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Puppy!Sam Picspam #138 (Supernatural)

Yeah, I've been trying to avoid LJ for the better part of the day, but I wanted to get this posted as soon as possible...

Episode #7x12: Time After Time After Time

Just under 100 pics, so not dial-up friendly. Hope you enjoy :)

1. Hi, Stakeout!Puppy! You look a little lonely... want some company? :) *strokes PuppyHair*

2. Aw... *brushes strands of extra long former PuppyMop away from eyes*

3. Wheee! Flying PuppyHair :D

4. “Dumdedumdedum... just a kewt, innocent Puppy looking for some PuppyTreats... Dumdedumde...Huh??”

5. LetGoOfMahBrother,Biatch!Puppy

6. Whoa, more Flying PuppyHair!

7. Eep! Flying debris! Always important to protect the PuppyFace...

8. Aww, he's looking adorably rumpled :)

9. ... And scared for big brother :( *pets*

10. Dude,WTF??Puppy, 2 days earlier...

11. D'aww... RudelyAwakened!Puppy.... *fingers former PuppyMop*

12. “The only way I'm answering this is if it's about my current PuppyTreats order...”

13. “Huh?... Yes, this is 555-DANG-IM-CUTE... but it'd be nice if you called during business hours...”

14. Heh, Puppy is confuzzled as to why Sherrif Mills would be calling him on this number... Puppy, you really need to ask?

15. Facial Shrug Alert!

16. Fangirl Alert ;)

17. Yep, you can always tell when the fangirls get their hands in that lush PuppyMane :D

18. “Yeah. Your cartoon smut fetish creeps me out, darlin.' *backs away slowly*”

19. Facial Shrug #2!

20. “Unfortunately, no PuppyToys to speak of in our new hideout. Except this... *holds up chair*” Don't worry, Puppy, we've got lots of toys to provide you with :)

21. “And worst of all, no PuppyTreats stashed anywhere! *sniffle sniffle* I need PuppyTreats, Dean!” Dean: “Dude, cut the crap. You know there's a stash in the trunk.” Puppy: “But it's not enough! *lip trembles*” Aw....

22. Uh, Puppy? Whatcha doing? “You're gonna make a trip to the PetSmart we saw down the road...”

23. Oh, I see... They're playing his favorite game to determine if Dean needs to follow through on that PuppyTreats plea...

24. Heh... PuppySmirk! He knows he's got it all locked up...

25. Doesn't look like a comfortable doggie bed, Puppy... Why don't you let us help furnish it?

26. Yep, Puppy's overjoyed that he got his PuppyTreats refill and is all set to get through the business of the day :)

27. Facial Shrug #3!

28. Hee! Random PuppyKewtness, I guess

29. *stares in quiet awe of Agent Puppy's hair*

30. “I want to stress that we mean no harm. I'm an FBI agent, but I'm also a kewt Puppy. Anytime you get nervous... focus on the kewtness.”

31. Hmm... Awkward!Puppy

32. YouSerious,Gurl?Puppy

33. Puppy is delightfully, quietly amused by this witness. Aw, bless :)

34. Now he's just plain creeped out. Hey dude, don't creep out the Puppy. It's not nice...


36. Yep, those PuppyEyes™ are seriously weirded out now...

37.! Gah, I fail every time!

38. *fingers strand of former PuppyMop and strokes PuppySideburn*

39. Facial Shrug #4!

40. Eep, more Confuzzled!PuppyKewtness! *dies*

41. 170: “See? Map and database of all the PuppyTreats locations within a 5-mile radius. What did I tell ya? Am I good or what?”

