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SPN #7x13 The Slice Girls (episode review)

I've had an exhausting few days and I'm literally falling asleep at my keyboard but hopefully this will make some sense, lol...

We got our share of angst in this episode, didn't we. Poor boys trying to take on a case without any help from Bobby. And Dean with Bobby's flask. Aw. I'd really like to believe that those papers moving actually was a sign from Bobby, no matter what Sam says. Heh.

Speaking of which, Sam was a Mister Snarkypuss in this episode, wasn't he? And with all the pushing Dean to stay focused on the case and stop angsting... I have a theory about his behavior that I'll get to later.

Just a quick wade through the shallow end... Once again I thought both boys were especially pretty in this episode. There were quite a few times where I just wanted to reach out and pet Sam's hair ... so long and silky :D And even though most people know I'm a little more of a Sam girl, Dean shirtless was yummy :D When was the last time - season 4? Or was it the beginning of season 6? That scene with him and Lydia vaguely reminded me of his scene with Cassie in season 1. Speaking of which, nice to get some rock and roll again. Although wasn't that song played during the opening of Lazarus Rising? Eh, no matter - still great to have it no matter what :)

I love Dean's reaction when he first sees Lydia's baby girl. I love the way Jensen says that line, something to the effect of "I didn't know you had a baby girl!" And then his little "Hello, Emma" after Lydia tells him her name. Just thought that was cute :) And of course his reaction when he later realizes that Emma is basically his. That had to hit him hard.

I knew there was something a little off about that one woman Sam saw at the coroner's (or wherever it was), though I was a little surprised that she was one of those Amazon women.

My heart nearly broke for Dean when Emma went to him and begged him to help her, saying that she wanted to be normal. And especially when it was all just an act and she was going to kill him. Love how Sam raced back when he found out that their goal was to kill the men.

I wonder if Emma really did break through or have a change of heart when she begged Dean to not let Sam hurt her, or if it was just a trick. Nice role reversal there when Sam killed her and then Dean argued with him about it, pretty much on opposite ends when Dean killed Amy back in 7x03.

Sam basically tells Dean his (Dean's) heart isn't in it now, that he was broken with what happened to Cas and now this. But Dean just tells him he'll keep going.

Okay, so here's my theory about Sam's behavior, especially with how he just kept insisting that Dean stick to the case and not keep angsting. I think Sam himself is still going through a lot of crap deep down concerning Lucifer. Even though he's pretty much said he's alright earlier in the season, we saw him play with his hand again in Death's Door and even faintly heard Luci's voice. I think it is still torturing Sam. Maybe not to epic proportions, but enough that Sam is just shoving it deep down and just trying to concentrate on whatever case they're working so it won't break him. It kind of reminds me of Dean's behavior back in early season 2, like in Bloodlust and CSPWDT (maybe even a little bit in ELAC too) when he threw himself into working those cases in the aftermath of John's death.

Not trying to spoil (I have read some spoilers, but they were pretty vague and I won't mention them) but I am suspecting we will see this come to the surface and really see the torment Sam's going through. Probably sooner rather than later.

So I guess that's about it. Interesting eppy. To sum up: I felt bad for Dean. I think Bobby is with them in spirit (somehow). Sam is pretty and there is an explanation for his behavior.

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