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27 October 2007 @ 10:15 pm
Reviews: Supernatural #3.04 Sin City; SGA #4.05 Travelers  
Okay after all the website craziness today I'm trying to put my thoughts on these shows in order... let's see how good I can do...

Supernatural #3.04 Sin City

I knew something had to be up at the very beginning, even the pastor (I think that's what he was) seemed a bit suspect back then. 

Great to see Bobby again, he's almost become like a surrogate father to the boys. And I liked seeing them try to fix the colt.

That Richie guy that Dean knew was kind of silly in a quaint sort of way... Living not too far from NYC I'm familiar with people who talk like him, heehee.  I had a feeling something was going to happen to him.

So, General Hammond you old son of a gun. *grin* Good scene where Sam snuck into the office and acted all flustered when Hammond...er Don S. Davis (oops what was his character's name again...?) caught him.

When Dean was talking to that demon in the bartender's (Kasey) body, even though he wouldn't admit it I think it was easy to see that he was scared.  I liked the scene where he seemed worried about Sam and asked Bobby if there was something wrong with his brother (and Bobby's kind of tentative "no" answer...he must think something could be up as well).

Speaking of Dean's talk w/the demon... I wasn't all that thrilled with some of it, the whole moral equivalence thing, although I understand why she did it.  You could tell Dean was really thinking there, and didn't seem so sure about killing her at the end, even though Sam did.  But we did finally learn the name of old Yellow Eyes.  Interesting.

This whole thing with Ruby is getting more interesting.  I can't help but wonder what she has planned, and of course what she means when she tells Sam she'll be a fallen angel on his shoulder.  At one site people are wondering if she is supposed to be some kind of incarnation of Lucifer, while others think that Lucifer could be Sam.  I have no idea what to think, but I guess we will find out at some point later.

All in all, it was a pretty interesting ep.  Not one of my favorites, but we did learn some new stuff.  Looking forward to next week's ep.

SGA #4.05 Travelers

Well, at least that's what I've heard a few people say.  That this ep was like Prometheus Unbound, but it was better.  First, the ship that Shep was alerted to was bigger and not some tiny little one like the one Vala was on.  Plus there wasn't a lot of horseplay and banter between Shep and Lairyn. 

When Shep said he saw the life sign near her I figured it had to be a Wraith.  Nice that after he saves her life she thinks about having an alliance.

Not a whole lot to say about this episode.  It did seem vaguely reminiscent of PU, but a lot better.  And there was an actual, honest to goodness, team scene at the end.  Rodney's jealousy was pretty funny.  Again I love how they have the team scenes at the end and I wish they could've done that more on SG-1 the past two seasons.  I guess Mallozzi and Mullie are better show-runners than Coop was in SG-1.
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Nicoletrisana on October 29th, 2007 02:14 am (UTC)
OMG, it felt like PU to me too. And there's a chance of seeing her again too now that they're 'allies'. Oi!
jessm78jessm78 on October 30th, 2007 03:26 pm (UTC)
Yep, although I enjoyed this one a lot more than PU. :) I wonder if she will show up again... I guess it's possible.
Nicoletrisana on October 30th, 2007 05:51 pm (UTC)
I did too. The Shep Whump was better than the Daniel Whump. :-D Plus I loved how sneaky Sheppard was. It was too adorkable. And of course, this one had the team moment at the end (I'm actually loving how they're doing that at the end of every episode, so far).

Especially since Season 5 is a go . . .
jessm78jessm78 on November 1st, 2007 09:07 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I liked the Shep whump a lot better too, and he was a cute sneaky lil thing ;D Hee hee.

Yeah I loved the team moment too. It was great. Makes me wonder if they realized what they did wrong in SG-1 lately and didn't want to make the same mistake with SGA.

I'm so glad S5 is a go :D And maybe Daniel will make an appearance. Would be so great to see him in at least 1 ep with Sam. :)