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Jared at the Winter 2012 TCA Tour (picspam)

*sings again, to Roberta Flack's "Killing Me Softly (With His Song)* ... "Killing me softly with his hair...." Hehe...

So yeah, I guess you know how I feel after seeing the pics from the TCA tour last night. I took most of them and decided to make a little picspam. Enjoy (or not... your choice. lol)

Mmm, pretty... Puppy, can I stroke your hair, please???

Aw, Puppy's having a good time explaining... something. *wants to pinch his cheeks*

Hm, someone's up to something... Care to share, Puppy?

Here Puppy is trying to assert his dominance by reminding the others how tall he is...

D'aww, Puppy having a grand old time with his buddies...

Still want to pet that hair.... Oo

Puppy is badass... and pretty... and don't you forget it!

(pics from here and here, colored/edited by me)

Hope everyone liked it. I'll see you later after tonight's episode airs. :)
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