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SPN #7x15 Repo Man (episode review)

Okay so I'm physically and emotionally exhausted right now, so I hope this will make some sense...

Yay, demons! Haven't seen demon exorcism in quite a while.

So I guess this first took place during season 3, with the mentions of the boys searching for Lilith. I loved Sam's hair in that flashback and in the episode overall his hair reminded me a little more of the season 3 hair. I like (even though it looked shorter... *sniffle*). Except when it was overly straightened, lol

Jeffrey was an interesting character. The demon was back and he apparently loves being possessed? As soon as he adopted that dog I had a bad feeling. Hate what he did there :( And the thing with the mom and her son. That kid looked familiar, like I'd seen him in another episode before? I'm really glad they were able to rescue him.

Awesome seeing Mark P again. Hallucifer (lol) was pretty darned cool, if a bit whiny when asking Sam to pay attention to him, heh. And he actually seemed to be helping him track Dean down and stuff. So yeah, obviously Sam is not alright. When he was in the library and thinking that he saw all that supposed carnage around him (though I loved how he gave a bitchface of disapproval to that couple making out, lol) ... And that part at the very end... poor Sammy. Although that "GOOD MORNING, VIETNAM" scream from Hallucifer was delightfully demented. Heh.

Got scared for a second when they did no "stay tuned for all-new Supernatural" promo at the end. But looks like the promo we did see is for upcoming episodes? I think it's going to be another week or two before we get the new eps again. *sigh*

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