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Anyone been to...

... the Our Stargate forum lately? Man, I can't believe all the Sam haters over there. It's scary. I guess it makes sense in a way, since they're mostly huge Daniel fans who hated that some of the Sam focus (and S/J stuff) of the later seasons took away from Daniel.

I was over there looking for, of all things, con reports from the Collectormania con in the UK. I decided to bring up the "Sam and Daniel" thread since there was some good conversation going and it had been dead for almost a year. So a few people came on and started posting. I was talking about how much I hate fics where either Sam or Daniel is paired with someone else, and they bash each other (like the Cam/Vala fic I read where S/J was a secondary pairing, and they made it like Sam totally despised Daniel). I said that the friendship between Sam and Daniel is canon, or at least it's been since before S9.

Well... this one person jumps on me and says s/he hasn't seen any canon friendship between them since S3, at least as far as Sam is concerned. That Sam hasn't given a lick about anyone other than "sir." S/he gave examples like Daniel dying in Meridian and Sam being more concerned about getting her hands on the naquadria than the fact that the Kelownans were trying to call Daniel a terrorist. Um.... huh? S/he did mention "apart from one rather nauseatingly overplayed scene"....

Then s/he mentions Gemini and RepliCarter getting the info from Sam's mind so she could shoot Daniel without blinking an eye but hesitated to shoot Jack. And then s/he mentions Threads, that Sam just wanted to have Daniel declared dead and move on so she could get Jack's attention back on her, AND (and this takes the cake IMHO) that she looked "pretty darned p*ssed off" when he returned from the dead. Again."

Um... Okay. Am I missing something here? Sam looked pissed off when Daniel came back in Threads? HUH?

Then in another post I said I felt bad that Sam was wallpapered along with Teal'c in S10. This person shoots back with something like "you mean like the way Daniel and Teal'c got "shafted" for her in seasons 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8? Personally I think it was about bl**dy time AT learned that she too, "couldn't be the A plot all the time". Oh, and s/he also mentioned that it would be cool to see Sam eaten by a Wraith in Atlantis.

Sorry... I've always been a big fan of Daniel, but I'm not a Sam hater. I've had some issues with some ways she was portrayed in the past, but nothing too earth-shattering and I don't out and out hate her. I just hate when people try to use revisionist tactics to try to make their point. I never got such an idea from Threads.

I didn't think I was doing anything wrong by bringing up that thread, at least that it would attract the Sam haters. It's like you have to love Daniel, hate Sam, and love Daniel/Vala to post over there. Anyone else is not welcome. I think it's really sad.

So I just needed to vent about this... if anyone's interested in seeing the thread, point your browser here.
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