *rushes out to cover him*

75. Puppy, noooooo!! Another monster going for the PuppyNeck...

76. Eep!Puppy ... Aw, the PuppyEyes™ feel the pangs of betrayal...

77. Noooo!!! This is NOT how fangirls are supposed to handle Puppy!

78. And yeah, we do nibble the PuppyNeck, but we don't tap a major artery... And we're not evil creatures...

79. Nooooo :( Although, can't complain about the little bit of PuppySkin peeking out there...

80. Bzuh??Puppy

81. Poor Puppy :( *gets disinfectant ready*

82. Puppy fails to get out of his restraints and bitchfaces

83. “Not to worry. Mai fangirls should be here to help soon.”

84. Ooh, a little evil PuppyGrin type thing for “Sally”.

85. Yeah.YouSOGoin'Down,Biatch!Puppy

86. “I will kill you with my PuppyKewtness. *nods*”

87. Facial Shrug #3!

88. *bitchface*

89. Hey! Get your hands out of the PuppyHair!

90. Nooooo!!!!!!

91. :(

92. *arranges to free Puppy as vatalas are preoccupied*

93. Dean arrives and Puppy manages a weak tail-wagging (we can't see it, but trust me, it's there!)

94. “OMG Noooooo!! Not mai new PuppyFriend!”

95. Hang on, Puppy! We're coming!

96. More Flying PuppyHair :D

97. We'll let our newly-minted Puppy fangirl do the honors :)

98. Ooh, AttackDog!Puppy goes GRRRROWRRR!

99. And a bit of final bitchface as he kills the remaining vatala. You done good, Puppy!

100. Aww, Awkward!Puppy (with some more Flying PuppyHair :D) is here to visit

101. “Hai, Sir. I hope you don't mind that your daughter is a full-fledged junior Puppy fangirl now.”

102. *PuppyKewtness*

103. Aw, I think Puppy needs a huggy. Who's with me?

104. PuppyEyes™SayWhat?

105. What's got you so confuzzled, Puppy?

106. Aww... Tired!Puppy decides he needs a little nappy... Sweet dreams, Puppy!

Bitchface count: 8
Facial Shrugs: 3

As for the bonus... as you can see above, I'm using a brand-spanking new Puppy icon (from "Shut Up, Dr. Phil" in case you're wondering). I decided it was time for a new icon for this season, but I'd made a few of them and wasn't sure which one to use. In the end, this one won out... I think the eager Puppy Eyes gave it some extra points, lol. But I'm offering up the rest for anyone who wants them. They're from eps 7x01 to 7x10, no spoilers. Don't need to credit me, but it would be nice. Hope you like them!

Tags: art: icons, picspam, supernatural: sam winchester

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