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SPN #7x14 Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie (episode review)

Don't have a whole lot to say, but still want to say it.....

Hmmmm.... Everybody Loves A Clown, the sequel?

Okay, not exactly, but I love that they revisited Sam's fear of clowns. Maybe that's twisted of me (sorry, Sammy) but I nearly squee'd when I saw the ELAC scenes in the recap.

Interesting that this Plucky Pennywhistle's place is where Sam was always dropped off as a kid. I guess this is what got his fear of clowns started. I don't blame him, the clowns (and not just the ones that were attacking him) were pretty creepy looking. LOL.

The premise of this one kinda vaguely reminded me of Wishful Thinking from S4. Not the same premise but just faintly reminded me of it.

Speaking of Sam's fear of clowns, I love how it was still in full swing, how freaked he looked at that place and even was uncomfortable at the very idea of visiting it. Loved his conversation with Dean over the phone when Dean actually asked him if this was all due to his fear of clowns: "What??? .... No!" Awwww.... *hugs Sam and protects him from the evil Pennywise-esque horrors*

Loved the little nod to Houses of the Holy with the unicorn showing up and shooting rainbows out its butt. Hah!

Also loved the little in-joke type of thing when Dean mentioned Shark Week. Hasn't Jensen mentioned watching that before (at a con, I think)?

As for the shallow end, both boys continue to nearly kill me. Sam's hair looked so gorgeous throughout....well, pretty much all of it. And in some scenes it looked so nicely layered (I know, I'm a freak... just ignore my ramblings, lol).

So the guy behind all of this was that freaky looking "Hi, friend!" type guy where they redeem the prizes. I didn't really expect it to be him, even though he seemed pretty off to begin with. His heart's in the right place, but not a good thing he's doing. As for being upset about his brother dying.... when Dean burns the little clown figure and the drawings, the deceased bro shows up and ends up killing the guy. So I guess his death was the guy's fault after all? Lying to get sympathy I suppose.

Back to Sam's attitude, the way he was questioning the employees almost made me think of Soulless Sam. Again showing how he's just totally throwing himself into these cases so he can avoid whatever torture is going on within him deep down (Lucifer-related most likely).

LOL at the glitter Sam gets covered in when the clowns disappear! And I thought it was cute how Dean apologized to him at the end for scarring him for life by leaving him at that place. Sam says that getting beaten up by the clowns was almost therapeutic. Awww, he gives a present to Dean. And LOL at Dean's present for him! I'd say that bitchface is well-earned ;)

The girl who worked there ("Jean") who they talked to most of the time looked very familiar to me. If anyone's ever watched Stargate Universe, she looked like that one scientist... can't think of the first name, but last name was Park I believe... Jennifer Spence was the actress' name, I think? Was that her? If not it looked a lot like her...

Is it me or did this episode seem a little short? I thought it was fun though. And Dean's interaction with the little boy (whose mom works at the place) was cute... how they both agreed that pizza tasted like "butt."

Next week's ep - without spoiling - looks pretty intense. Can't wait.

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