42. *loosens tie*

43. Bzuh?Puppy

44. Puppy questions Dean's online activities. LOL... Awesome line, Puppy (the “...or are you strictly into Dick now?”one)! He appears quite proud of himself for it, too :D

45. But Dean's online activities – inspired by Frank – do creep Puppy out... for reals.

46. It bugs Puppy so much he can't help but bitchface

47. Fangirls try to take his mind off it ;D

48. Again.... Cannot... PuppyHair

49. C'mon out, PuppyDimple! Don't be shy!

50. Aw, Stakeout!Puppy has become NomNomNom!Puppy

51. “Do you see it now, Dean? Lots of PuppyTreats means Happy Puppy...”

52. 'Fedora Dude' appears. Puppy hopes he can teleport his bitchface out the windshield...

53. Aaaand back to the beginning... with more flying PuppyHair :)

54. Grim!Puppy trying desperately to think of a way to get Dean back... *pets*

55. “ZOMG ... maybe this is the call about my PuppyTreats order?” Priorities mixed up a bit, Puppy? Lol...

56. *licks PuppyDimple*

57. Aw... GoodSamaritan!Puppy insists on helping Sherrif Mills with those heavy boxes... good boy, Puppy :)

58. But she refuses. The PuppyEyes™ are shocked...

59. ...And insulted, apparently. He can't hold back a bitchface

60. “Sowwy. I didn't mean that bitchface. *PuppyKewtness*”

61. *wishes that PuppyShirt was just a leeeeettle bit shorter*

62. “Wow, Jody. You found a PetSmart that's even closer than the last one? Cool!”

63. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

64. *gets Puppy some zit cream* lol, sorry, couldn't resist :D

65. *wants to undo the next few buttons*

66. I think Puppy is looking for a kissy! Form a line, no waiting :)

67. Trying desperately to make a point with the PuppyEyes™

68. *stares, trying not to lick computer screen*

69. Jody is surprised at all the attention Puppy is getting. “Well, what can I say? It's the Kewtness That Is Puppy. *PuppyShrug*”

70. Eureka!Puppy finds a way to get Dean back! Yay!

71. ....But there's always a warning, and there's a pretty big one. Which makes Puppy sad. Aw, we know you can do it, Puppy!

72. Wistful!Puppy remembers Rufus, who died a year ago

73. Awwwww :)

74. Back to being sad again :( *pets*

75. Facial Shrug #5!

76. *hugs*

77. Aw. *pets Sleeping!Puppy*

78. Puppy being a Mr. Grabby Hands again... this time for a PuppyBeverage :)

79. *tucks him in*

80. That tousled PuppyHair looks so pretty in the lamplight :D

81. Aw, Puppy's so excited to show Jody the note he got from big brother! We can't see it, but his tail is wagging madly

82. *squeees in pitches only puppies can hear*

83. Hee! No words for this one :)

84. Even the PuppyEyes™ are bursting with excitement!

85. A pair of Awkward PuppyEyes™ as they visit Lila

86. You know, therapy dogs have proven success with the elderly :)

87. OMG, the PuppyHair..... *falls to floor*

88. He tries the PuppyEyes™ Therapy on her

89. “Ma'am, this is mah big brother. You'd tell me if he was in danger, right? You'd tell this kewt Puppy?”

90. Worried!Puppy... Aw, don't worry, sweetie, you'll get him back!

91. WTF?Puppy

92. More Flying PuppyHair :D

93. You'reDeadMeatForStealingMahBrother,Biatch!Puppy

94. An Almighty Bitchface to make Cronos cower in fear

95. Go get 'em Puppy!

96. And another bitchface to add insult to injury

97. And a shameful bitchface to top it off

98. SomewhatNervousAboutTheFuture!Puppy ... aww... We'll be right there to protect you, hon :) *hugs*

Bitchface count: 6 (wow, surprisingly light on the bitchfaces this episode...)
Facial Shrugs: 5

That's it for this week, and we have another little hiatus. *sigh* The picspams may be a little delayed in the future; I just got a new job, and I don't know how much free time I'll have during the week to work on them. But rest assured I will keep doing them - even if I fall waaaaay behind. Enjoy the rest of the week! :)
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