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I really hate these people...

And I don't like hating anyone... but these people at Our Stargate are still dragging out this stupid argument as much as they can.  They're twisting everything I say so that it sounds like I'm the bad guy and they're poor little innocent children wrongfully accused of being negative and harsh and making things up.

I usually know when something is a no-win situation and I bail as soon as I can - but when someone takes my words and twists them around and throws them back in my face, I have to stay and fight and defend myself.  Maybe it's a stupid attitude to have, but it's something I can't help.  I always think that if you leave the discussion or ignore the offender that they'll take that as a sign of weakness, that you know you are wrong and they are right.

The original poster got a group of his/her friends to come over and gang up on me as well.  I said I didn't appreciate anyone biting my head off, that I respect all opinions but no one was respecting mine.  One of this person's friends says I'm being overly sensitive.  Yes I am very sensitive but I don't think being annoyed by someone attacking my opinions and saying they're flat out wrong is being too sensitive. 

I keep saying I'm going to end this now, let's just agree to disagree and drop it but they keep continuing it.  They're like little children.  Again I'm a big fan of Daniel but they are way too protective of him over there.  If by any chance you happen to like Sam too they go after you and hit you with examples of how Sam is mean to Daniel and doesn't deserve his friendship like she should be burned at the stake.  It's like they know the characters personally.  Reality, hello?

It's also the tone of their posts that get me.  They come off as so holier-than-thou, that they have an exalted opinion of themselves and their opinions, and as very combative and not very tolerant of other people's opinions.  They deny this of course but it's so blatant that their denial is almost laughable.

That's why I like GW so much.  Any problems with differences of opinion I've had over there were very very few (and a mod straightened it out), and on the whole people are quite friendly and civil. 

*headdesk* It's just a SHOW, people.
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